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October 19, 2018E-Lines: October 19, 2018Self-Adjustments Begin October 20th at 0600 Central Time,Reserve Contact Following Legal Rest,Vacati...e-lines-october-19-2018
October 19, 20182019 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment ReminderFlight Attendants are reminded to make their annual Benefit selections by October 26, 2018. Det...2019-annual-benefits-open-enrollment-reminder
October 19, 2018Reserves Trading Assigned PairingsAfter being assigned a pairing, a Reserve may trade with another Flight Attendant (Reserve or Lineho...reserves-trading-assigned-pairings
October 19, 2018Trading Reserve Days OffA Reserve may only trade a day off with another Reserve in her/his base, or, when applicable, the su...trading-reserve-days-off
October 19, 2018Jetway Trade ProcessA Flight Attendant may drop the last segment of a pairing to another Flight Attendant by calling sch...jetway-trade-process
October 19, 2018Thanksgiving is a U.S. & GUM Contractual Paid HolidayOur Contract stipulates that Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown o...thanksgiving-is-a-us-gum-contractual-paid-holiday
October 19, 2018JCBA Pay-Related Implementation UpdateIn an ongoing effort to provide you with as much information as possible, representatives of the Joi...jcba-pay-related-implementation-update
October 19, 2018Unimatic to CCS TranslationTo assist United Flight Attendants who may be more familiar with the functionality of Unimatic in th...unimatic-to-ccs-translation
October 19, 2018CCS User GuideA Crew Communication System (CCS) Guide has been published to assist in understanding how to us...ccs-user-guide
October 19, 2018Self-Adjustment ProceduresIt is important to understand that our Contract, Section 7.E.1., provides Flight Attendants with a m...self-adjustment-procedures
October 19, 2018End of Month (EOM) Adjustment Process Begins October 20, 2018Although previously communicated Flight Attendants are reminded that after your line award is posted...end-of-month-eom-adjustment-process-begins-october-20-2018
October 19, 2018Vacation Relief Lines (VRL) Bidding Opens, Saturday, October 20, 2018Vacation Relief Line (VRL) bidding opens Saturday, October 20th and closes on Sunday, October 22, 20...vacation-relief-lines-vrl-bidding-opens-saturday-october-20-2018
October 19, 2018Reserve Contact Following Legal RestDuring the last few weeks, Crew Scheduling personnel have been advising Flight Attendants on Reserve...reserve-contact-following-legal-rest
October 19, 2018Self-Adjustments Begin on the 20th at 0600 Central TimeAs a reminder, Appendix A - Scheduling Timeline Chronology of the JCBA (page #86), states that Self-...self-adjustments-begin-on-the-20th-at-0600-central-time
October 17, 20182018 Midterm Elections Commit to Vote!The 2018 midterm elections are scheduled for the first Tuesday in November.  This year, it...2018-midterm-elections-commit-to-vote
October 17, 2018Pay Education MaterialsThe Pay education materials highlight the key pay elements for both Lineholders and Reserves and inc...pay-education-materials
October 17, 2018To Submit an Allstate Benefits Claim or View CoverageThere have been a number of questions on how to submit a Claim or view Certificate of...to-submit-an-allstate-benefits-claim-or-view-coverage
October 17, 2018Benefits Open Enrollment – Changes to Long Term Disability (LTD) AdministratorThis year, our contractual Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance carrier will change. These bene...benefits-open-enrollment-changes-to-long-term-disability-ltd-administrator
October 17, 2018Benefits Open Enrollment Make Your Selections by October 26, 2018Details of this year’s benefit options can be accessed through Your Benefits Resource (YBR) which is...benefits-open-enrollment-make-your-selections-by-october-26-2018
October 17, 20182019 Vacation AllocationsThe Vacation Elections period closed yesterday, October 15, 2018 consistent with the Vacation Timeli...2019-vacation-allocations
October 17, 2018Important Reminders for the November Bid PeriodIn preparation for the November 2018 bid period, below are a few important reminders.Printed bid pac...important-reminders-for-the-november-bid-period
October 17, 2018Improvements to the CCS Primary Line Bidding ScreenBased on your feedback, we are making many improvements to the CCS Primary Line Bidding screen effec...improvements-to-the-ccs-primary-line-bidding-screen
October 17, 2018Primary Schedule Bid for November Close Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17, 2018November 2018 primary schedule bid began on October 12, 0800 HDT and Flight Attendants are reminded ...primary-schedule-bid-for-november-close-tomorrow-wednesday-october-17-2018
October 17, 2018Breast Cancer Awareness –Wear Pink during the Month of October!Every October, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of prevention, all United Airlines ...breast-cancer-awareness-wear-pink-during-the-month-of-october
