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May 17, 20223rd round of free rapid COVID-19 tests available from US governmentMAY 17 - Need to stock up on at-home COVID-19 tests? You’re in luck: The government is offering...3rd-round-of-free-rapid-covid-19-tests-available-from-us-government
May 17, 2022Apple accused of union busting in new labor board filingMAY 17 - Apple retail employees in Atlanta are accusing the company of violating the National L...apple-accused-of-union-busting-in-new-labor-board-filing
May 17, 2022An Example of Standing TogetherMAY 17 - Thirty-seven years ago today, United Airlines pilots struck over management’s demand f...an-example-of-standing-together
May 17, 2022AFA Board of Director's Meeting Wrap UpMAY 17 - This past week, our Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers, Local Executive Council (...afa-board-of-directors-meeting-wrap-up
May 17, 2022VSL-B Part 1 - Participants and BenefitsMAY 17 - The VSL programs provide enhancements over and above your Contractual benefits and it ...vsl-b-part-1-participants-and-benefits
May 17, 2022United Announces Alphanumeric Pairing ExpansionMAY 17 - United scheduling introduced the expansion of numerical pairings to become alphanumeri...united-announces-alphanumeric-pairing-expansion
May 17, 2022Self Help 101 – AgainMAY 17 - We are hearing more reports from Flight Attendants that an insufficient number of rooms hav...self-help-101-again
May 17, 2022“Checking-in” Reference Continues to Cause ConfusionMAY 17 - Over the course of the past few weeks, based on conversations with Members, we’ve come...checking-in-reference-continues-to-cause-confusion
May 17, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: May 17, 2022“Checking-in” Reference Continues to Cause Confusion, Self Help 101 – Again, United Announces Alphan...afa-debrief-may-17-2022
May 17, 2022United gets green light to return 52 of its 777s to serviceMAY 17 - United Airlines just received the news it has been eagerly anticipating: It can start ...united-gets-green-light-to-return-52-of-its-777s-to-service
May 17, 2022American Wants to Reduce Time That Flight Attendants Have to RestMAY 17 - American Airlines Wants to Reduce the Time That Flight Attendants Have to Rest After a...american-wants-to-reduce-time-that-flight-attendants-have-to-rest
May 17, 2022United Airlines lifts second-quarter revenue forecastMAY 17 - United Airlines Holdings Inc on Monday raised its revenue estimate for the current qua...united-airlines-lifts-second-quarter-revenue-forecast
May 17, 2022Starbucks Is Playing With FireMAY 17 - Its union-busting tactics have been as aggressive as Amazon’s—but they might end up sc...starbucks-is-playing-with-fire
May 17, 2022No more union-busting, time for companies to give workers what they deserveMAY 17 - No more union-busting. It's time for companies to give their workers what they deserve.no-more-union-busting-time-for-companies-to-give-workers-what-they-deserve
May 16, 2022United, Delta and American Airlines customers may soon have a scary dilemmaMAY 16 - Some say this would be a very positive step to expand travel. Others will be extremely...united-delta-and-american-airlines-customers-may-soon-have-a-scary-dilemma
May 16, 2022United touts diversity and sustainability in its first brand campaign since 2013MAY 16 - “Good Leads The Way” plays up innovation, as well as the airline’s record on diversity...united-touts-diversity-and-sustainability-in-its-first-brand-campaign-since-2013
May 16, 2022JetBlue launches hostile takeover bid for Spirit AirlinesMAY 16 - JetBlue Airways launched a hostile takeover bid of Spirit Airlines on Monday.jetblue-launches-hostile-takeover-bid-for-spirit-airlines
May 16, 2022United launches new campaign to shake final vestiges of troublesome 2010sMAY 16 - United launches new brand campaign as it seeks to shake final vestiges of troublesome 2010s...united-launches-new-campaign-to-shake-final-vestiges-of-troublesome-2010s
May 15, 2022Airlines press U.S. to lift pre-departure testing requirementsMay 15 - U.S. airlines are pressing the Biden administration to lift a 16-month-old rule requir...airlines-press-us-to-lift-pre-departure-testing-requirements
May 14, 2022Which Airlines Formed The Star Alliance?May 14 - The Star Alliance, the world's largest airline consortium, celebrated its 25th anniver...which-airlines-formed-the-star-alliance
May 14, 2022Severe pilot shortage in the U.S. leaves airlines scrambling for solutionsMay 14 - The pandemic exacerbated a pilot shortage by slowing down training, hiring and a creat...severe-pilot-shortage-in-the-us-leaves-airlines-scrambling-for-solutions
May 13, 2022Reserve June 2022 TimelineMAY 13 - If you are on Reserve status for the June bid month, there are a number of scheduling ...reserve-june-2022-timeline
May 13, 2022Spring 2022 Regular MEC and AFA BOD MeetingsMAY 13 - The MEC concluded the Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Execu...spring-2022-regular-mec-and-afa-bod-meetings
May 13, 2022Mandatory Meetings for New Hire (Probationary) Flight AttendantsMAY 13 - As our newest flying partners progress into their careers as Flight Attendants, we are...mandatory-meetings-for-new-hire-probationary-flight-attendants
May 13, 2022Marginal Service Reporting Provides DataMAY 13 - As you will recall, management reduced staffing during the pandemic to match the reduced se...marginal-service-reporting-provides-data
