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October 25, 2021Positive space travel for New York and Washington D.C. area for October 26 – 27OCT 25 - The company announced due to significant weather events forecasted, Inflight Services has i...positive-space-travel-for-new-york-and-washington-dc-area-for-october-26-27
October 24, 2021What the Labor Movement Needs to Keep 'Striketober' Going - AFL-CIO PresidentOCT 24 - What the Labor Movement Needs to Keep 'Striketober' Going, According to New AFL-CIO Leader ...what-the-labor-movement-needs-to-keep-striketober-going-afl-cio-president
October 23, 2021Five Ways Large U.S. Airlines May Change In The Next Few YearsOCT 23 - While the low-cost airlines have grown and shown resilience, the largest U.S. airlines...five-ways-large-us-airlines-may-change-in-the-next-few-years
October 22, 2021American Airlines Is Making A Simple Change To Reduce DelaysOCT 22 - American has started to revise its approach and 97% of crew flowing through Dallas – F...american-airlines-is-making-a-simple-change-to-reduce-delays
October 22, 2021The Four Reasons United Airlines Believes It’s Going To WinOCT 22 - At the start of Wednesday’s United Airlines earnings call, CEO Scott Kirby outlined fo...the-four-reasons-united-airlines-believes-its-going-to-win
October 22, 2021Delta Variant Stalled Recovery, But U.S. Airlines look to 2022!OCT 22 - The four carriers reporting earnings this week said they were profitable, mainly with ...delta-variant-stalled-recovery-but-us-airlines-look-to-2022
October 22, 2021Inflight Scheduling’s Reserve SymposiumOCT 22 -  The company will be conducting a monthly Reserve Symposium that Flight Attendants wil...inflight-schedulings-reserve-symposium
October 22, 2021Flight Attendants at American Eagle Carrier Piedmont Vote 100% to StrikeOCT 22 - Flight Attendants at American Eagle carrier Piedmont overwhelmingly voted this week to...flight-attendants-at-american-eagle-carrier-piedmont-vote-100-to-strike
October 22, 2021Travel versus Settling Time When TransferringOCT 22 - Recent transfer activity has resulted in several questions about the difference betwee...travel-versus-settling-time-when-transferring
October 22, 2021CQ Training CycleOCT 22 - Earlier this year and we began our recovery from COVID, the company announced that due...cq-training-cycle
October 22, 202110 Hours Rest Is Law: Implementation is Moving Now After Years of ObstructionOCT 22 - Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg put our 10 hours back on track, ...10-hours-rest-is-law-implementation-is-moving-now-after-years-of-obstruction
October 22, 2021Move-Up Line - Removing Name from Move-up ListOCT 22 - Reserve Move-Up Lines are built by the company from the first through the fifth day of...move-up-line-removing-name-from-move-up-list
October 22, 2021New Mobile CCS Feature Offers Alternate Stand-by Check-in AlternativeOCT 22 - This week, the company announced starting November 1, 2021, a new way to check-in for ...new-mobile-ccs-feature-offers-alternate-stand-by-check-in-alternative
October 22, 2021Reserve Timeline for the November 2021 Bidding MonthOCT 22 - If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the November bid month, there are various sc...reserve-timeline-for-the-november-2021-bidding-month
October 22, 20212022 First Round Vacation Bids Opened Today!OCT 22 - The first-round vacation bidding opened today at 11:00 AM CT for all domiciles and wil...2022-first-round-vacation-bids-opened-today
October 22, 2021United Announces Third (3rd) Quarter 2021 Financial ResultsOCT 22 - This week, the company announced its third-quarter 2021 financial results.united-announces-third-3rd-quarter-2021-financial-results
October 22, 2021AFA Professional Standards – Union First!OCT 22 - If you have an interpersonal issue on a flight with a flying partner or during your wo...afa-professional-standards-union-first
October 22, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: October 22, 2021AFA Professional Standards – Union First!, United Announces Third (3rd) Quarter 2021 Financial Res...afa-debrief-october-22-2021
October 21, 2021‘Caveat Emptor’: UAL CEO says rival airlines may regret lack of vaccine mandatesOCT 21 - “Caveat emptor,” United CEO Scott Kirby declared on the carrier’s third-quarter earnin...caveat-emptor-ual-ceo-says-rival-airlines-may-regret-lack-of-vaccine-mandates
October 21, 2021FAA wants Flight Attendants Mandatory 10 hours of Rest Between ShiftsOCT 21 - The FAA wants to give flight attendants mandatory 10 hours of rest between shifts amid nati...faa-wants-flight-attendants-mandatory-10-hours-of-rest-between-shifts
October 21, 2021What Happened When United Stopped Trying to Predict the PandemicOCT 21 - CEO Scott Kirby decided the airline couldn’t foresee when travel would rebound, instea...what-happened-when-united-stopped-trying-to-predict-the-pandemic
October 20, 2021United CEO Says Beware Flying Airlines Without a Vaccine MandateOCT 20 - United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby may not want the carrier’s successful Covid-...united-ceo-says-beware-flying-airlines-without-a-vaccine-mandate
October 20, 2021Call Your Representative in Support of the PUMP Act!OCT 20 - We are close to gaining federal rights for nursing mothers at work!  Call yo...call-your-representative-in-support-of-the-pump-act
October 20, 2021Ex-Alitalia Flight Attendants Strip Off Uniforms in ProtestOCT 20 - Dozens of former Flight Attendants from defunct Italian airline Alitalia stripped off ...ex-alitalia-flight-attendants-strip-off-uniforms-in-protest