October 17, 2018United Airlines (UAL) Today Announced Third Quarter 2018 Financial ResultsOn October 16, 2018 the company announced its third-quarter 2018 financial results, reporting third ...united-airlines-ual-today-announced-third-quarter-2018-financial-results
October 17, 2018Transition Pairing Pay and CreditTransition pairings which started in September and ended in October were built to minimize the numbe...transition-pairing-pay-and-credit
October 17, 2018MEC 6-18 FiledThis week, MEC 6-18 was filed based on the company’s delay in awarding the October 2018 lines of fly...mec-6-18-filed
October 16, 2018E-Lines: October 16, 2018MEC 6-18 Filed Transition Pairing Pay and Credit,United Airlines (UAL) Today Announced Third Qu...e-lines-october-16-2018
October 15, 2018Known Crew Member Access DownOn Monday, October 15 at 0930 CT, AFA has learned that access via Known Crew Member will be unavaila...known-crew-member-access-down
October 13, 201810 Hours Rest is the LawOn October 5, 2018, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 became law. The Secretary of the Department ...10-hours-rest-is-the-law
October 13, 2018Updating Information Related to your FAA Airman Certification CardFlight Attendants can obtain information on how to update the personal information associated with t...updating-information-related-to-your-faa-airman-certification-card
October 13, 2018Keeping Up with the Safety ChangesWith the full implementation of a common scheduling platform, we continue to see efforts by Inf...keeping-up-with-the-safety-changes
October 13, 2018November International Bid Position Matrix UpdatesFlight Attendants should be alerted to recent changes the company has made to the November Internati...november-international-bid-position-matrix-updates
October 13, 2018BidPlus Tool CCS Compatible for November BidsLast month in an effort to assist Flight Attendants in the transition to the new bidding environment...bidplus-tool-ccs-compatible-for-november-bids
October 13, 2018November Bid Packages – Single Duty Period Pairing DisplayWe learned late yesterday of a change to the manner in which one day (turns) are displayed in the li...november-bid-packages-single-duty-period-pairing-display
October 13, 2018Bidding for your November ScheduleEffective today, Flight Attendants may submit bid for their November 2018 schedule in CCS. The Prima...bidding-for-your-november-schedule
October 13, 2018Bad Day Worse Day Trades - Instant Trading and Pick-UpsMuch confusion still remains over the process’ of the “Bad Day – Worse Day” trading provision of our...bad-day-worse-day-trades-instant-trading-and-pick-ups
October 13, 2018Fall Regular Scheduled MEC Meeting ConcludesThe Fall 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) concluded on October 11, ...fall-regular-scheduled-mec-meeting-concludes
October 13, 2018Open Enrollment for our 2019 BenefitsDetails of this year’s benefit options can be accessed through Your Benefits Resource (YBR) which is...open-enrollment-for-our-2019-benefits
October 13, 20182019 Vacation Team Contact Information UpdateAfter the 2019 Vacation Bidding guide was published, there were some changes to the access options. ...2019-vacation-team-contact-information-update
October 13, 2018Correction: Vacation 401(k) deferrals & Vacation Buy BackWe need to correct information previously published following the initial opening of the Vacation El...correction-vacation-401k-deferrals-vacation-buy-back
October 13, 2018Vacation Election Process Make Your Selections by Monday, October 15Flight Attendants can make their vacation election selections now through Monday, October 15, 2018, ...vacation-election-process-make-your-selections-by-monday-october-15
October 13, 2018AFA Resources for Hurricane MichaelThe devastation left by Hurricane Michael in several states is still coming into focus, with coastal...afa-resources-for-hurricane-michael
October 13, 2018Ready Reserve Availability Following the 1930 HDT Assignment ProcessWe have received questions from Flight Attendants regarding the obligation of a Reserve to be teleph...ready-reserve-availability-following-the-1930-hdt-assignment-process
October 13, 2018Bad Day, Worse Day TradesPrior to submitting a “Bad Day – Worse Day” trade Flight Attendants are encouraged to become familia...bad-day-worse-day-trades
October 12, 2018E-Lines: October 12, 2018Ready Reserve Availability Following the 1930 HDT Assignment Process,AFA Resources for Hurricane Mic...e-lines-october-12-2018
October 11, 2018Make a Plan to Vote in the Midterm ElectionsThe November 6, 2018 midterm election will determine what we can achieve for working families and fo...make-a-plan-to-vote-in-the-midterm-elections
October 10, 20182018 Midterm Elections Commit to Vote!The 2018 midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  All 435 seats in ...2018-midterm-elections-commit-to-vote
October 10, 2018Reserve Preferencing vs. Ready Reserve PreferencingOver the course of the past week, we have received questions from Flight Attendants requesting i...reserve-preferencing-vs-ready-reserve-preferencing