May 13, 2022AAPI Community and Individual SuccessMAY 13 - As we recognize and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Mont...aapi-community-and-individual-success
May 13, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: May 13, 2022AAPI Community and Individual Success, United & ALPA Reach an Agreement in Principle on New Cont...afa-debrief-may-13-2022
May 13, 2022United & ALPA Reach an Agreement in Principle on New ContractMAY 13 - We congratulate our brothers and sisters at ALPA who have reached an Agreement in Prin...united-alpa-reach-an-agreement-in-principle-on-new-contract
May 12, 2022Ranked: The Best Airlines in America In 2022, According To J.D. Power ReportMAY 12 - What is the best airline in America? It’s a question many people are asking now that t...ranked-the-best-airlines-in-america-in-2022-according-to-jd-power-report
May 11, 2022New generation of budget airlines aims to disrupt flyingMAY 11 - Startups like Breeze Airways and Avelo Airlines represent a new generation of low-fril...new-generation-of-budget-airlines-aims-to-disrupt-flying
May 11, 2022United is the First U.S. Airline to Purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel OverseesMAY 11 - United Airlines has pledged to be 100% carbon neutral by 2050—and sustainable aviation...united-is-the-first-us-airline-to-purchase-sustainable-aviation-fuel-oversees
May 11, 2022Regional Airline Giant Asks the FAA to Let it Hire Pilots with Less ExperienceMAY 11 - With pilots in short supply, one regional airline is asking federal officials to allow...regional-airline-giant-asks-the-faa-to-let-it-hire-pilots-with-less-experience
May 11, 2022'Fly Girl' and 'The Great Stewardess Rebellion' - Journeys Toward EmpowermentMAY 11 - Imagine a job from which women were routinely fired for gaining a few pounds, getting ...fly-girl-and-the-great-stewardess-rebellion-journeys-toward-empowerment
May 11, 2022Target Workers Are Joining the Union WaveMAY 11 - Employees at a store in Virginia filed for a union election Tuesday, with more locatio...target-workers-are-joining-the-union-wave
May 11, 2022US airline passengers aren't happy. Here's whyMAY 11 - The return to the skies in the wake of the pandemic hasn't been entirely smooth: passengers...us-airline-passengers-arent-happy-heres-why
May 10, 2022Welcome Class 2210!MAY 10 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2210 as part of our Fl...welcome-class-2210
May 10, 2022Spring 2022 MEC and AFA BOD MeetingsMAY 10 - This week, the Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council...spring-2022-mec-and-afa-bod-meetings
May 10, 2022No Early Boarding!MAY 10 - If you are asked to board early, politely remind those who may be asking that this is our t...no-early-boarding
May 10, 2022May is Mental Health Awareness MonthMAY 10 - Each May we raise awareness about the importance of mental health and its impact on th...may-is-mental-health-awareness-month
May 10, 2022Mask ComplianceMAY 10 - In those cases where a mask is required onboard select international flights, it appli...mask-compliance
May 10, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: May 10, 2022Mask Compliance, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, No Early Boarding, Spring 2022 MEC and AFA BO...afa-debrief-may-10-2022
May 9, 2022Alaska Airlines pilots begin strike vote amid contract negotiationsMAY 9 - Alaska Airlines pilots are voting whether or not to strike.alaska-airlines-pilots-begin-strike-vote-amid-contract-negotiations
May 8, 2022Employees everywhere are organizing. Here’s why it’s happening nowMAY 8 - After years of declining influence, unions are having a resurgence. Employees from companies...employees-everywhere-are-organizing-heres-why-its-happening-now
May 7, 2022Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants Demanding Airline Stop Leaving Them StrandedMAY 7 - Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants Rally At Philadelphia International Airport, Demanding Air...spirit-airlines-flight-attendants-demanding-airline-stop-leaving-them-stranded
May 6, 2022Minimum Crew ComplianceMAY 6 - In March we raised concerns about the company’s protocol for checking in at the gate. W...minimum-crew-compliance
May 6, 2022June One Month Special COLAMAY 6 - Inflight Scheduling has determined that there may be opportunities to award one-month S...june-one-month-special-cola
May 6, 2022Upcoming Spring 2022 MEC Meeting ReminderMAY 6 - The Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will take place ...upcoming-spring-2022-mec-meeting-reminder
May 6, 2022Excessive Hold Times, Report!MAY 6 - When we experience long hold times, disconnects or other internal service-related issue...excessive-hold-times-report
May 6, 2022International Mask Protocol- UpdateMAY 6 - We understand there continues to be some confusion over masking protocols specifically ...international-mask-protocol-update
May 6, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: May 06, 2022Excessive Hold Times - Report!, Minimum Crew Compliance, International Mask Protocol- Update, June...afa-debrief-may-06-2022
May 5, 2022United Airlines Celebrates 75 Years in HawaiiUnited Airlines is celebrating 75 years today of serving The Hawaiian Islands. KITV4 was at the cel...united-airlines-celebrates-75-years-in-hawaii
