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Upcoming 51st Annual AFA Board of Directors Meeting

Date: May 16, 2024

The United AFA MEC will attend the 51st Annual Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on May 20-22 in Atlanta, GA. The AFA Board of Directors represents our highest governing body of the Union. AFA Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents from each of our 20 AFA-represented airlines, Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers, International Officers, Members, and guests will join together for an in-person meeting as required by the AFA Constitution and By-Laws.

The United MEC and AFA-represented carriers are meeting to vote on 16 advanced agenda items, which can be found here. The Board will also discuss and approve the annual budget, our priorities, and more at this convention.

Local Presidents, who are elected to represent the Members of their Local Council, play a pivotal role in the Board of Directors meeting. they will cast their votes with the full strength of the Members in their Council.

If you have any questions about the BOD meeting, contact your Local Council President or visit afa-bod.org.

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