October 10, 2018Senior Opting by a Line HolderWe’ve received a number of questions about the circumstances under which a Reserve can be senior o...senior-opting-by-a-line-holder
October 10, 2018Continuous Overnight Duty (Stand up All-night Flying)As we are all aware, pairings involving continuous overnight duty, sometimes referred to as “stand...continuous-overnight-duty-stand-up-all-night-flying
October 10, 2018Monthly Bidding Timeline – November 2018Beginning October 12, 0800 HDT through October 17 0800 HDT, November 2018 schedule bidding will take...monthly-bidding-timeline-november-2018
October 10, 2018Vacation Election Process Make Your Selections by Monday October 15Flight Attendants can make their vacation election selections now through Monday, October 15, 2018...vacation-election-process-make-your-selections-by-monday-october-15
October 10, 20182019 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment October 8 - October 26Enrollment for our 2019 Benefits is not open and will run through October 26, 2018. Details ...2019-annual-benefits-open-enrollment-october-8-october-26
October 10, 2018Galley PayFlight Attendants now bid for and are awarded positions in advance, it is no longer necessary for ...galley-pay
October 10, 2018Master Schedule GuidePrinted copies will be available for pick up in your base in the coming weeks. Pre-merger UA Unimat...master-schedule-guide
October 10, 2018Day One – Fall 2018 Regular Meeting of the United MECThe Fall Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) began in Chicago today. If you are i...day-one-fall-2018-regular-meeting-of-the-united-mec
October 10, 2018Problems Reaching Crew Scheduling?We continue to receive reports from Flight Attendants of problems contacting Crew Scheduling through...problems-reaching-crew-scheduling
October 10, 2018Clarifying the Union’s Position on Personal DropsIn last Friday’s E-lines, we reported on the Personal Drops and how the company was handling reque...clarifying-the-unions-position-on-personal-drops
October 9, 2018E-Lines: October 10, 2018Clarifying the Union’s Position on Personal Drops, Problems Reaching Crew Scheduling?, Day O...e-lines-october-10-2018
October 6, 2018Congress Passes 10 Hours Rest, FAA Reauthorization BillWE DID IT!   This is our accomplishment of which we should all be proud!On Wednesday,...congress-passes-10-hours-rest-faa-reauthorization-bill
October 6, 20182018 Midterm Elections Commit to Vote!The 2018 midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  All 435 seats in th...2018-midterm-elections-commit-to-vote
October 6, 2018Master List of Codes Now Available, Including Standby Reserve CodesThe Master List of Codes is now available and includes a comprehensive view of all CCS codes seen in...master-list-of-codes-now-available-including-standby-reserve-codes
October 6, 2018A Review of the EBB Trip Advertisement FeaturesFlight Attendants recently reported confusion when placing trip advertisements for a straight pick-u...a-review-of-the-ebb-trip-advertisement-features
October 6, 2018How to Request a Personal and Partial DropFlight Attendants may request to drop their scheduled pairing the day before the trip by submitting ...how-to-request-a-personal-and-partial-drop
October 6, 2018Safety Checks & Doors – Stop, Drop & ReviewCommon Metal has arrived, and with it, many new distractions and challenges. Regardless of our pre-m...safety-checks-doors-stop-drop-review
October 6, 2018Vacation Election Process Make Your Selections by October 15The Vacation Election Process opened September 25, 2018, 0800(HDT). Flight Attendants can make their...vacation-election-process-make-your-selections-by-october-15
October 6, 20182019 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Opens Monday, October 8 - October 26Open Enrollment for our 2019 Benefits will begin October 8 and run through October 26, 2018.Det...2019-annual-benefits-open-enrollment-opens-monday-october-8-october-26
October 6, 2018United MEC Fall Regular Meeting – October 9 - 11, 2018Our Fall 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) is scheduled to take plac...united-mec-fall-regular-meeting-october-9-11-2018
October 6, 2018Keep it Professional – Union First!When issues are taken to management to report a flying partner or another employee, the consequences...keep-it-professional-union-first
October 6, 2018October Work Position Matrix Removed from Company Website in ErrorFor a brief period of time, as a result of an unintended error, the October work position matrix wa...october-work-position-matrix-removed-from-company-website-in-error
October 5, 2018E-Lines: October 05, 2018Keep it Professional – Union First!,United MEC Fall Regular Meeting – October 9 - 11-2018,Benefits E...e-lines-october-05-2018
October 3, 2018Vacation Election Process - Make Your Elections by October 15The Vacation Election Process opened September 25, 2018. Flight Attendants can make their selections...vacation-election-process-make-your-elections-by-october-15
October 3, 2018Clarifying White and Purple Flag Designated DaysManagement has recently announced white and purple flag days in several designated bases, sparking F...clarifying-white-and-purple-flag-designated-days
