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Special Edition AFA Debrief March 5, 2024

Date: March 5, 2024

AFA Special Debrief March 5, 2024

  • Family Medical Leave - New Eligibility Process
  • New Flight Attendant Wings - Grievance Clarification

Family Medical Leave - New Eligibility Process

Family Medical Leave is a contractual provision that is available to Flight Attendants in line with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. 

Recently, we have seen discrepancies in the eligibility process. Our Contract, Section 15.E.3.b., requires that the company provide Flight Attendants with electronic access to information regarding their FML eligibility, usage, and application status. Currently, Flight Attendants cannot obtain this information electronically unless they contact FAST.

Because of eligibility discrepancies and lack of transparency, the Union has been pushing United for solutions that comply with our Contract. As a result, the company will now be using the following methodology to determine whether Flight Attendants are FML eligible:

  • Looking at the Flight Attendant's PeopleSoft profile to determine if the Flight Attendant has been active for two (2) months in the past twelve (12) rolling calendar months.  If so, they will be deemed eligible.  
  • Eligibility will not be tied to hours worked, paid, or credited, again, only the two (2) months of active service in a rolling twelve (12) month period.
  • Once the Flight Attendant is approved for FML, they will be deemed as meeting the eligibility requirements for up to one year for that specific condition.  
  • The FML methodology will be in place until automation is able to correctly display Flight Attendant eligibility requirements per DOL regulations.
  • The company will be advising the Flight Attendants that call to request FML of the current eligibility requirement.

These new eligibility metrics are more generous than both our Contract and the Family Medical Leave Act.

If you have applied for and been denied FML and believe you were eligible, please contact FAST and request a review. If you have any other questions, please contact your Local Council.

Thanks to the work of Local Councils, supported by data driven from Member reports, the FML process discrepancies have been aligned. This is a positive result for Flight Attendants reducing the potential for denied coverage, improving the process for FML certification and clear access to individual eligibility information. 

New Flight Attendant Wings - Grievance Clarification

In response to our article last week regarding the new Flight Attendant wings, we received some questions about the grievance filed by the Union. To clarify, the grievance is currently pending at the System Board of Adjustment for hearing and ruling. Until a decision is rendered by the System Board of Adjustment, we comply with company policy. The combined wings/name bar is a required uniform piece. Pursuant to Section 25.F. of the Contract, the new wings do not need to be worn when we are off the aircraft.


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