May 5, 2022'Pure propaganda': inside Starbucks' anti-union tacticsWorkers knew the strike was an escalation and expected retaliation. Even so, Andrews was unprepared...pure-propaganda-inside-starbucks-anti-union-tactics
May 3, 2022‘We’re Just Robots’: US Airline Workers Stranded Amid Staff ShortagesMAY 3 - Flight attendants report problems related to Covid-19 such as canceled, rescheduled or ...were-just-robots-us-airline-workers-stranded-amid-staff-shortages
May 3, 2022Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United MEC and ElectionsMAY 3 - The Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will t...spring-2022-regular-meeting-of-the-united-mec-and-elections
May 3, 2022Upcoming AFA Board of Directors MeetingMAY 3 - Your Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers, Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents,...upcoming-afa-board-of-directors-meeting
May 3, 2022Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage MonthMAY 3 - The month of May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the United St...asian-american-and-pacific-islander-heritage-month
May 3, 2022Relying on Each Other & Bad Day/Worse Day TradesMAY 3 - We’re all familiar with the challenges we face in adjusting our flight schedules brough...relying-on-each-other-bad-dayworse-day-trades
May 3, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: May 03, 2022Relying on Each Other & Bad Day/Worse Day Trades, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage M...afa-debrief-may-03-2022
May 3, 2022Welcome Class 2209!MAY 3 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2209 as part of our Fli...welcome-class-2209
May 2, 2022Spirit Airlines Rejects JetBlue’s Acquisition OfferMay 2 - The airline said regulators would be skeptical of letting the companies merge as long a...spirit-airlines-rejects-jetblues-acquisition-offer
May 1, 2022Widespread low-cost airline strikes loom, says French unionMAY 1 - The industry appears to be recovering from the past two years – with tickets selling fa...widespread-low-cost-airline-strikes-loom-says-french-union
April 30, 2022Southwest Becomes One of America's Least Reliable AirlinesAPR 30 - Southwest Becomes One of America's Least Reliable Airlines--After One Bright Idea Back...southwest-becomes-one-of-americas-least-reliable-airlines
April 29, 2022B767 Crew Rest Location Exception DiscontinuedAPR 29 - We will return to our pre-pandemic Crew Rest policy on the B767-300/400 (76A/C/L/S) an...b767-crew-rest-location-exception-discontinued
April 29, 2022United’s Supply Chain Challenges in EuropeAPR 29 - Management noted that if you’re “servicing flights out of Europe, there is potential to exp...uniteds-supply-chain-challenges-in-europe
April 29, 2022International Mask Mandate ConfusionAPR 29 - Although masks are no longer required for U.S. domestic flights, there is still less c...international-mask-mandate-confusion
April 29, 2022B757 Aircraft Weight and Balance Requirements RevisedAPR 29 - As was announced in today’s InTheKnow communication, effective May 3, 2022, ...b757-aircraft-weight-and-balance-requirements-revised
April 29, 2022Boarding Pay Introduced by Delta ManagementAPR 29 - Earlier this week, Delta management announced they would begin paying their Flight Att...boarding-pay-introduced-by-delta-management
April 29, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 29, 2022Boarding Pay Introduced by Delta Management, B757 Aircraft Weight and Balance Requirements Revised...afa-debrief-april-29-2022
April 28, 2022Bernie Sanders Wants Democrats to Make Unions Their Biggest MessageAPR 28 - The moment is finally meeting the man, as national unionization efforts grow. “To turn...bernie-sanders-wants-democrats-to-make-unions-their-biggest-message
April 27, 2022United Airlines Aims To Add 50,000 Employees In 5 YearsAPR 27 - Forecasting clear skies and bumper demand, United Airlines is planning to hire 11,000 ...united-airlines-aims-to-add-50000-employees-in-5-years
April 26, 2022Facing union drive, Delta says it’ll pay flight attendants during boardingAPR 26 - “As we get closer to filing for our union vote, management is getting nervous.”  ...facing-union-drive-delta-says-itll-pay-flight-attendants-during-boarding
April 26, 2022AFA DEBRIEF : April 26, 2022Proxy Voting for UAL May 25 Shareholder Meeting, Crew Member Self Defense Training – TSA CMSDT, Spri...afa-debrief-april-26-2022
April 26, 2022FAA calls meeting with airlines to discuss flight disruptions in FloridaAPR 26 - The Federal Aviation Administration will meet with major U.S. airline staff next month...faa-calls-meeting-with-airlines-to-discuss-flight-disruptions-in-florida
April 26, 2022Central Schedule Reserve & Hotel Committee Reports Available from Our WebsiteAPR 26 - The most recently published reports from our MEC Central Schedule Committee, MEC Hotel &...central-schedule-reserve-hotel-committee-reports-available-from-our-website
April 26, 2022Review of Flight Time vs. Holding Time following a DiversionAPR 26 - Irregular operations resulting from spring and summer weather are a direct result of the im...review-of-flight-time-vs-holding-time-following-a-diversion
April 26, 2022Proxy Voting for UAL May 25 Shareholder MeetingAPR 26 - The United Airlines Holdings, Inc. "Annual Stockholder Meeting Notice & Proxy Mate...proxy-voting-for-ual-may-25-shareholder-meeting
April 26, 2022Crew Member Self Defense Training – TSA CMSDTAPR 26 - Safety is always a top priority for Flight Attendants on and off duty. Over the last t...crew-member-self-defense-training-tsa-cmsdt
