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Irregular Operations and Inclement Weather

Date: June 20, 2024

Over the last few weeks of this summer season, multiple regions across our system have experienced severe and inclement weather conditions. When we face these situations, it can be difficult to quickly contact scheduling or the appropriate department for unforeseen changes to our scheduled work assignments. Whether a cancellation has occurred, a hotel in a new city is required, a scheduled van does not show up, or you have lost a portion of your trip away from the base, knowing your contract and irregular operations guide is crucial.

The United AFA MEC has created an IRROP Survival Guide to help you in all possible scenarios when irregular operations occur. Using and sharing this guide with your flying partners can help alleviate long hold times with scheduling, self-help guidelines, and much more you might face. After using this guide and advocating for yourself, you can contact your local AFA council office if you need further assistance. 

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