October 3, 2018Ready Reserve or Release (Section 8.E.1-2.)Reserve Flight Attendants who are not assigned within the Reserve Preferencing system or during the ...ready-reserve-or-release-section-8e1-2
October 3, 2018Reserve Assignments with Report Times between 0001 and 0459Reserve Preferencing runs each night and assigns trips for the next day with report times between 05...reserve-assignments-with-report-times-between-0001-and-0459
October 3, 2018Reserve AcknowledgementsAssignments for Reserves will be made available by an automated communication system accessible no l...reserve-acknowledgements
October 3, 2018Reserve Move-up Lines & Sacred DaysThe Company may begin building Reserve Move-Up Lines on the first day of the new bid month from pair...reserve-move-up-lines-sacred-days
October 3, 2018Update Contact Information in CCSFlight Attendant telephone numbers are now available in CCS under the “My Info” area associated with...update-contact-information-in-ccs
October 3, 2018National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThe month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To date, breast cancer remains the m...national-breast-cancer-awareness-month
October 3, 2018JCBA Implementation Update WebsiteIn our ongoing effort to provide you with information to assist you in understanding each step of th...jcba-implementation-update-website
October 3, 2018Congress Passes 10 Hours Rest, FAA Reauthorization BillWE DID IT! Today, the Senate voted bipartisan and overwhelmingly to pass the FAA Reauthorization Act...congress-passes-10-hours-rest-faa-reauthorization-bill
October 2, 2018E-Lines: October 02, 2018JCBA Implementation Update Website,National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!,Update Contact Informatio...e-lines-october-02-2018
October 2, 20182018 Midterm Elections Commit to Vote!The 2018 midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  All 435 seats in th...2018-midterm-elections-commit-to-vote
October 2, 2018Reminder - All Flight Attendants Call 1-800-FLT-LINEAll Flight Attendants now call 1-800-FLT-LINE (1-800-358-5463) to reach important company resources....reminder-all-flight-attendants-call-1-800-flt-line
October 2, 2018Sick Leave Clarification for pmCO/pmCMI Flight AttendantsPre-merger CAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants should be aware of a significant change effective October...sick-leave-clarification-for-pmcopmcmi-flight-attendants
October 2, 2018Accessing Prior Period PDF Versions of Pay StatementsPrior to October 1, 2018, pmUA Flight Attendants will access prior period Monthly Statemen...accessing-prior-period-pdf-versions-of-pay-statements
October 2, 2018Common Hotel & Transportation Reporting FormWith our transition to a common scheduling platform, we will also transition to a common reporting f...common-hotel-transportation-reporting-form
October 1, 2018Improvements in Transcontinenal Service & Purchase of 787-9 AircraftUnited Enhances Transcontinental Service between New York/Newark and SFO & LAX, increases freque...improvements-in-transcontinenal-serivce-purchase-of-787-9-aircraft
October 1, 2018Update Contact Information in CCSUpdate Contact Information in CCS
October 1, 2018Common Hotel & Transportation Reporting FormAs today we transition to a common scheduling platform, we will also transition to a common reportin...common-hotel-transportation-reporting-form
September 30, 2018October 1, 2018 - White Flag Day - DEN, IAH & ORDAs of 8:35pm on September 30, 2018, management has declared White Flag days in DEN, IAH & ORD fo...october-1-2018-white-flag-day-den-iah-ord
September 29, 2018No Knifes Ever Again. "It's in the Bill"September 27, 2018 — In addition to 10 Hours Minimum Rest, there are many AFA safety, health, a...no-knifes-ever-again-its-in-the-bill
September 29, 2018Flight Attendants Working Carry Over Pairings September into OctoberAs a reminder, Flight Attendants working a pairing originating in the September that overlaps into t...flight-attendants-working-carry-over-pairings-september-into-october
September 29, 2018Submitting a Request for a Personal Drop (PD) or Personal Time Off (PTO)Login in to CCS ->Trading ->EBB. Directly under the Electronic Bulletin Board title, on the le...submitting-a-request-for-a-personal-drop-pd-or-personal-time-off-pto
September 29, 2018A Home Reserve Flight Attendant Assignment of Open PairingsReserves are grouped based on the number of days they are available. Within each group, Reserves are...a-home-reserve-flight-attendant-assignment-of-open-pairings
September 29, 2018Reserve Process and AssignmentThe list of assignments in open time will be captured and considered frozen. Any flying that opens a...reserve-process-and-assignment
September 29, 2018Ready Reserve PreferencingReady Reserve Preferencing is available to all Flight Attendants who have been assigned Ready Reserv...ready-reserve-preferencing
