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Contract Action Team

Date: March 7, 2024

With Negotiations in full swing, the time has come to escalate our fight for a Contract and build momentum among our entire workgroup to take our advocacy to the next level.

We are introducing the Contract Action Team (CAT). These Flight Attendants will work alongside our specially trained InfoReps and will play a crucial role in our mobilization efforts. We will accomplish this by engaging with our flying partners in one-on-one conversations and through correct and accurate information. CAT Volunteers will expand on the mission of the InfoRep program.

Collective Bargaining is a right we have as Union members, but it only works when we use our collective power. At this moment, we have the greatest potential to make significant gains for our careers. Across the entire economy, the corporate elite have taken our time and money for far too long, growing income inequality to the highest levels in 100 years.

Before September 11th, we fought through discrimination and marginalization of what was called “women’s work” to build our careers. After September 11th, corporate thieves used the bankruptcies to strip 81 billion dollars from Union contracts and then consolidated corporate power through mergers while pitting working people against each other to keep us from gaining our fair share of the profits we create.

This is the moment to reclaim our time and our money. Workers from delivery drivers to autoworkers to entertainment and pilots right here in aviation have used their collective power this past year to make historic gains. Unions have never been more popular, and Flight Attendants have never before had so much public support.


This is our time and we need everyone to do their part! With Negotiations in full swing, we’re escalating our fight for a Contract.

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT) to work alongside InfoReps and play a crucial role in our mobilization efforts. As a Contract Action Team member your actions will build our power and deny management any efforts to undercut our negotiations:

  1. Wear an AFA Pin and Lanyard to work, to commute, to training and get others to do the same – management needs to see every day we cannot be divided.
  2. You’ll get an advance copy of Negotiations News to be first in the know, and you will share the latest up to date information with our flying partners.
  3. Report back questions and comments. With your help we can squash rumors intended to divide or distract, and promote two-way communication between AFA negotiators, leaders, and Members.
  4. Recruit more of our flying partners to join the Contract Action Team.
  5. Do your part to attend and help turn out big numbers for every action we take in support of our negotiations.

We have to back up our negotiators with the power of our Solidarity and disrupt every effort of management to undercut what we can achieve when we act as one.

Our Solidarity starts with all of us right here at United Airlines, but it expands and gains power when we take action with other Flight Attendants and the entire working class to fight corporate greed.


Join the Contract Action Team today. We are stronger together and ready to do whatever it takes to get the Contract we deserve!

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