October 20, 2021How Can Airlines Be Held To Account? Start Here...OCT 20 - America’s air carriers have received about $80 billion in pandemic aid from ...how-can-airlines-be-held-to-account-start-here
October 20, 2021United Airlines expects Boeing 777s to return to sky in Q1 of 2022OCT 20 - United Airlines (UAL.O) said its Boeing (BA.N) 777-200 planes equi...united-airlines-expects-boeing-777s-to-return-to-sky-in-q1-of-2022
October 19, 2021Take Action! Solidarity with Piedmont Flight Attendants Flight Attendants at Piedmont—a subsidiary of American Airlines—are taking a strike vote righ...take-action-solidarity-with-piedmont-flight-attendants
October 19, 2021Enrollment in Link Protection PlanIf you are interested in the full year protection, we are expecting the company to shortly be relea...enrollment-in-link-protection-plan
October 19, 2021Assigning Specific Flight Attendants to Inaugural FlightsSection 7.A.9.b. of our Contract provides for Special Purpose Flights where the Company may a...assigning-specific-flight-attendants-to-inaugural-flights
October 19, 2021Flu Shot Voucher Available on Flying TogetherReceive a free flu shot through a pharmacy in the CVS Caremark network or at one of the United Pre...flu-shot-voucher-available-on-flying-together
October 19, 2021Reminder: Halloween Attendance for Two Holiday, Single Bonus PointThis bonus point program is uniquely different from prior programs in that Flight Attendants must ...reminder-halloween-attendance-for-two-holiday-single-bonus-point
October 19, 2021AFA Debrief: October 19, 2021Take Action! Solidarity with Piedmont Flight Attendants, Enrollment Link Protection Plan, As...afa-debrief-october-19-2021
October 19, 2021Our bosses are so disconnected, we need to win to protect future generations...OCT 19 - I'm striking at Kellogg.  Our bosses are so disconnected, and we need to win to protec...our-bosses-are-so-disconnected-we-need-to-win-to-protect-future-generations
October 19, 2021Flexible Spending Account (FSA) forfeiture for Plan Year 2019OCT 19 - The United Benefits team has finalized processing of the Flexible Spending Account (FS...flexible-spending-account-fsa-forfeiture-for-plan-year-2019
October 18, 2021‘Our Future Is Not for Sale’: America Is Witnessing the Biggest Strike Wave...OCT 18 - #Striketober could bring the strike back into the popular consciousness.our-future-is-not-for-sale-america-is-witnessing-the-biggest-strike-wave
October 17, 2021Flight attendants at Piedmont Airlines are in the final days of a strike voteOCT 17 - Many of the workers are based out of Philadelphia International Airport and fly regional ro...flight-attendants-at-piedmont-airlines-are-in-the-final-days-of-a-strike-vote
October 15, 2021With Airline Staff At A Breaking Point, Passengers Can Expect More HeadachesOCT 15 - Although this weekend's problems were mainly limited to Southwest, it is by no means t...with-airline-staff-at-a-breaking-point-passengers-can-expect-more-headaches
October 15, 2021Transfers with November 30, 2021 - Effective Dates Awarded TodayOCT 15 - Transfers with November 30, 2021 Effective Dates Awarded Today.transfers-with-november-30-2021-effective-dates-awarded-today
October 15, 2021Vacation Election Period Closed - Next up: First Round Vacation BiddingOCT 15 - The twenty (20) day period during which Flight Attendants are provided the opportunity...vacation-election-period-closed-next-up-first-round-vacation-bidding
October 15, 2021Rapid Re-Accrual of Sick Leave When Returning from Injury, Illness or MaternityOCT 15 - Flight Attendants returning from maternity (sick leave), or a single injury or illness...rapid-re-accrual-of-sick-leave-when-returning-from-injury-illness-or-maternity
October 15, 2021Returning to Availability List following Completion of Standby Assignment (OSB)OCT 15 - We have received questions from Members about the circumstances under which a Reserve ...returning-to-availability-list-following-completion-of-standby-assignment-osb
October 15, 2021Understanding Corresponding Jumpseat and Work PositionsOCT 15 - Understanding how to read a pairing and to understand the corresponding work-position ...understanding-corresponding-jumpseat-and-work-positions
October 15, 2021Variable Staffing Position(s) & OverstaffingOCT 15 - Recently, a number of Flight Attendants have asked questions about how to assign jumps...variable-staffing-positions-overstaffing
October 15, 2021Recognizing our Work - $1,000 Special Award AnnouncedOCT 15 - Earlier this week, Scott Kirby announced that all active employees will receive a spec...recognizing-our-work-1000-special-award-announced
October 15, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: October 15, 2021Recognizing our Work - $1000 Special Award Announced, No Cost Health Care Coverage at SFO Eliminate...afa-debrief-october-15-2021
October 14, 2021Should Passengers Be Vaccinated or Tested to Fly Within the U.S.?OCT 14 - Numerous airline executives say no, but a growing number of politicians and medical experts...should-passengers-be-vaccinated-or-tested-to-fly-within-the-us
October 14, 2021No Cost Health Care Coverage at SFO Eliminated Under the LawOCT 14 - On November 10, 2020, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors amended the HCAO to include ...no-cost-health-care-coverage-at-sfo-eliminated-under-the-law
October 13, 2021United Airlines: Travel Expected to Surge in DecemberOCT 13 - The airline is planning its largest domestic schedule since March 2020, with 3,500 daily do...united-airlines-travel-expected-to-surge-in-december
October 13, 2021Hollywood Crews Threaten Strike if Deal Isn’t Reached With ProducersOCT 13 - A union representing film and television crews said it would strike on Monday unless a...hollywood-crews-threaten-strike-if-deal-isnt-reached-with-producers