September 29, 2018Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Mutual Trade ClairficationQuestions regarding the Mutual trade process, specifically the parameters outlining a mutual trade, ...flight-attendant-to-flight-attendant-mutual-trade-clairfication
September 29, 2018Flight Attendant Briefing Effective October 1, 2018 Flight Attendants will proceed to the aircraft after checking in. ·   &nbs...flight-attendant-briefing-effective-october-1-2018
September 29, 2018Positive Check-in Effective October 1, 2018Beginning Monday, October 1, 2018, Flight Attendants will be required to participate in positive che...positive-check-in-effective-october-1-2018
September 29, 2018Check-in and Boarding Times Effective October 1, 2018Check-in and boarding times effective for October 1, 2018.check-in-and-boarding-times-effective-october-1-2018
September 29, 2018Vacation Election Process Now OpenThe Vacation Election Process opened September 25, 2018, 0800(HDT). Flight Attendants can make their...vacation-election-process-now-open
September 29, 2018October Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon ProgramEvery October, in our ongoing collective effort to raise awareness of the importance of prevention, ...october-breast-cancer-awareness-pink-ribbon-program
September 29, 2018Change in Hotel Registration Process in ShanghaiIf you plan to work into Shanghai in the coming weeks, you should be aware of some changes that will...change-in-hotel-registration-process-in-shanghai
September 29, 2018All Flight Attendants to Call 1-800-FLT-LINE Beginning October 1Beginning on October 1, 2018 at 0200 (Central time), all Flight Attendants will now call 1-800-FLT-L...all-flight-attendants-to-call-1-800-flt-line-beginning-october-1
September 29, 2018Sick Leave Clarification for pmCO/pmCMI Flight AttendantsPre-merger CAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants should be aware of a significant change effective October...sick-leave-clarification-for-pmcopmcmi-flight-attendants
September 29, 2018Uniform Appearance StandardsEffective October 1, 2018, not only do we begin the positive check-in process at each base, we begin...uniform-appearance-standards
September 29, 2018pmUA Transition Information in Unimatic & CCSPre-merger UA flight attendants will continue to view and trade pairings that begin in the Septemb...pmua-transition-information-in-unimatic-ccs
September 28, 2018E-Lines: September 29, 2018Uniform Appearance Standards,Sick Leave Clarification for pmCO/pmCMI Flight Attendants, All Flight A...e-lines-september-29-2018
September 25, 2018E-Lines: September 25, 2018Message from John Slater and Ken Diaz,Call-in Reserve & Ready Reserve Preferencing,Sick Leave Gu...e-lines-september-25-2018
September 25, 20182019 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Available October 8 – October 26A Benefits Preview Guide providing highlights of updates to our medical benefits, prescrip...2019-annual-benefits-open-enrollment-available-october-8-october-26
September 25, 2018Call on Congress to Vote for the FAA Bill with 10 Hours RestLate Friday night, we advised you that the House and Senate conference concluded with a bicameral FA...call-on-congress-to-vote-for-the-faa-bill-with-10-hours-rest
September 25, 2018CCS Master Schedule SettingsAll Flight Attendants are automatically opted-in to allow other Flight Attendants the permission to ...ccs-master-schedule-settings
September 25, 2018How to Access Work History in CCSStarting October 1, 2018 at 0800 Central Time, all Flight Attendants will be able to access their fu...how-to-access-work-history-in-ccs
September 25, 2018Seniority Trading Opens September 27, 2018One seniority based trade run with open time will occur on the 27th of the month at 1500 HDT. S...seniority-trading-opens-september-27-2018
September 25, 2018Reserve Move-up Lines (Section 8.B.)All Reserves are placed on the Move-Up List each month, unless they choose to remove their name from...reserve-move-up-lines-section-8b
September 25, 2018Instant Trading and Pick-Ups when Reserve Coverage is InsufficientSection 7.I.17 of our JCBA, outlines the instant trading provision, Trip Trades and Pick Ups when th...instant-trading-and-pick-ups-when-reserve-coverage-is-insufficient
September 25, 2018United MEC Fall Regular Meeting – October 9 - 11, Rosemont, ILOur Fall 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) is scheduled to take plac...united-mec-fall-regular-meeting-october-9-11-rosemont-il
September 25, 2018Vacation Election Process Begins Today, September 25, 2018The Vacation Election Process opened today for a twenty (20) day period,September 25, 2018, 0800(HDT...vacation-election-process-begins-today-september-25-2018
September 25, 2018Sick Leave GuideThe company has published a Sick Leave Guide to help you find information regarding Sick L...sick-leave-guide
September 25, 2018Call-in Reserve & Ready Reserve PreferencingCall-in Reserve preferences will continue to be used through the evening of September 26, 2018 for a...call-in-reserve-ready-reserve-preferencing
September 25, 2018Message from John Slater and Ken DiazInflight Team,It has been a busy week and we again want to thank all of you for your participation a...message-from-john-slater-and-ken-diaz