April 26, 2022Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United MEC and ElectionsAPR 26 - The Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will ...spring-2022-regular-meeting-of-the-united-mec-and-elections
April 25, 2022United Kicks Off Largest Transatlantic Expansion in its HistoryAPR 25 - United Kicks Off Largest Transatlantic Expansion in its History: 30 New or Resumed Flights ...united-kicks-off-largest-transatlantic-expansion-in-its-history
April 25, 2022System Reserve Meeting Report - April 2022Lengthy Hold Times for the Crew Desk, Virtual Chat Prompts/Options, Resolving End-of-Month...system-reserve-meeting-report-april-2022
April 24, 2022Airlines Are Replacing Planes with Bus Travel on Some Short RoutesAPR 24 - Some US airlines are replacing planes with bus travel on short routes to combat a pilo...airlines-are-replacing-planes-with-bus-travel-on-some-short-routes
April 23, 2022Feds: Starbucks engaged in unfair labor practices in PhoenixAPR 23 - Federal labor officials have asked a judge to force Starbucks Corp. to reinstate three...feds-starbucks-engaged-in-unfair-labor-practices-in-phoenix
April 22, 2022Starbucks’ union battle is getting aggressive and expensiveAPR 22 - Starbucks’ union battle is getting aggressive and expensive, and Wall Street is backin...starbucks-union-battle-is-getting-aggressive-and-expensive
April 22, 2022U.S. FAA to make zero tolerance unruly passenger policy permanentAPR 22 - The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) "zero-tolerance policy" for addressing unr...us-faa-to-make-zero-tolerance-unruly-passenger-policy-permanent
April 22, 2022‘Coffee, Tea, or Me’—Airlines Sold Employees to Sell FlightsAPR 22 - Airlines, even those now seen as family-friendly, sold flights on the backs of their f...coffee-tea-or-meairlines-sold-employees-to-sell-flights
April 22, 2022Welcome Class 2208!APR 22 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2208 as part of our Fl...welcome-class-2208
April 22, 2022Pre-Boarding ClarificationAPR 22 - While we are all familiar with Contractually compliant operational recovery provisions...pre-boarding-clarification
April 22, 2022Second Trimester CBT Due April 29thAPR 22 - The deadline for the Second Trimester CQ CBT is one week away. As a reminder, the dead...second-trimester-cbt-due-april-29th
April 22, 2022Inaugural and Special Purpose FlightsAPR 22 - There is a provision in our Contract that provides management with the limited ability to a...inaugural-and-special-purpose-flights
April 22, 2022Benefits Transition for VSL-B ParticipantsAPR 22 - It is important to understand that the VSL programs are not programs that were negotia...benefits-transition-for-vsl-b-participants
April 22, 2022United Airlines readmits passengers banned over mask violationsAPR 22 - While it is no surprise to us that United planned to allow banned passengers to return...united-airlines-readmits-passengers-banned-over-mask-violations
April 22, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 22, 2022United Airlines readmits passengers banned over mask violations, Benefits Transition for VSL-B Part...afa-debrief-april-22-2022
April 21, 2022United, Alaska Airlines to lift bans on some passengers..."On a case-by-case basis we will allow some customers who were previously banned for failing to co...united-alaska-airlines-to-lift-bans-on-some-passengers
April 21, 2022For Airlines, the Mask Mandate Couldn’t End Soon EnoughUnions representing flight attendants and pilots have called on federal agencies to do more to pena...for-airlines-the-mask-mandate-couldnt-end-soon-enough
April 21, 2022United forecasts a 2022 profit as passengers return and pay more to flyUnited Airlines expects to turn a profit in 2022 for the first time since before the pandemic ...united-forecasts-a-2022-profit-as-passengers-return-and-pay-more-to-fly
April 19, 2022United Informs Employees Our Airline Is No Longer Enforcing Federal Mask MandateAPR 19 - All of us were caught off guard by yesterday afternoon’s announcement vacating the fed...united-informs-employees-our-airline-no-longer-enforcing-federal-mask-mandate
April 19, 2022Calculating Maximum Duty DayAPR 19 - Often a topic of confusion is determining our actual maximum duty day and the time at ...calculating-maximum-duty-day-aka-when-do-i-go-illegal
April 19, 2022Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA)APR 19 - Whether you are commuting for work or on leisure travel, knowing how to determine the ...cabin-jumpseat-authority-cja
April 19, 2022Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) on Weight Restricted FlightsAPR 19 - Section 3.A. in our Contract ensures that Flight Attendants following established proc...cabin-jumpseat-authority-cja-on-weight-restricted-flights
April 19, 2022Weight and Balance on the B-757APR 19 - As we reported earlier this year and in accordance with a Federal Aviation Administrat...weight-and-balance-on-the-b-757
April 19, 2022Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) Listing and Award ProceduresAPR 19 - While the use of Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) is provided for under our Contract, it...cabin-jumpseat-authority-cja-listing-and-award-procedures
April 19, 2022Welcome Class 2207 New Hire Flight Attendants!APR 19 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2207 as part of our Fl...welcome-class-2207-new-hire-flight-attendants