October 13, 2021Deere Workers Prepare for Strike After Rejecting ContractOCT 12 - More than 10,000 Deere & Co. workers appear ready to go on strike if negotiators c...deere-workers-prepare-for-strike-after-rejecting-contract
October 13, 2021More Than 100K Workers Threaten Strikes As Unions Flex MusclesOCT 13 - Workers in various industries nationwide are threatening to go on strike in a sweeping...more-than-100k-workers-threaten-strikes-as-unions-flex-muscles
October 13, 2021Is America Experiencing An Unofficial General Strike?OCT 13 - Across the country, people are refusing to return to backbreaking or mind-numbing low-wage ...is-america-experiencing-an-unofficial-general-strike
October 12, 2021SWA says nothing nefarious behind flight cancellations, eyes holiday travel cutOCT 12 - Southwest fell apart again over the weekend, canceling more than 1,900 flights&nb...swa-says-nothing-nefarious-behind-flight-cancellations-eyes-holiday-travel-cut
October 12, 2021Should Passengers Be Vaccinated or Tested to Fly Within the U.S.?OCT 12 - Numerous airline executives say no, but a growing number of politicians and medical experts...should-passengers-be-vaccinated-or-tested-to-fly-within-the-us
October 12, 2021SWA CEO says he never wanted Covid vaccine mandate but Biden forced his handOCT 12 - Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly told CNBC on Tuesday he believes businesses sho...swa-ceo-says-he-never-wanted-covid-vaccine-mandate-but-biden-forced-his-hand
October 12, 2021Delays happen. Protect your duty time maximum!As aviation’s first responders the amount of time we spend on duty plays a crucial role in our abi...delays-happen-protect-your-duty-time-maximum
October 12, 2021Holiday Bidding Reminder: NovemberFor the November bid month, November 25, 2021 is a Holiday for Guam & U.S. Basesholiday-bidding-reminder-november
October 12, 2021Gallagher Bassett Data BreachWe have confirmed with Gallagher Bassett that the written communication sent to the homes of those...gallagher-bassett-data-breach
October 12, 2021Known Crewmember (KCM) & TSA RegulationsEnsuring our continued participation in the Known Crew Member program requires each of us to know ...known-crewmember-kcm-tsa-regulations
October 12, 2021DOT to audit FAA staffing challenges after Southwest Airlines chaosOCT 12 - The federal Department of Transportation’s inspector general will audit hiring and sta...dot-to-audit-faa-staffing-challenges-after-southwest-airlines-chaos
October 12, 2021United Award BonusToday, Scott Kirby announced that every active employee as of November 10, 2021, as well as those ...united-award-bonus
October 12, 2021AFA Debrief: October 12, 2021United Award Bonus, Delays happen. Protect your duty time maximum!, Known Crewmember (KCM) &am...afa-debrief-october-12-2021
October 11, 2021Analysis: Corporate business travel 'carbon budgets' loom for airlinesOCT 11 - As major companies look at drastic ways to cut carbon emissions from corporate travel,...analysis-corporate-business-travel-carbon-budgets-loom-for-airlines
October 11, 2021Here’s what’s behind the Southwest Airlines cancellationsOct 11 - Southwest initially said on Saturday that the delays were caused by a combination of b...heres-whats-behind-the-southwest-airlines-cancellations
October 11, 2021Hollywood crews will strike Monday if contract deal is not reached with ProducersOCT 11 - IATSE has been bargaining with producers for months, advocating for better working hou...hollywood-crews-will-strike-monday-if-contract-deal-is-not-reached-with
October 10, 2021With 22 Words, the CEO of United Airlines Taught a Bold Lesson in LeadershipOCT 10 - It all starts with what Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, told United empl...with-22-words-the-ceo-of-united-airlines-taught-a-bold-lesson-in-leadership
October 9, 2021U.S. FAA wants airlines to do more to address unruly passengersOCT 9 - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) urged U.S. passenger airlines "to commit to t...us-faa-wants-airlines-to-do-more-to-address-unruly-passengers
October 8, 2021Benefits Committee Training and Wellness Health Benefits AvailableOCT 8 - This week, our MEC Benefits Committee conducted their annual committee training for AFA...benefits-committee-training-and-wellness-health-benefits-available
October 8, 2021Next Regular MEC Meeting Planned for Winter 2022OCT 8 - Given the Roadshow activity that will be conducted and ongoing through November 11, 202...next-regular-mec-meeting-planned-for-winter-2022
October 8, 20212021 International Purser Recurrent TrainingOCT 8 - You are encouraged to review the IPRT21 information in the monthly Bid Package Cover Le...2021-international-purser-recurrent-training
October 8, 2021Uniform OrdersOCT 8 - We recommend that you consider placing orders for uniform items before the hustle and b...uniform-orders
October 8, 2021FLT LINE New Menu OptionsOCT 8 - The company announced they have changed some of the main menu options for FLTLINE. ...flt-line-new-menu-options
October 8, 20212022 Benefits Enrollment PeriodOCT 8 - It’s that time of the year again.  With the advent of Fall brings about our Annual...2022-benefits-enrollment-period
October 8, 2021Review Annual Vacation Bidding ProcessOCT 8 - Decisions must be made before October 15, 2021.  Take a few minutes to look at the...review-annual-vacation-bidding-process
October 8, 2021Special COLA for November 2021OCT 8 - Crew Schedule Planning has announced the offering of a Special COLA for the November 20...special-cola-for-november-2021
