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June 13th Worldwide DOA Wrap-up!

Date: June 14, 2024

On Thursday, June 13th, thousands of Flight Attendants from United and across the industry picketed outside more than 30 airports and virtually picketed as part of a worldwide day of action in the U.S., the U.K., and Guam.

While our Unions and airlines may differ, our mission is the same, to secure industry-leading Contracts that accurately represent our contributions to the success of our respective airlines.

We are the power and force that drives change. Your participation and support made this Day of Action the success that it was. Flight Attendants are the face of aviation and the trusted last line of defense on board aircraft around the globe. Today we showed the traveling public the human repercussions that stem from corporate greed and called out management for their inhumane tactics delaying meaningful and earned changes.

For too long, airline management has attempted to devalue our work while simultaneously raking in the profits of our labor. This ends now. It is time for management to realize that regardless of where we fly, we stand together, united in the fight for our profession.

An attack on one of us, unionized or not, is an attack on all of us. Flight Attendants stick together. Remember, when Flight Attendants are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP! FIGHT BACK!

The fight for our future is now. This historic event marked the unity and strength of Flight Attendants. With over 80,000 Flight Attendants represented, our message is clear: no concessions. Contract NOW!

We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder until all Flight Attendants have the contract they deserve.

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