September 24, 2018Message from John Slater and Ken DiazRecognizing that there is a lot of change happening for all of you, and to allow for one less chan...message-from-john-slater-and-ken-diaz
September 23, 2018CCS Outage Delays Start of Open Windows by 24 HoursCCS Outage Delays Start of Open Window for EWR and beyond.ccs-outage-delays-trading-by-24-hours
September 21, 2018President's Message - We Do Not Agree With These Changes to “Enhance Staffing.” Speak up, Speak out and Stay United, AFA!Ladies and Gentlemen: Without warning, a company communication on Established Staffing Guidelines an...afa-special-e-lines-mec-presidents-letter-september-21-2018
September 21, 2018AFA Special E-Lines - MEC President's Letter, September 21, 2018Without warning, a company communication on Established Staffing Guidelines announced “new” procedur...afa-special-e-lines-mec-presidents-letter-september-21-2018
September 21, 2018E-Lines: September 21, 2018Enhancement Staffing Dispute,Contact Information for Problem Resolution.Mobile CCS Made its Debut on...e-lines-september-21-2018
September 21, 2018Update Telephone Contact Information in CCSFlight Attendant telephone numbers are now available in CCS under the “My Info” area associated with...update-telephone-contact-information-in-ccs
September 21, 2018Rest Now: It's About Safety, Health and EqualityThe House and Senate committee leadership are talking right now to determine whether they can a...rest-now-its-about-safety-health-and-equality
September 21, 2018The Vacation Election Process Begins Tuesday, September 25, 2018The Vacation Election Process will begin September 25, 2018, and run through October 15, 2...the-vacation-election-process-begins-tuesday-september-25-2018
September 21, 2018November International Purser Opt-Out Window September 18 – October 5The November International Purser Opt-Out window Opened September 18, 2018, in CCS and will run thro...november-international-purser-opt-out-window-september-18-october-5
September 21, 2018United MEC Fall Regular Meeting – October 9 - 11, 2018 at Hyatt Rosemont, IOur Fall 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) is scheduled to take plac...united-mec-fall-regular-meeting-october-9-11-2018-at-hyatt-rosemont-i
September 21, 2018Language Qualified Flight Attendant TradesLanguage Qualified (LQ) Flight Attendants who are assigned language lines may pick up and trade for ...language-qualified-flight-attendant-trades
September 21, 2018Trades Involving International PursersActive International Pursers who have been awarded International Purser pairings may pick up and tra...trades-involving-international-pursers
September 21, 2018Real Time Trading Trade RulesOpen time trip trade will begin on schedule, September 23, 2018, utilizing  a staggered wi...real-time-trading-trade-rules
September 21, 2018Trading Reserve Days OffA Reserve may only trade a day off with another Reserve in their base, or, when applicable, their qu...trading-reserve-days-off
September 21, 2018Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Mutual Trade ProcessMutual Trades are trades between Flight Attendants and involve trips or reserve days off. ...flight-attendant-to-flight-attendant-mutual-trade-process
September 21, 2018Adjustment by Crew SchedulingIf you are unable to resolve the EOM conflict through mutual trading or self-adjustment, Crew Schedu...adjustment-by-crew-scheduling
September 21, 2018End of Month (EOM) Adjustment ProcessAfter your award is posted, it may be necessary to make adjustments to your schedule to resolve conf...end-of-month-eom-adjustment-process
September 21, 2018Vacation Relief Lines Bidding is Now OpenVacation Relief Line bidding opened on the 20th and closes on Saturday, September, 22nd at 0800...vacation-relief-lines-bidding-is-now-open
September 21, 2018Dispute Resolution, Attendance and Performance Management ResourcesIn preparation for flying as One United on October 1, 2018, we have updated many helpful resources t...dispute-resolution-attendance-and-performance-management-resources
September 21, 2018Picking up Training PairingsLineholders will be able to pick up training pairings from open time starting on September 23, ...picking-up-training-pairings
September 21, 2018Mobile CCS Made its Debut on September 17On September 17, 2018 at 2200 CST, Mobile CCS was pushed to your Link device. To ensure th...mobile-ccs-made-its-debut-on-september-17
September 21, 2018Contact Information for Problem ResolutionFor questions about your October 2018 line awards, please contact the Common Metal Support Team. The...contact-information-for-problem-resolution
September 21, 2018Enhancement Staffing DisputeWithout notice to the Union, this week the company released a publication addressing Enhanced Staffi...enhancement-staffing-dispute
September 19, 2018United Releases Revised Timeline for October 2018As of this evening, all Flight Attendants have he ability to complete mutual trip trades.  Mutu...united-releases-revised-timeline-for-october-2018