April 19, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 19, 2022United Informs Employees Our Airline No Longer Enforcing Federal Mask Mandate, Calculating Maximum D...afa-debrief-april-19-2022
April 18, 2022Will Wall Street’s ‘Capacity Discipline’ Enforcers Jump Back In...?APR 18 - Will Wall Street’s ‘Capacity Discipline’ Enforcers Jump Back In As Airlines Report Ear...will-wall-streets-capacity-discipline-enforcers-jump-back-in
April 18, 2022Airlines and travelers buckle up for a wildly busy summer of travelAPR 18 - Today marks the unofficial beginning of the summer travel season.   It’s going to...airlines-and-travelers-buckle-up-for-a-wildly-busy-summer-of-travel
April 18, 2022Flight Attendants Urge Calm and Patience While We Wait for Further InstructionsAPR 18 - We encourage travelers to check the latest updates from airlines for specific travel r...flight-attendants-urge-calm-and-patience-while-we-wait-for-further-instructions
April 18, 2022United Informs Employees Our Airline No Longer Enforcing Federal Mask MandateAPR 18 - Late this afternoon United published that our airline will no longer be enfo...united-informs-employees-our-airline-no-longer-enforcing-federal-mask-mandate
April 17, 2022Delta pilots picket at Sea-Tac Airport over schedules causing 'fatiguing trips'APR 17 - ALPA said pilots will protest Delta management's scheduling practices that have caused...delta-pilots-picket-at-sea-tac-airport-over-schedules-causing-fatiguing-trips
April 17, 2022United Airlines’ Uninspiring ‘Next’ Plan Ignores Important RealitiesAPR 17 - The plan United really needs would include “rebuild relationships with all of our empl...united-airlines-uninspiring-next-plan-ignores-important-realities
April 16, 2022American Airlines just showed the door to customers who aren't richAPR 16 - You want to know how airlines are thinking about the world these days? Please come thi...american-airlines-just-showed-the-door-to-customers-who-arent-rich
April 15, 2022June 2022 Transfer Awards – Accept or DeclineAPR 15 - Recently, the company has awarded 509 Flight Attendant transfers.june-2022-transfer-awards-accept-or-decline
April 15, 2022Spring Weather and our Contractual Commuter ProgramAPR 15 - When commuting to work becomes difficult or impossible, the Commuter Program in our Co...spring-weather-and-our-contractual-commuter-program
April 15, 2022Flight Attendants Secure AFA-CWA Union Representation at Avelo AirlinesAPR 15 - Avelo Flight Attendants sent a message to their management and anyone thinking of star...flight-attendants-secure-afa-cwa-union-representation-at-avelo-airlines
April 15, 2022May Bid Month Reserve Timeline ReviewAPR 15 - For your convenience, we have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline detailin...may-bid-month-reserve-timeline-review
April 15, 2022Variable Staffing Position(s) & OverstaffingAPR 15 - Recently, a number of Flight Attendants have asked questions about how to assign jumps...variable-staffing-positions-overstaffing
April 15, 2022Spring- The Season of RenewalAPR 15 - On behalf of the United Master Executive Council and our many Union volunteers, we wis...spring-the-season-of-renewal
April 15, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 15, 2022Spring - The Season on Renewal, Variable Staffing Position(s) & Overstaffing, May Bid Month R...afa-debrief-april-15-2022
April 15, 2022The Amazon Union Exposes the Emptiness of ‘Woke Capital’APR 15 - It’s ordinary laborers who have the best opportunity to improve society.the-amazon-union-exposes-the-emptiness-of-woke-capital
April 15, 2022Can Wall Street and labor unions learn to get along?APR 15 - A tightening labor market has emphasized the importance of low attrition rates and hig...can-wall-street-and-labor-unions-learn-to-get-along
April 14, 2022Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like "Union"...APR 14 - LEAKED: NEW AMAZON WORKER CHAT APP WOULD BAN WORDS LIKE “UNION,” “RESTROOMS,” “PAY RAISE,” ...amazon-worker-chat-app-would-ban-words-like-union
April 14, 2022AA pilots’ union sues carrier over request to help with training on days offAPR 14 - American asked line pilots to come in on their days off to participate with simulator ...aa-pilots-union-sues-carrier-over-request-to-help-with-training-on-days-off
April 14, 2022JetBlue Offers Flight Attendants $1K Attendance Bonus for Spring SplurgeAPR 14 - Full-time flight attendants who don’t call out from April 8 through May 31 are eligibl...jetblue-offers-flight-attendants-1k-attendance-bonus-for-spring-splurge
April 14, 2022Flight Attendants Settle Discrimination Lawsuit Against Frontier AirlinesAPR 14 - Denver-based Frontier agreed to keep or change several policies to address the needs o...flight-attendants-settle-discrimination-lawsuit-against-frontier-airlines
April 13, 2022Southwest Airlines pilots report sharp rise in fatigueAPR 13 - The union representing the pilots of Southwest Airlines sent a letter to the airline c...southwest-airlines-pilots-report-sharp-rise-in-fatigue
April 13, 2022CDC Extends Travel Mask Requirement to May 3 as COVID RisesAPR 13 - The Biden administration announced Wednesday that it is extending the nationwide mask ...cdc-extends-travel-mask-requirement-to-may-3-as-covid-rises