October 8, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: October 08, 2021Review Annual Vacation Bidding Process 2022, Benefits Enrollment Period, Special COLA for Novemb...e-lines-october-08-2021
October 8, 2021November Special COLA AwardsOCT 6 - November Special COLA Awardsnovember-special-cola-awards
October 7, 2021Southwest Airlines gives flight attendants, pilots DoorDash membershipsOCT 7 - Southwest Airlines gives flight attendants, pilots DoorDash memberships to help with meal is...southwest-airlines-gives-flight-attendants-pilots-doordash-memberships
October 6, 2021What To Know About Europe's Newest Airline - ITA -- Italia Trasporto AereoOCT 6 - There's a week to go before the world's newest airline launches, and it's promising to ...what-to-know-about-europes-newest-airline-ita-italia-trasporto-aereo
October 5, 2021AFA Opening ProposalOCT 5 - The summary and full-text version of the AFA Opening Proposal Summary may be found at www.co...afa-opening-proposal
October 5, 2021Violent Anti-Maskers Make ‘Living Nightmare’ For Flight AttendantsOCT 5 - Outrage over COVID-19 safety guidelines and a recent increase in flight delays and...violent-anti-maskers-make-living-nightmare-for-flight-attendants
October 5, 2021Annual Vacation Election Now OpenOCT 5 - To avoid confusion, when discussing Vacation Bidding for 2022, there are three win...annual-vacation-election-now-open
October 5, 2021Third Trimester CBT ReminderOCT 5 - The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be completed...third-trimester-cbt-reminder
October 5, 2021Reserves and Phone AvailabilityOCT 5 - For some Flight Attendants it has been a while since they have been awarded a Reserve s...reserves-and-phone-availability
October 5, 2021Masks Are Still a Federal MandateOCT 5 - The COVID-19 pandemic once again changed our roles on board the aircraft. With the impl...masks-are-still-a-federal-mandate
October 5, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: October 05, 2021Masks Are Still a Federal Mandate, Reserves and Phone Availability, Third Trimester CBT Reminder, A...afa-debrief-october-05-2021
October 4, 2021Budget Ukrainian airline swaps high heels for trainersOCT 4 - Ukraine's low-cost flier has gone further: out go the high heels, skirts and tight blou...budget-ukrainian-airline-swaps-high-heels-for-trainers
October 4, 2021Southwest Air to Require Workers to Be Vaccinated by Dec. 8OCT 4 - Southwest Airlines Co. said Monday that it will require most workers to be vaccinated a...southwest-air-to-require-workers-to-be-vaccinated-by-dec-8
October 3, 2021Flight attendants union calls to limit food and booze serviceOCT 3 - Flight attendants union calls to limit food and booze service to stem tide of unruly passeng...flight-attendants-union-calls-to-limit-food-and-booze-service
October 3, 2021Airlines accelerate climate pledge despite Chinese oppositionOCT 3 - Global airlines agreed on Monday to step up plans to tackle climate change as they face...airlines-accelerate-climate-pledge-despite-chinese-opposition
October 2, 2021American, Alaska and JetBlue Will Require Their Staff To Be VaccinatedOCT 3 - American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue are joining United Airlines in...american-alaska-and-jetblue-will-require-their-staff-to-be-vaccinated
October 1, 2021Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month – Cesar ChavezOCT 1 - AFA is recognizing the histories, cultures, contributions, and achievements of Hispanic...hispanic-latinx-heritage-month-cesar-chavez
October 1, 2021AFA International EAP, Safety, and Membership Phone NumberOCT 1 - There has been a major disruption to CWA Headquarters hardware phone lines, and this ha...afa-international-eap-safety-and-membership-phone-number
October 1, 2021Vaccination Card is Primary Proof of VaccinationOCT 1 - This morning, United management issued a Safety Alert updating their guidance communica...vaccination-card-is-primary-proof-of-vaccination
October 1, 2021Flu Shots!OCT 1 - Flu season is coming and it’s more important than ever for each of us to consider our p...flu-shots
October 1, 2021AFA Opening Proposal RoadshowsOCT 1 - Our AFA Negotiating Committee will kick off an Opening Proposal Roadshow with the first...afa-opening-proposal-roadshows
October 1, 2021Air Rage Townhall – ChicagoOCT 1 - In response to the pandemic driven uptick in air rage incidents, the Chicago Federation...air-rage-townhall-chicago
October 1, 2021Payroll Support Program (PSP) End Impacts FRA, HKG and NRT ColleaguesOCT 1 - While the success of the hard-fought Payroll Support Program is undeniable and that we ...payroll-support-program-psp-end-impacts-fra-hkg-and-nrt-colleagues
October 1, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: October 01, 2021Payroll Support Program (PSP) End Impacts FRA- HKG- and NRT- Colleagues, Air Rage Townhall – Chicag...afa-debrief-october-01-2021
October 1, 2021October Reserve Move UpOct 1 - As of yesterday, the company used computer programming to vacate the pairings from...october-reserve-move-up
September 30, 2021Bill Requires US Airline Passengers Have COVID-19 Vaccine or Prove Negative TestSEP 30 - Bill would require US airline passengers to have COVID-19 vaccine or prove negative te...bill-requires-us-airline-passengers-have-covid-19-vaccine-or-prove-negative-test
September 30, 2021United Airlines Prepares to Fire Employees Who Refuse Covid-19 VaccinationsSEP 30 - United Airlines Holdings Inc. is moving ahead with plans to terminate close to 600 emp...united-airlines-prepares-to-fire-employees-who-refuse-covid-19-vaccinations
