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AFA Debrief: April 25, 2024

Date: April 25, 2024

AFA Debrief April 25, 2024

  • PTO Error in Awards for May
  • Piggybacking Arbitration Award
  • AFA Activist Alert!
  • AFA Sponsored Voluntary Supplemental Benefits – On-site Open Enrollment Closes April 26, 2024
  • Spring CBT Reminder
  • AFA Welcomes Class 2405!

PTO Error in Awards for May

Yesterday, an error was discovered with the Personal Time Off (PTO) awards that impacted the first 15-day window of May’s awards. In total, eight bases across the system were affected and the error led to the award of more PTO than expected at the 15-day mark.

In discussion with management, it was agreed that the PTO currently awarded will stand. Correct allocations will be calculated and Contractually compliant availability will be available for the 5-day award. This issue was limited to award dates for the first several days of the month only.

The updated and corrected PTO award allotments will be visible on CCS April 25. The company has indicated that the error has been pinpointed and fixed to ensure future PTO awards will not be interrupted.

Piggybacking Arbitration Award

On April 23rd the System Board of Adjustment issued an award in our MEC “Piggybacking” Grievance (MEC 4-21). Your MEC filed this grievance over the company’s failure to implement seven items, of which Combined Duty, a/k/a “Piggybacking” (Section 7.I.16.) was the most-prominent. The award sustained the grievance related to Combined Duty and Month-end Midnight Split, and denied the grievance related to five other implementation items.

Most relevant for Flight Attendants is that the company will have to restart the implementation work on Piggybacking, which will allow Flight Attendants to combine two different pairings, with two separate duty periods, into a single duty period. The neutral Arbitrator ordered the company to restart programming and testing of Piggybacking in May, with the goal of final implementation in October 2024, and a hard deadline of December 2024.

The neutral Arbitrator decided in our favor on this critical issue. While we would have preferred a tighter schedule, the reality is that when the company stopped work on Combined Duty, there were still 4 to 5 months of programming and testing work that was necessary before it could be implemented. This is why immediate implementation is not possible.

The neutral Arbitrator also ruled that the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) will monitor the programing work, and that the neutral Arbitrator will continue to retain jurisdiction over this dispute to assure that implementation work stays on track. Flight Attendants should expect updates on the progress of Combined Duty implementation later in Summer 2024. With this award, we are confident that Flight Attendants will be able to take advantage of piggybacking pairings later this year.

Month-end Midnight Split, which assures proper payment for trips flown over midnight between months, is on a separate implementation schedule, also supervised by the JIT, with an August 2025 deadline.

The implementation items not sustained in the grievance were either not Contractual (Scheduled View for Pairing in CCS, Reserve Standby List, and Undo Functionality) or have been implemented through other means (Max Cap EOM Waiver and Reserve Priority Message). However, we are hopeful that we may still be able to get a few other items implemented through the continued work of the JIT.

This award is a win for Flight Attendants on an extremely important issue, and shows the company that the Union is serious about enforcing our Contract. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Local Council office.

AFA Activist Alert!
No More Stalled Negotiations: Tell Congress to Stand Up for Our Rights

Over 100,000 Flight Attendants have been in drawn-out negotiations across the industry. Without the credible threat of a strike, management across our industry is perfectly happy to prolong negotiations for years and delay paying for the improvements we have earned.

We’ve been out on the picket lines and demonstrating what we’re willing to do to get the contracts that we deserve. Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants voted by 99% to authorize a strike, if necessary. Alaska Flight Attendants by 99.48%. American Flight Attendants by 99.47%. Omni Flight Attendants by 100%. Southwest Flight Attendants by 98%.

But without the threat of a release, management doesn’t move at the table. This unnecessarily strains the resources of the National Mediation Board (NMB) with on-going disputes in mediation, while delaying much-needed increases for frontline workers.There have only been two releases from mediation with strike deadlines since 2006, compared to dozens of releases in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tell your Representatives in Congress to sign on to a letter that urges the National Mediation Board (NMB) to utilize all provisions of the Railway Labor Act, including “self help” and workers’ right to strike at the end of a 30 day cooling-off-period, to encourage negotiations for a fair contract for Flight Attendants and other aviation workers. Record profits should equal record contracts.

Send a Letter to your Member of Congress now and click here to be directly connected to their office over the phone. Take both actions and tell your friends to do the same.

Phone Script:

“Hi, my name is [your name]. I am a constituent and a Flight Attendant. I am calling to ask my representative to sign on to the bipartisan letter to the National Mediation Board urging the agency to help conclude contract negotiations by making it clear aviation workers have the right to strike. This issue is critical to me and my family. Thank you.”

We need to generate as many calls and emails as possible this week, as the letter will be closing on May 1. Take action now through Friday - you can make multiple calls, and share this with your friends, family, and flying partners.

Thank you for taking action for our careers!

AFA Sponsored Voluntary Supplemental Benefits – On-site Open Enrollment Closes April 26, 2024
On site open enrollment for our AFA-sponsored Voluntary Supplemental Benefits will be available in our seven largest bases (DEN, EWR, IAD, IAH, LAX ORD & SFO) through April 26, 2024. Representatives from our exclusive provider, National Group Protection (NGP), will be available in these identified bases to answer any questions you may have on the voluntary supplemental benefit product offerings, which include:

  • Personal Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Short-term Disability
  • Whole Life Insurance

In addition to being available at our largest Flight Attendant bases, National Group Protection (NGP) representatives can be contacted online or telephonically at 800 344 9016.

It’s important to keep in mind that our MEC Benefits Committee representatives are not licensed to sell or answer specific questions on these insurance products, and strongly recommend that you contact NGP directly for assistance.

Spring CBT Reminder

The deadline for the quarterly Spring CBT is fast approaching. As a reminder, the deadline has been extended due to technical issues with the online modules in Takeoff Learning. All CBT’s are due on May 2, 2024, at 23:59 CT.

It is a good practice to save a copy of the completion report in your email or take screenshots of completed modules for your records in the event of any technical issues that result in a completion logging error.

Do not wait until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to complete all required CBT material. In the event you experience a technical issue, contact the FAST team for support.

AFA Welcomes Class 2405!

Every time a new Flight Attendant joins our career, they bring with them their unique talents and abilities, further strengthening our profession and our Union. On behalf of United AFA, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest Members of our Flight Attendant family, Class 2405!

Flight Attendants from 2405 will be based at our domiciles in DEN, SFO, IAD, and EWR. We look forward to helping them as they begin this incredible career.

As you meet new Flight Attendants on the line, please remember that they are on probation. Connect them with the most accurate information to support them as they begin their careers by directing them to their AFA Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

If you are interested in supporting our newest Members, reach out to your local council to see how you can be a part of shaping their early careers as an AFA volunteer!


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