April 13, 2022Flight Attendants Secure AFA-CWA Union Representation at Avelo AirlinesAPRIL 13 - Washington, DC (April 13, 2022) —Today, six months after Avelo Flight Attendants filed fo...flight-attendants-secure-afa-cwa-union-representation-at-avelo-airlin
April 12, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 12, 2022Second Trimester CQ 2022 CBT Due by April 29, Welcome Class 2205 and 2206 New Hire Flight Attendants...afa-debrief-april-12-2022
April 12, 2022Joe Beirne Scholarship ProgramAPRIL 12 - The CWA Joe Beirne Foundation was established in October 1974 by the Communications Worke...joe-beirne-scholarship-program
April 12, 2022AFA Voluntary Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment Closes April 15!APRIL 12 - As we have done in past years, we offer enhanced supplemental benefit plans to all Unite...afa-voluntary-supplemental-benefits-open-enrollment-closes-april-15
April 12, 2022Welcome Class 2205 and 2206 New Hire Flight Attendants!APRIL 12 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2205 and 2206 as part of ...welcome-class-2205-and-2206-new-hire-flight-attendants
April 12, 2022Second Trimester CQ 2022 CBT Due by April 29APRIL 12 - The second trimester CBT must be completed by April 29, 2022 by 2359 CT. It is estim...second-trimester-cq-2022-cbt-due-by-april-29
April 12, 2022Retirement Planning – It’s never too early to start!APRIL 12 - Your 401(k) Savings Plan contributions may help reduce your tax liability and keep more ...retirement-planning-its-never-too-early-to-start
April 11, 2022United Airlines Made A Huge Announcement That'll Drive Customers CrazyAPR 11 - One of the most dangerous tropes in business is the big promise. It tends to bump up a...united-airlines-made-a-huge-announcement-thatll-drive-customers-crazy
April 11, 2022In Europe, airlines are operating 500 'ghost' flights a month...APR 11 - In Europe, airlines are operating 500 'ghost' flights a month to keep their airport la...in-europe-airlines-are-operating-500-ghost-flights-a-month
April 11, 2022EU261: Europe Flight Delay Compensation ExplainedAPR 11 - Regulation 261/2004 (commonly referred to as EU261) is the European Union’s offic...eu261-europe-flight-delay-compensation-explained
April 11, 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF ReportMEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF Reportmec-central-schedule-committee-swlof-report
April 10, 2022Airlines cut flights, add staff in preparation of busy summer travel seasonAPR 10 - Airlines are adding staff and cutting flights in an effort to avoid upheaval as both c...airlines-cut-flights-add-staff-in-preparation-of-busy-summer-travel-season
April 10, 2022Southwest Airlines had a great new idea for customers (then it ruined things)APR 10 - Recently, however, the airline has admitted to its own tortured feelings. And failings...southwest-airlines-had-a-great-new-idea-for-customers-then-it-ruined-things
April 10, 2022Employees with Spirit Airlines protest at Orlando International AirportAPR 10 - Protest comes after multiple flight cancellations across the country.employees-with-spirit-airlines-protest-at-orlando-international-airport
April 9, 2022United pushes back the return of dozens of Boeing 777 jets until at least May 13APR 9 - United Airlines doesn’t expect to fly dozens of Boeing 777 jets, grounded more than a y...united-pushes-back-the-return-of-dozens-of-boeing-777-jets-until-at-least-may-13
April 8, 2022Flight Attendants Cheer Introduction of Protection from Abusive Passengers ActAPR 8 - Violent offenders convicted of assaulting flight crew could be placed on a commercial n...flight-attendants-cheer-introduction-of-protection-from-abusive-passengers-act
April 8, 2022Day at a Time VacationAPR 8 - Section 12.J. provides Flight Attendants with the opportunity to use Day at a Time (DAT...day-at-a-time-vacation
April 8, 2022Reserve – It’s a Way of LifeAPR 8 - Regardless of how you look at it, Reserve is undeniably a way of life that requires signific...reserve-its-a-way-of-life
April 8, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 08, 2022Reserve – It’s a Way of Life, Day at a Time Vacation, Flight Attendants Cheer Introduction of Protec...afa-debrief-april-08-2022
April 8, 2022The Last Major Airline Deal?APR 8 - The potential takeover of Spirit Airlines will test the way that trustbusters review de...the-last-major-airline-deal
April 8, 2022Bidding War for Spirit Could Undercut Power of Four Big AirlinesAPR 8 - The rival bids for Spirit from Frontier and JetBlue could create an airline that presen...bidding-war-for-spirit-could-undercut-power-of-four-big-airlines
April 7, 2022Airlines cancel hundreds of flights due to COVID-19 after dropping mask rulesOverseas airlines are having to cancel hundreds of flights as they grapple with coronavirus-rel...airlines-cancel-hundreds-of-flights-due-to-covid-19-after-dropping-mask-rules
April 7, 2022American Airlines Flight Attendants Left Sleeping At The Airport...This past weekend American’s operation melted down, along with other airlines including Southwes...american-airlines-flight-attendants-left-sleeping-at-the-airport
April 7, 2022Big changes are coming to your 401(k). Here's what you need to knowAPR 7 - A new bill could require most employer-sponsored retirement plans to enroll their workers a...big-changes-are-coming-to-your-401k-heres-what-you-need-to-know
April 7, 2022US labor board moves to block Amazon’s favorite anti-union tacticAPR 7 - Sometimes called “captive audience” meetings, mandatory meetings are often used by comp...us-labor-board-moves-to-block-amazons-favorite-anti-union-tactic