September 30, 2021Number of Unvaccinated United staff drops from 593 to 320SEP 30 - Number of unvaccinated United staff drops from 593 to 320 after airline said it would fire ...number-of-unvaccinated-united-staff-drops-from-593-to-320
September 29, 2021United Airlines CEO says vaccine mandate won't impact operationsSEP 29 - United Airlines does not expect its vaccine mandate to impact the company's operations...united-airlines-ceo-says-vaccine-mandate-wont-impact-operations
September 29, 2021Nearly 600 United Employees Face TerminationSEP 29 - Nearly 600 United Airlines employees face termination for failing to comply with vaccine ma...nearly-600-united-employees-face-termination
September 29, 2021NO MORE SHUTDOWNS!SEP 29 - Unless Congress acts before Thursday night (midnight, Friday morning), the federal gov...no-more-shutdowns
September 29, 2021Air rage: Airline workers share growing concerns at town hall near O'HareSEP 29 - Airline industry union workers gathered near O'Hare International Airport Wednesday to...air-rage-airline-workers-share-growing-concerns-at-town-hall-near-ohare
September 28, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 28, 2021Covid-19 Vaccination Card Is a Required Duty Item, Vacation Bidding When Transferring, Award of Spec...afa-debrief-september-28-2021
September 28, 2021Reserve Survival Guide UpdatedSEP 28 - Our MEC Reserve Committee has updated our Reserve Survival Guide which is no...reserve-survival-guide-updated
September 28, 2021Reserve Move-up Process ReviewSEP 28 - We are providing a full review of the Reserve Move-up Process which can be a...reserve-move-up-process-review
September 28, 2021Award of Special COLAs for October from the Waitlist Occurs TomorrowSEP 28 - The company plans to award additional Special COLAs on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, ...award-of-special-colas-for-october-from-the-waitlist-occurs-tomorrow
September 28, 2021Vacation Bidding When TransferringSEP 28 - With the recent transfer awards last week, we have received questions from Flight Atte...vacation-bidding-when-transferring
September 28, 2021Covid-19 Vaccination Card Is a Required Duty ItemSEP 28 - On Monday, September 27, 2021, the company issued clarification on the requirement for...covid-19-vaccination-card-is-a-required-duty-item
September 27, 2021Airlines were counting on a post-Labor Day surge in business travelSEP 27 - Airlines were counting on a post-Labor Day surge in business travel. It looks like that won...airlines-were-counting-on-a-post-labor-day-surge-in-business-travel
September 25, 2021United Responds to Employee Lawsuit Challenging Vaccine ExemptionsSEP 27 - Any employee whose COVID RAP accommodation was approved will not be placed on unpaid leave ...united-responds-to-employee-lawsuit-challenging-vaccine-exemptions
September 24, 2021System Transfers Awarded Effective for the November Schedule MonthSEP 24 - System transfers effective for the November 2021 schedule month (10/30) were awarded o...system-transfers-awarded-effective-for-the-november-schedule-month
September 24, 2021National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Get Your PINK ON!SEP 24 - The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To date, breast cancer...national-breast-cancer-awareness-month-get-your-pink-on
September 24, 2021Register to Vote! – It is your RightSEP 24 - Your right and privilege to vote is not automatic, you must register to vote, and you ...register-to-vote-it-is-your-right
September 24, 2021Annual Vacation Elections Now OpenSEP 24 - The Vacation Election period is now open as of September 23 and will remain open until...annual-vacation-elections-now-open
September 24, 2021Vacation 2022 – Contractual Process Begins with Vacation Accrual LettersSEP 24 - Vacation Accrual Letters have been prepared and are now available via the Vacation tab...vacation-2022-contractual-process-begins-with-vacation-accrual-letters
September 24, 2021Third Trimester CBT – Consider Completing It Before Beginning any Time AwaySEP 24 - The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be completed by ...third-trimester-cbt-consider-completing-it-before-beginning-any-time-away
September 24, 2021Reporting Passenger Mask Non-ComplianceSEP 24 - For United and the FAA to consider and pursue further action on these types of reports...reporting-passenger-mask-non-compliance
September 24, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 24, 2021Reporting Passenger Mask Non-Compliance, Third Trimester CBT – Consider Completing It Before Beginn...afa-debrief-september-24-2021
September 23, 2021Reserve Timeline for the October 2021 Bidding MonthSEP 23 -  If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the September bid month, there are var...reserve-timeline-for-the-october-2021-bidding-month
September 23, 2021Delta Urges Airlines To Create A National "No Fly" List Of Problem PassengersSEP 23 - Delta Air Lines is urging airlines to respond to the extraordinary surge in unruly beh...delta-urges-airlines-to-create-a-national-no-fly-list-of-problem-passengers
September 22, 2021Democrats demand more action from feds on unruly airline passengersSEP 22 - A pair of Senate Democrats is urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal ...democrats-demand-more-action-from-feds-on-unruly-airline-passengers
September 22, 2021The American Airlines and JetBlue Alliance Is Under Threat. Why It Matters.SEP 22 - The alliance between American Airlines and JetBlue Airways Corporation&...the-american-airlines-and-jetblue-alliance-is-under-threat-why-it-matters