September 18, 2018Unanticipated Automation Issue Delays Loading of October SchedulesWorking with Crew Schedule Planning, we were made aware of an unanticipated automation issue affec...unanticipated-automation-issue-delays-loading-of-schedules
September 18, 2018AFA Special E-Lines: September 18, 2018AFA Special E-Lines -  September 18, 2018
September 18, 2018AFA Special E-Lines - September 18, 2018The first step in the integration of all United Flight Attendants, is the bidding process which will...afa-special-e-lines-september-18-2018
September 15, 2018Primary Bids Close September 17, 2018We are aware that the start of the first bid period prior to implementation of a common scheduling p...primary-bids-close-september-17-2018
September 15, 2018One United - CCS and Priority Scheduling Change MessagesFlight Attendants may receive messages directly in CCS. These messages appear when logging into CCS ...one-united-ccs-and-priority-scheduling-change-messages
September 15, 2018MEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF ReportMEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF Report 
September 14, 2018E-Lines: September 14, 2018One United – Effective October 1 - 2018 - CCS and Priority Scheduling Change Messages,Primary Bids C...e-lines-september-14-2018
September 14, 2018AFA Resources for Hurricane Florence, Super Typhoon 'Mangkhut'There are three storms affecting life and airline operations across the world this week. Hurricane F...afa-resources-for-hurricane-florence-super-typhoon-mangkhut
September 14, 2018Bulletin #20 Due by October 1, 2018Beginning September 13, 2018, Bulletin #20 is available for download in the Manuals app and effectiv...bulletin-20-due-by-october-1-2018
September 14, 20188th Annual FADAP ConferenceThe 8th annual Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) conference just concluded this week...8th-annual-fadap-conference
September 14, 2018PTO Days for October 1st and Common SchedulingPersonal Time Off (PTO) allocations are effective January 1 – December 31 of each calendar year. The...pto-days-for-october-1st-and-common-scheduling
September 14, 2018Central Schedule Report (CSC)Central Schedule Committee’s most recent DSL Review Report detailing their activities in t...central-schedule-report-csc
September 14, 2018Bidding Questions?Flight Attendants needing assistance or that have questions pertaining to submitting their bids are ...bidding-questions
September 14, 2018Vacation Relief ProcessBidding for a Vacation Relief Line is a two-step process. Flight Attendants who wish to bid for a Va...vacation-relief-process
September 14, 2018Emailing Your BidsFlight Attendants may email a copy of your submitted or unsubmitted bids to any email addr...emailing-your-bids
September 14, 2018BidPlus Bidding ToolAs previously communicated in Tuesday’s edition of e-lines, in an effort to assist Flight ...bidplus-bidding-tool
September 14, 2018Available Bidding ResourcesThe following resources are available to assist with the bidding process:available-bidding-resources
September 14, 2018Permabid Selection Due 24 Hours Prior to Primary Bid ClosureThe new Permabid program is new for all Flight Attendants. As with anything that is new, Permabid wi...permabid-selection-due-24-hours-prior-to-primary-bid-closure
September 13, 2018Scheduled CCS Outage - September 13, 2018 2200-2215 CT

Scheduled CCS Outage Tonight from 2200 - 2215

September 12, 2018Bidding for Reserve Move-UpDuring the Primary bid process, in addition to lines of flying, you will have the ability to bid for...bidding-for-reserve-move-up
September 12, 2018Reserve WaiverThe 35-in-7 rule applies only to Reserve Flight Attendants and states that a Reserve may not be sche...reserve-waiver
September 12, 2018Vacation Relief LinesIf you want to bid a Vacation Relief Line, you may enter “RLF” to bid all Vacation Relief Lines (Dom...vacation-relief-lines
September 12, 2018Long Term Sick Leave Pay OptionsFlight Attendants who are expected to be on sick leave for a full month and whose pay is drawn from ...long-term-sick-leave-pay-options
September 12, 2018Buddy BiddingFlight Attendants may also choose to bid a Line of Flying to fly with another Flight Attendant. To p...buddy-bidding
September 12, 2018Position BiddingWhen bidding a line, you have the ability to specify a bid position, which will determine where you ...position-bidding
September 12, 2018Block BiddingIn addition to individual line bids Flight Attendants may also bid a “block bid” or submit a bid for...block-bidding
September 12, 2018Opting to a Higher Monthly MaximumThe “Opt” area allows Flight Attendants to choose between several options for monthly maximums and w...opting-to-a-higher-monthly-maximum
September 12, 2018Reminders About BiddingFlight Attendants are encouraged to review the following parameters priors to entering their October...reminders-about-bidding
September 12, 2018Review Your Bidding ResourcesAvailable bidding resourcesreview-your-bidding-resources