April 6, 2022Leaked Documents: Amazon to Ban "Slave," "Living Wage," and "Unfair"APR 6 - Leaked Documents: Amazon to Ban "Slave," "Living Wage," and "Unfair" from Employee Chat...leaked-documents-amazon-to-ban-slave-living-wage-and-unfair
April 6, 2022Happy Birthday: United Airlines Celebrates 96 Years In The SkiesAPR 6 - United Airlines turned 96 on Wednesday, with the airline tracing its origins back to a ...happy-birthday-united-airlines-celebrates-96-years-in-the-skies
April 6, 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - May 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Reportmec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-may-2022
April 5, 2022German airline unveils candy-striped aircraftAPRIL 5 - Most airplane exteriors look more or less the same -- white backdrop, bold lettering,...german-airline-unveils-candy-striped-aircraft
April 5, 2022Spring Break Travel Mess: Airlines Cancel, Delay 12,000 Weekend FlightsAPRIL 5 - Airlines canceled and delayed more than 10,000 Saturday and Sunday flights because of...spring-break-travel-mss-airlines-cancel-delay-12000-weekend-flights
April 5, 2022Voluntary Benefits CommunicationAPRIL 5 - Each year, working with our two brokers, National Group Protection and ...voluntary-benefits-communication
April 5, 2022Use the Traffic Light System to Monitor Alcoholic Beverage ConsumptionAPRIL 5 - A recent Inflight Services Communication was published reminding us to use the traffic lig...use-the-traffic-light-system-to-monitor-alcoholic-beverage-consumption
April 5, 2022Flight Attendant Fatigue Program - It has been one year of progress!APRIL 5 - Last April, in collaboration with Inflight Safety, we made improvements to the F...flight-attendant-fatigue-program-it-has-been-one-year-of-progress
April 5, 2022“Tips” on Self-Service Tool for Deadhead DeviationAPRIL 5 -We apologize, this article is currently unavailable while we review the material to ensure ...tips-on-self-service-tool-for-deadhead-deviation
April 5, 2022May 2022 Special COLAAPRIL 5 - Inflight Scheduling has determined that there may be an opportunity to award one-mont...may-2022-special-cola
April 5, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 05, 2022Voluntary Benefits Communication, Flight Attendant Fatigue Program - It has been one year of progres...debrief-april-05-2022
April 4, 2022Labor shortages may wreak havoc on your summer vacationAPR 4 - Hotels, restaurants and airlines are all struggling to meet the pent-up demand.labor-shortages-may-wreak-havoc-on-your-summer-vacation
April 3, 2022Airport workers ramp up pressure for a living wage and union rightsAPR 3 - From baggage handlers to wheelchair attendants, jobs – often outsourced – offer low pay...airport-workers-ramp-up-pressure-for-a-living-wage-and-union-rights
April 2, 20224 Pillars That Will Make United “The Biggest and the Best AirlineAPR 2 - FOUR PILLARS THAT WILL MAKE UNITED AIRLINES “THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST AIRLINE IN THE HI...4-pillars-that-will-make-united-the-biggest-and-the-best-airline
April 1, 2022Welcome Class 2203 and 2204 New Hire Flight Attendants!APR 1 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2203 and 2204 as part o...welcome-class-2203-and-2204-new-hire-flight-attendants
April 1, 2022“Hop Over” to Union Plus for Your Easter SuppliesAPR 1 - Looking for union-made treats to fill your Easter basket and holiday dinner table? The ...hop-over-to-union-plus-for-your-easter-supplies
April 1, 2022System Board Decision MEC 5-18 – United Premium Plus (UPP) SeatingAPR 1 - MEC 5-18 was filed when, after the company introduced a premium economy product, they f...system-board-decision-mec-5-18-united-premium-plus-upp-seating
April 1, 2022Scholarship & Free College Enrollment DeadlinesAPR 1 - Our AFA-CWA membership provides opportunities for at least three different scholarships...scholarship-free-college-enrollment-deadlines
April 1, 2022Local Council Meetings Prior to Spring 2022 Regular MEC MeetingAPR 1 - In the coming weeks, Local Council leaders across the system will be conducting Local C...local-council-meetings-prior-to-spring-2022-regular-mec-meeting
April 1, 2022Maternity, Parental & Adoption LeaveAPR 1 - United Flight Attendants who may be expecting or planning to have a child naturally or ...maternity-parental-adoption-leave
April 1, 2022Second Trimester 2022 CBT Completion DeadlineAPR 1 - The Second Trimester 2022 CBT must be completed by 2359 Central Time on April 29, 2022.second-trimester-2022-cbt-completion-deadline
April 1, 2022Easy Chat – A Support ToolAPR 1 - By using this tool, the goal is to help streamline information between the working crew...easy-chat-a-support-tool
April 1, 2022SEIU Rally for Aviation Workers a SuccessAPR 1 - This past week, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) hosted a nationwide day of...seiu-rally-for-aviation-workers-a-success
April 1, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: April 01, 2022SEIU Rally for Aviation Workers a Success, Easy Chat – A Support Tool, Second Trimester 2022&n...afa-debrief-april-01-2022
March 31, 2022United details Airbus A321neo delivery schedule, route strategyMAR 31 - The Chicago-based carrier announced firm orders with Boeing for 50 737 Max 8 aircraft ...united-details-airbus-a321neo-delivery-schedule-route-strategy