September 22, 2021United Expands Vaccination OpportunitiesSEP 22 - United management released information through a statement to employees indicating tha...united-expands-vaccination-opportunities
September 22, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 22, 2021United Expands Vaccination Opportunities, Verify your Vaccine Card Upload on Flying Together, Onbo...afa-debrief-september-22-2021
September 22, 2021Alert iOS Link Operating SystemSEP 22 - United released an Inflight Services Alert on Monday September 20, 2021. Apple recentl...alert-ios-link-operating-system
September 22, 2021CQ Attendance MonthSEP 22 - In recent weeks as the company has endeavored to balance their training liability at a...cq-attendance-month
September 22, 2021Updating Your Password on www.unitedafa.orgSEP 22 - Because some of the information related to our work at United should not be subject to...updating-your-password-on-wwwunitedafaorg
September 22, 202130 Minute Crew Rest Domestic and InternationalSEP 22 - As Safety professionals we know the importance of being well rested and alert in the p...30-minute-crew-rest-domestic-and-international
September 22, 2021Biden Administration to Require Vaccination to Enter U.S.SEP 22 - On Tuesday, the Biden Administration made an announcement that they will begin lifting...biden-administration-to-require-vaccination-to-enter-us
September 22, 2021Onboard Tidying Tools and New Inflight AnnouncementSEP 22 - While a recent Inflight Services Weekly (ISW) article announced an expansion in the ty...onboard-tidying-tools-and-new-inflight-announcement
September 22, 2021Confirm Your Vaccine Card Upload on Flying TogetherSEP 22 - The September 27, 2021, deadline is fast approaching. Company policy requires all Flig...confirm-your-vaccine-card-upload-on-flying-together
September 21, 2021American Airlines and JetBlue sued by DOJ over their airline allianceSEP 21 - The Department of Justice has sued two major airlines on Tuesday, alleging t...american-airlines-and-jetblue-sued-by-doj-over-their-airline-alliance
September 21, 2021FAA Tells Airlines To Do More About Unruly Passenger BehaviorSEP 21 - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants airlines to do more to address unruly ...faa-tells-airlines-to-do-more-about-unruly-passenger-behavior
September 21, 2021U.S. FAA wants airlines to do more to address unruly passengersSEP 21 - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Tuesday urged U.S. passenger airlines "to...us-faa-wants-airlines-to-do-more-to-address-unruly-passengers
September 20, 2021Airline Jobs Have Always Been Easy to Fill, But Carriers Can't Enough WorkersSEP 20 - Once among the country’s most coveted companies to work for, airlines are suddenly str...airline-jobs-have-always-been-easy-to-fill-but-carriers-cant-enough-workers
September 19, 2021The pandemic has turned United Airlines into a thriving freight companySEP 19 - During the pandemic, many airlines shifted their focus to flying freight to make ...the-pandemic-has-turned-united-airlines-into-a-thriving-freight-company
September 18, 2021Alcohol is such a problem airlines have added it to safety announcementSEP 18 - Alcohol is such a problem airlines have added it to safety announcements — and banned it.&n...alcohol-is-such-a-problem-airlines-have-added-it-to-safety-announcement
September 17, 2021United Airlines flights grounded briefly by system outageSEP 17 - A system-wide outage briefly grounded several United Airlines flights across the Unite...united-airlines-flights-grounded-briefly-by-system-outage
September 17, 2021Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month – Featuring Justice Sonia SotomayorSEP 17 - When President Obama nominated federal judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court in 2...hispanic-latinx-heritage-month-featuring-justice-sonia-sotomayor
September 17, 2021AFA Celebrates Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month - September 15 – October 15SEP 17 - The AFA-CWA Executive Board unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing September 15 ...afa-celebrates-hispanic-latinx-heritage-month-september-15-october-15
September 17, 2021iPhone Software to Address Critical Vulnerability and United’s Link UpdatesSEP 17 - As mentioned earlier this week in our Debrief newsletter, Apple has updated its softwa...iphone-software-to-address-critical-vulnerability-and-uniteds-link-updates
September 17, 2021October Special COLA AwardsSEP 17 - In preparation for the award of system schedules for October 2021, management announce...october-special-cola-awards
September 17, 2021Documenting Incidents as Safety ProfessionalsSEP 17 - As safety professionals Flight Attendants act daily to uphold and support the safety o...documenting-incidents-as-safety-professionals
September 17, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 17, 2021Documenting Incidents as Safety Professionals, October Special COLA Awards, Apple iPhone Software t...afa-debrief-september-17-2021
September 17, 2021American Airlines Cracks Down on Unruly Behavior in Latest Policy UpdateSEP 17 - Consider yourself warned. If you’re going to misbehave on an American Airlines flight,...american-airlines-cracks-down-on-unruly-behavior-in-latest-policy-update
September 17, 2021United Banned Almost 1,000 Passengers During Pandemic Over Unruly BehaviorSEP 17 - Almost a thousand passengers have been banned from flying on United Airlines ...united-banned-almost-1000-passengers-during-pandemic-over-unruly-behavior
September 17, 2021US Is Planning to Create a New System for International TravelSep 17 - The White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Jeff Zients, has revealed that the U...us-is-planning-to-create-a-new-system-for-international-travel
