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AFA Debrief: February 29, 2024

Date: February 29, 2024

AFA Debrief February 29, 2024

  • New Flight Attendant Wings Become a Required Uniform Item March 1
  • Per Diem 2023 Reports Update
  • MEC Communications Training
  • MEC Membership Engagement Training

New Flight Attendant Wings Become a Required Uniform Item March 1

In September of 2023, MEC Grievance 11-23 was filed over the new combined wings/name bar. Section 25.F. of our Contract states, “The company shall furnish insignia (wings) required to be worn by the Flight Attendant and, shall replace the insignia when necessary due to normal wear. Flight Attendants may remove their name insignia when off the aircraft.”

The grievance was filed because the contract requires the company to furnish insignia (wings) and insignia with our name on it. With the name bar attached to the wings, it is one single insignia versus two pursuant to the Contract.

The company has previously announced that effective March 1, the new combined wings/name bar is a required uniform piece. Since the new wings include our name, pursuant to the Contract, the new wings do not need to be worn when we are off the aircraft. Additionally, wings that need replacement due to normal wear is done so at company expense. Should your wings need to be replaced, contact your base uniform coordinator.

Per Diem 2023 Reports Update

As reported last week, the 2023 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports (MFTR), prepared for income tax reporting purposes, are now available on Flying Together. 

We have heard from many of you that the reports reflected inaccuracies pertaining to the City Allowance Trip Details. This issue was brought to management for resolution and has yet to be corrected. 

We are aware these reports are essential for filing taxes, and we continue to advocate for a timely resolution.

To view your Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports, go to Flying Together>Employee Services>Tools and Resources>My Pay Advice>Per Diem to access your report. For additional information, please contact the Payroll Care Center via Help Hub or at (1-877-825-3729).

MEC Communications Training

Tuesday, February 27th Local Council Leadership and volunteers arrived in Chicago to attend the annual Communications Training facilitated by the MEC Communications Committee.

The Communications Committee developed a two-day training to work with Local Council Committee Members on communication strategies revolving around the core mission of education, empowerment, and access.

The training consisted of a review of our Union’s communication structure, Local Council Communications Committee responsibilities, writing skills, enhancing our message through social media platforms, photography, videography, graphics, content building, and media relations.

Upon completion of the training, volunteers will bring their skill sets back to their Local Councils to continue supporting Members and sharing the voice of our Union.

Thank you to all the attendees who have taken time away from their personal lives to become subject matter experts. If you are interested in becoming a part of a Local Committee, contact your Local Council leadership to get involved today!

MEC Membership Engagement Training

This week, over 60 volunteers from across the system came together in Chicago for Membership Engagement training. 

The training focused on relationship building and promoting the importance of two-way communication in the foundation of our Union. 

The committee hosted sessions over two days, including visits from AFA Leadership and the Negotiating Committee, all highlighting the importance of our collective vision and the vital role membership engagement plays in our structure. 

The volunteers of our Membership Engagement Committee are our boots on the ground! They are the advocates who help keep Flight Attendant priorities and concerns at the forefront of our Union mission. 

We thank everyone in attendance for their dedication to their fellow flying partners and our Union. 


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