March 31, 2022Amazon workers at New York warehouse vote to form company's first US unionMAR 31 - Amazon warehouse workers at a facility in New York City have voted to form the first U...amazon-workers-at-new-york-warehouse-vote-to-form-companys-first-us-union
March 31, 2022United Airlines Invests $5 Million in Startup to Study Greener Jet FuelMAR 31 - This is the eighth investment for United’s venture capital fund, including two other s...united-airlines-invests-5-million-in-startup-to-study-greener-jet-fuel
March 30, 2022Gone in 90 seconds: The evolution of the airplane evacuation slideMAR 30 - For most travelers, it's part of the pre-flight ritual that often fades into the background...gone-in-90-seconds-the-evolution-of-the-airplane-evacuation-slide
March 30, 2022United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - March 2022United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - March 2022ual-mec-hotel-transportation-report-march-2022
March 29, 2022Debrief: March 29, 2022May One Month Special COLAs Available, Transfers Effective for May 2022, Questions on Narrow-body Wo...debrief-march-29-2022
March 29, 2022May One Month Special COLAs AvailableMAR 29 - Inflight Scheduling has determined that there may be opportunities to award one-month Speci...may-one-month-special-colas-available
March 29, 2022Transfers Effective for May 2022MAR 29 - The company has awarded transfers effective 05/02/2022. transfers-effective-for-may-2022
March 29, 2022Questions on Narrow-body Work PositionsMAR 29 - Much to our surprise, our recent (March 25, 2022) article describing the requirement for Pu...questions-on-narrow-body-work-positions
March 29, 2022"When Substance Abuse is Not Just Using: A Discussion on Dual-Diagnosis"MAR 29 - Open to all Flight Attendants, Flight Attendant Leadership and Airline Management.&nbs...when-substance-abuse-is-not-just-using-a-discussion-on-dual-diagnosis
March 29, 2022What's Happening at Austin's Airport?MAR 29 - Abandoned rental cars snaked down the road outside Austin-Bergstrom International Airp...whats-happening-at-austins-airport
March 29, 2022AFA Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment Period ContinuesMAR 29 - It is that time of year when open enrollment for AFA voluntary supplemental benefits a...afa-voluntary-benefits-open-enrollment-period-continues
March 29, 2022Alaska Airlines is Creating Gender-Neutral Uniforms for Flight AttendantsMAR 29 - Alaska is creating a new gender-neutral uniform kit for flight attendants and airport ...alaska-airlines-is-creating-gender-neutral-uniforms-for-flight-attendants
March 29, 2022SEIU - Rally for Aviation WorkersMAR 29 - SEIU is hosting a nationwide day of action at airports on Wednesday, March 30.rally-for-aviation-workers
March 28, 2022United Airlines Unvaccinated Employees Welcomed Back to WorkMAR 28 -  More than 2,000 United Airlines employees who received religious or medical exem...united-airlines-unvaccinated-employees-welcomed-back-to-work
March 28, 2022Airlines want to drop mask and Covid-19 test rules what do doctors say about it?MAR 28 - Mask mandates in the United States are speeding toward what could be their f...airlines-want-to-drop-mask-and-covid-19-test-rules-what-do-doctors-say-about-it
March 25, 2022Update Your Emergency Contacts in Company RecordsMAR 25 - Please take a few minutes to review your emergency contact information on file with th...update-your-emergency-contacts-in-company-records
March 25, 2022Using Flexible Spending Account (FSA & DCFSA) for Plan Year 2021MAR 25 - The company has agreed to provide a grace period of up to 12 months following the end ...using-flexible-spending-account-fsa-dcfsa-for-plan-year-2021
March 25, 2022CQ Training Scheduling ReminderMAR 25 - Flight Attendants awarded schedules as lineholders are responsible to self-schedule CQ...cq-training-scheduling-reminder
March 25, 2022CBD Oil WarningMAR 25 - It should be clear. Simply because there is an Employee Discount with a particular ven...cbd-oil-warning
March 25, 2022Crew Member Verification and Ensuring FAA Minimums are met before BoardingMAR 25 - Under the established procedure, prior to boarding a flight, the CSR has the responsib...crew-member-verification-and-ensuring-faa-minimums-are-met-before-boarding
March 25, 2022Narrow-body Purser Requirement to Assist in EconomyMAR 25 - When we fly a pairing, we are part of a crew. Aside from the requirements to assist ea...narrow-body-purser-requirement-to-assist-in-economy
March 25, 2022AFA DEBRIEF: March 25, 2022Narrow body Purser Requirement to Assist in Economy, CCS Automated Sick Leave Update, Crew Member...afa-debrief-march-25-2022
March 24, 2022Southwest is about to add a fare category with more perksMAR 24 - Wanna Get Away Plus will be the low-cost carrier’s version of economy plussouthwest-is-about-to-add-a-fare-category-with-more-perks
March 24, 2022Alaska Goes All-In on Boeing, Accelerating Plans to Retire A320 AircraftMAR 24 - Alaska Airlines said Thursday that it was accelerating its plans to simplify its ...alaska-goes-all-in-on-boeing-accelerating-plans-to-retire-a320-aircraft
March 24, 2022Southwest bans man charged in alleged attack on Atlanta gate agentMAR 24 - Courney Drummond, 44, was arrested on charges of battery, simple battery and obstructi...southwest-bans-man-charged-in-alleged-attack-on-atlanta-gate-agent
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