September 17, 2021How Airline Marketing And Advertising Has ChangedSEP 17 - Regardless of the current trends ranging from climate change and sustainability to safety a...how-airline-marketing-and-advertising-has-changed
September 17, 202110 U.S. Cities Lost Almost All Their Business Travel Revenue This YearSEP 17 - US cities across the country,  including New York, DC, and San Francisco, wi...10-us-citieslost-almost-all-their-business-travel-revenue-this-year
September 16, 2021Alaska Airlines right to ground anti-maskers — including state senatorSEP 16 - For most people, flying is rarely a hassle-free convenience. You show up early to get ...alaska-airlines-right-to-ground-anti-maskers-including-state-senator
September 15, 2021Obama’s Transportation Chief to Biden: Mandate Vaccines For Airline TravelSEP 15 - The White House hasn’t ruled it out. They haven’t embraced it either. Ray LaHood says it’s ...obamas-transportation-chief-to-biden-mandate-vaccines-for-airline-travel
September 15, 2021Southwest Gives Fully Vaccinated Extra Pay & Cutting Special Sick Pay For OthersSEP 15 - Southwest Airlines is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay - and cutting specia...southwest-gives-fully-vaccinated-extra-pay-cutting-special-sick-pay-for-others
September 14, 2021Apple issues urgent iPhone software update to address critical vulnerabilitySEP 14 - Apple has updated its software for iPhones to address a critical vulnerability that in...apple-issues-urgent-iphone-software-update-to-address-critical-vulnerability
September 14, 2021Third (3rd) Trimester CBT Due by October 30SEP 14 - The Third Trimester CBT is now available and is required for completion by October 30,...third-3rd-trimester-cbt-due-by-october-30
September 14, 2021International Override Applies to Flying Outside the Continental U.S. and CanadaSEP 14 - Section 4.J. of our Contract stipulates eligibility for the International Override and...international-override-applies-to-flying-outside-the-continental-us-and-canada
September 14, 2021Annual Enrollment for Active Employees Takes Place in November!SEP 14 - We want to get the word out that our Annual Benefits Open Enrollment for active employ...annual-enrollment-for-active-employees-takes-place-in-november
September 14, 2021Speaking of Uniforms, CINTAS Uniform Points Balance do not Roll overSEP 14 - As a reminder, uniform point balances do not roll over to the next calendar year. For Fligh...speaking-of-uniforms-cintas-uniform-points-balance-do-not-roll-over
September 14, 2021Updated Appearance Standards Effective Tomorrow - September 15, 2021SEP 14 - As a reminder, United’s updated appearance standards for Flight Attendants g...updated-appearance-standards-effective-tomorrow-september-15-2021
September 14, 2021United Responds to Requests for Reasonable AccommodationSEP 14 - AFA has been made aware that United has begun the initial phase of advising those requ...united-responds-to-requests-for-reasonable-accommodation
September 14, 2021The Connection Between Vaccine Pass and Vaccination Incentive VacationSEP 14 - As of today, there remains several hundred Flight Attendant who have been vaccinated a...the-connection-between-vaccine-pass-and-vaccination-incentive-vacation
September 14, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 14, 2021The Connection Between Vaccine Pass and Vaccination Incentive Vacation, United Responds to Request...afa-debrief-september-14-2021
September 14, 2021MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - October 2021DSL Review Information, Mixed Base Flying Assignments, International Check-in time excepti...mec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-october-2021
September 13, 2021The next vaccine mandate battle could focus on airline passengersSep 13 - Over the past four days, the CEO of United Airlines seemed open to the idea of the fed...the-next-vaccine-mandate-battle-could-focus-on-airline-passengers
September 12, 2021Those Business Travel Chickens That Airlines Were Counting? They Aren’t HatchingSEP 12 - All Those Business Travel Chickens That Airlines Were Counting? They Aren’t Hatching, Under...those-business-travel-chickens-that-airlines-were-counting-they-arent-hatching
September 11, 2021MEC President’s Letter – We RememberTwenty years ago, following the events of September 11, 2001, we made a promise to never forget th...mec-presidents-letter-we-remember
September 10, 2021Double Check COVID-19 Vaccination Status on Flying TogetherSep 10 - Company policy requires all Flight Attendants without an approved medical or religious...double-check-covid-19-vaccination-status-on-flying-together
September 10, 2021Deadline Approaching to Protest System Seniority List Errors or OmissionsSep 10 - The Flight Attendant Semi-Annual System Seniority List was published recently and the ...deadline-approaching-to-protest-system-seniority-list-errors-or-omissions
September 10, 2021Update Global Entry Passport InformationSep 10 -  The Global Entry program makes reentering the United States easier and our Contract p...update-global-entry-passport-information
September 10, 2021Spouse/Domestic Partner Re-verification Audit and GAP Audit Concluded: Last Chance OpportunitySep 10 - Check Your Benefits Resources (YBR) to verify if there is a message advising you that actio...benefits-dependent-verification-and-gap-audit-concluded-last-chance-opportunity
September 10, 2021AFA Debrief: September 10, 2021Spouse/Domestic Partner Re-verification Audit and GAP Audit Concluded – Last Chance Opportunity, Up...afa-debrief-september-10-2021