September 12, 2018Primary Bid for October Opens Wednesday, September 12, 2018September 12, 0800 HDT through September 17 0800 HDT, we will be bidding for our October schedules f...primary-bid-for-october-opens-wednesday-september-12-2018
September 12, 2018October Bid Packages Available September 12, 2018 – New Bidding Tool AvailableSeptember 12, 2018 marks the opening of bids for our October schedules – the first month where we wi...october-bid-packages-available-september-12-2018-new-bidding-tool-available
September 12, 2018September 11, 2001 - We Will Never Forget!Today marked the 17th year in which we remembered those who gave their lives in the service of ...september-11-2001-we-will-never-forget
September 12, 2018MEC President's Speech, September 11, 2018, Flight 93 MemorialMy name is Ken Diaz, and I'm President of The Association of Flight Attendants United Airlines Maste...september-11-2018
September 11, 2018E-Lines: September 11, 2018September 11 - 2001 - We Will Never Forget!,October Bid Packages Available Tomorrow September 12 - 2...e-lines-september-11-2018
September 11, 2018People’s Republic of China (PRC) Visa Requirement- Deadline Oct 1, 2018As a reminder, Flight Attendants based in domiciles from which flights to/from the Peoples Republic ...peoples-republic-of-china-prc-visa-requirement-deadline-oct-1-2018
September 11, 2018Annual Enrollment Benefits Fairs Coming Soon.Upcoming dates and locations for annual Benefits Fairs can be found on Your Benefits Resources (YBR)...annual-enrollment-benefits-fairs-coming-soon
September 11, 2018International Purser October Opt-Outs Awards are Now AvailableInternational Purser October Opt-Outs awards are now available. Detailed information on the Internat...international-purser-october-opt-outs-awards-are-now-available
September 8, 2018Orders Now Available for the TUMI Four Wheeled “Turn” BagFlight Attendants interested in ordering the TUMI four-wheeled turn bag can now order on line. ...orders-now-available-for-the-tumi-four-wheeled-turn-bag
September 8, 2018Transfer Awards Must be Accepted or DeclinedEffective in March of 2018, the process for awarding transfers between bases was harmonized. transfer-awards-must-be-accepted-or-declined
September 8, 2018Election to Carry-over Deferred Vacation Days Due by November 30, 2018Section 12.C.8.c. & d. of our JCBA provides for the deferral of vacation while on jury duty, med...election-to-carry-over-deferred-vacation-days-due-by-november-30-2018
September 8, 2018MEC JCBA Reserve Training Concludes the Week in ChicagoThis week, the United Master Executive Council (MEC) Reserve Committee conducted their JCBA Reserve ...mec-jcba-reserve-training-concludes-the-week-in-chicago
September 8, 2018CCS Mobile App Available September 18September 18, 2018 Flight Attendants will have the opportunity to add a new mobile version of CCS&nb...ccs-mobile-app-available-september-18
September 8, 2018Availability of Bidding and Scheduling AppsFlight Attendants utilizing third party scheduling apps to manage their flight schedules are encoura...availability-of-bidding-and-scheduling-apps
September 8, 2018Primary Bid for October Opens September 12 through September 17On September 12 through September 17 you will have the opportunity to enter your October, 2018 bid. ...primary-bid-for-october-opens-september-12-through-september-17
September 8, 2018Updating Your Phone Number(s) in CCSEffective September 12, 2018, pmCO/pmCMI Flight Attendants will be unable to see their phone nu...updating-your-phone-numbers-in-ccs
September 8, 2018Temporary Legacy CCS MenusEffective September 7, 2018, Flight Attendants will notice various changes to CCS including the new ...temporary-legacy-ccs-menus
September 8, 2018Reminder: Your Guide to September 2018Your Guide to September 2018 was published last week on August 31, 2018 and is a comprehensive guide...reminder-your-guide-to-september-2018
September 8, 2018Permabid UpdateBeginning September 10, 2018, all Flight Attendants will be able to submit Permabid preferences in C...permabid-update
September 8, 2018Reminder: October Bidding in CCS in 6 DaysAs a reminder, in six (6) days all Flight Attendants will begin bidding for the October 2018 schedul...reminder-october-bidding-in-ccs-in-6-days
September 8, 2018Personal Strategies for Approaching the Anniversary of September 11thAs we approach the anniversary of September 11th, many of us will begin to plan how we’ll recog...personal-strategies-for-approaching-the-anniversary-of-september-11th
September 8, 2018September 11, 2018 Memorial ServicesWe will Never Forget September 11, 2001. The passengers, pilots & other fellow employees an...september-11-2018-memorial-services
September 7, 2018Incorrect Seniority Information in My Info Section Tab from CCSUnited's IT Department is currently researching the source of error resulting in incorrect seniority...incorrect-seniority-information-in-my-info-section-of-company-website
September 7, 2018Update - Information on My Info Page accessed via CCSWe've received an update this afternoon on the status of this issue.
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