September 10, 2021September 11 Tribute VideoSeptember 11 Tribute Videoseptember-11-tribute-video
September 9, 2021Flight 93 Memorial Shanksville AttendanceOn September 11th we invite Members to attend the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania ...flight-93-memorial-shanksville-attendance
September 9, 2021Qantas to Require that International Passengers Be VaccinatedSep 9 - Qantas becomes one of the first airlines to require that international passengers be va...qantas-to-require-the-international-passengers-be-vacinated
September 8, 2021Required COVID-19 Testing Compensation and Flight CancellationsWhen a situation arises causing the trip requiring pre-departure testing to be cancelled leading t...required-covid-19-testing-compensation-and-flight-cancellations
September 8, 2021Safety Demonstration - Compliance with FARsThroughout the course of our workday we operate within the confines of Federal Aviation Regulation...safety-demonstration-compliance-with-fars
September 7, 2021Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP) CBT and Next StepsIt is important that when you experience fatigue and fatigue related events to promptly report the...fatigue-risk-management-program-frmp-cbt-and-next-steps
September 7, 2021Reminder COVID-19 Vaccine Card Required: September 27, 2021Effective September 27, 2021, all U.S. based employees including those from Guam and Puerto Rico a...reminder-covid-19-vaccine-card-required-september-27-2021
September 7, 2021Fall 2021 Third Trimester CBT LaunchedThe 2021 Third Trimester CBT is now available and is required to be completed by, October 30, 2021...fall-2021-third-trimester-cbt-launched
September 7, 2021AFA Debrief: September 07, 2021United Updates Corporate Mask Policy, Check COVID-19 Vaccination Status on Flying Together – Va...afa-debrief-september-07-2021
September 7, 2021United Updates Corporate Mask Policy“Gaiter style face coverings are not permitted to be worn by Flight Attendants.”united-updates-corporate-mask-policy
September 7, 2021Check COVID-19 Vaccination Status on Flying Together – Vaccine Pass from AppsWe encourage all Member to review their submission of vaccination documentation on Flying Together...check-covid-19-vaccination-status-on-flying-together-vaccine-pass-from-apps
September 6, 2021Labor Day MessageSep 6 - Labor Day – It’s our holiday.  It’s that first Monday in September where we annual...labor-day-message
September 5, 2021Airlines quickly cancel flights amid changing European entry regulationsSep 5 - It’s like March 2020 all over again.  On Friday, news broke that the Netherlands would ...airlines-quickly-cancel-flights-amid-changing-european-entry-regulations
September 4, 2021Issues Affecting Reserves ability to Ascertain Assignments for Sunday, 9/5/2021.Sep 4 - We have been advised of some issues impacting the ability of Reserves, system-wide, to asc...issues-affecting-reserves-ability-to-ascertain-assignments-for-sunday-952021
September 3, 2021As The Delta Variant Soars, The Airline Industry Descends Into Another SlumpSEP 3 - The EU is taking the U.S. off its COVID-19 "safe list," but airlines have already been ...as-the-delta-variant-soars-the-airline-industry-descends-into-another-slump
September 3, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: September 03, 2021NRPS – Positive Space Travel for NYC & D.C. – September 1 – 8 2021, Domestic Duty Time Maximum –...afa-debrief-september-03-2021
September 2, 2021Philippine Airlines to return 22 planes, reassures on survivalSep 2 - Philippine Airlines last week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United S...philippine-airlines-to-return-22-planes-reassures-on-survival
September 1, 2021Southwest Airlines Pilots Are Suing The Airline, Claiming Company Withheld PaySep 1 - Southwest Airlines pilots are suing the airline, claiming the company withheld pay in violat...southwest-airlines-pilots-are-suing-the-airline-claiming-company-withheld-pay
August 31, 2021What to do if you’ve booked a Europe trip and entry rules changedAug 31 - Given yesterday’s recommendation by the European Union Council to its 27 mem...what-to-do-if-youve-booked-a-europe-trip-and-entry-rules-changed
August 31, 2021Adjusting Our Schedules – Relying on Each Other & Bad Day/Worse Day TradesAug 31 - With the trading pool numbers hovering in the negative for the last several months man...adjusting-our-schedules-relying-on-each-other-bad-dayworse-day-trades
August 31, 2021Reminder: Covid-19 Vaccination Card as a Required Duty ItemAug 31 - Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the COVID-19 vaccination card becomes a required duty it...reminder-covid-19-vaccination-card-as-a-required-duty-item
August 31, 2021Vaccination Reminders for VSL and Leaves of AbsenceAug 31 - As a reminder, Flight Attendants who have elected to take part in the Voluntary Separa...vaccination-reminders-for-vsl-and-leaves-of-absence
August 31, 2021PERSONAL STRATEGIES FOR APPROACHING SEPTEMBER 11thAug 31 - As we approach September 11th, many of us will begin to plan how we’ll recognize this day. ...personal-strategies-for-approaching-september-11th
August 31, 2021AFA DEBRIEF: August 31, 2021Vaccination Reminders for VSL and Leaves of Absence, AFA Hurricane and Natural Disaster Resources, R...e-lines-august-31-2021
August 30, 2021EU expected to recommend restrictions on US travelers as delta variant spreadsAug 30 - The European Union is expected to announce a recommendation that member states reimple...eu-expected-to-recommend-restrictions-on-us-travelers-as-delta-variant-spreads
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