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March 31, 2023Celebrating International Trans Day of VisibilityMAR 31 - We stand with the trans-community in this historically important time.  Please j...celebrating-international-trans-day-of-visibility
March 30, 2023First and Last Segment Deviation – Know the RulesMAR 30 - Deadhead deviations are outlined in Section 3.I.12 and 3.I.13 of our Contract. Firstly...first-and-last-segment-deviation-know-the-rules
March 30, 2023AFA Debrief: March 30, 2023Negotiations & Contract Campaign Training, Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) on Weight Restricted F...afa-debrief-march-30-2023
March 30, 2023Negotiations & Contract Campaign TrainingMAR 30 - This week, our Union leaders and MEC Committee Members have taken an important step fo...negotiations-contract-campaign-training
March 29, 2023CA Governor Signs Cortese Bill Granting New Rights to Flight AttendantsMAR 30 - The California meal and rest law is an important protection for workers in California,...ca-governor-signs-cortese-bill-granting-new-rights-to-flight-attendants
March 29, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2305!MAR 30 - On behalf of your Union, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest Members ...afa-welcomes-class-2305
March 29, 2023Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) on Weight Restricted FlightsMAR 30 - Flight Attendants will not be denied jumpseat authority if a physical jumpseat is avai...cabin-jumpseat-authority-cja-on-weight-restricted-flights
March 29, 2023Scholarship DeadlinesMAR 30 - Our AFA-CWA Union Membership provides opportunities for different scholarships, and th...scholarship-deadlines
March 29, 2023United Airlines Reaches Tentative Labor Agreements with Ground Workers UnionMAR 29 - United Airlines has reached tentative agreements with a union representing nearly...united-airlines-reaches-tentative-labor-agreements-with-ground-workers-union
March 28, 2023Austrian Airlines Flights Canceled Amid Worker Pay TalksMAR 28 - Passengers traveling with Austrian Airlines are faced with the potential of extensive ...austrian-airlines-flights-canceled-amid-worker-pay-talks
March 28, 2023Notification of Delays or Cancellations to Flight AttendantsMAR 28 - If you are not informed within the specified timeframe and subsequently check in at yo...notification-of-delays-or-cancellations-to-flight-attendants
March 28, 2023Cart Safety and Proper HandlingMAR 28 - As we enter the season of thunderstorms and increased clear air turbulence with the ar...cart-safety-and-proper-handling
March 28, 2023The Flight Attendant Labor Union in Women’s History MonthMAR 28 - As Women's History Month draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the significa...the-flight-attendant-labor-union-in-womens-history-month
March 28, 2023AFA Debrief: March 28, 2023The Flight Attendant Labor Union in Women’s History Month, Cart Safety and Proper Handling, Notifica...afa-debrief-march-28-2023
March 23, 2023AFA Debrief: March 23, 2023Flight Attendants Advocate on Capitol Hill on FAA Reauthorization, Marginal Service Report – Data Le...afa-debrief-march-23-2023
March 23, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2304!MAR 23 - On behalf of your Union, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest Members of ou...afa-welcomes-class-2304
March 23, 2023Marginal Service ReportsMAR 23 - With the recent increased workload onboard our aircraft, we know that reducing staffin...marginal-service-reports
March 23, 2023Flight Attendants Advocate on Capitol Hill on FAA ReauthorizationMAR 23 - The week of March 6, 2023 more than 60 Flight Attendant activists from airlines across...flight-attendants-advocate-on-capitol-hill-on-faa-reauthorization
March 21, 2023Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL)MAR 21 - Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL) is the voluntary life insurance product for all F...group-universal-life-insurance-gul
March 21, 2023The Interaction of Benefits Premiums and Time Away from WorkMAR 21 - With increasing regularity, our MEC Benefits Committee is fielding questions from Memb...the-interaction-of-benefits-premiums-and-time-away-from-work
March 21, 2023CQ Rebalancing Bids Close Thursday March 23!MAR 21 - As a reminder the CQ rebalancing bids close this Thursday, March 23 at noon CST. ...cq-rebalancing-bids-close-thursday-march-23
March 21, 2023AFA Debrief: March 21, 2023CQ Rebalancing Bids Close March 23, The Interaction of Benefits Premiums and Time Away from Work, G...afa-debrief-march-21-2023
March 20, 2023United Airlines just offered the sort of insult that may truly shock customersMAR 20 - What does this sort of thing say about a company?  Having perused some of the hig...united-airlines-just-offered-the-sort-of-insult-that-may-truly-shock-customers
March 16, 2023AFA Debrief: March 16, 2023AFA Safety Supporting You, Keep Your Airman Certificate Card Current, CWA Human Rights: Town Hall wi...afa-debrief-march-16-2023
March 16, 2023Contact Your Local AFA Union Representatives First!MAR 16 - When Flight Attendants have contractual or legality questions, always contact the AFA ...contact-your-local-afa-union-representatives-first
March 16, 2023CWA Human Rights: Town Hall with Ellen CassedyMAR 16 - The CWA Human Rights Department will be presenting a very special event during this Wo...cwa-human-rights-town-hall-with-ellen-cassedy
March 16, 2023Keep Your Airman Certificate Card CurrentMAR 16 - Flight Attendants are required to keep their FAA Airmen Certificate Card updated with ...keep-your-airman-certificate-card-current
March 16, 2023AFA Safety Supporting YouMAR 16 - Beyond the support provided directly to your Local Council SHS Committee, our represen...afa-safety-supporting-you
March 14, 2023United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - February 2023United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - February 2023united-mec-hotel-transportation-report-february-2023
March 14, 2023Our Contractual Rest has ValueMAR 14 - Our Contractual rest is vital and has been negotiated so we can recharge and be ready ...our-contractual-rest-has-value
March 14, 2023Welcome Class 2303!MAR 14 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2303 as part of our Fl...welcome-class-2303
March 14, 2023April Special COLAs AwardedMAR 14 - Flight Attendants who expressed interest were awarded Special COLAs for the April bid ...april-special-colas-awarded
March 14, 2023Central Schedule Committee (CSC) ReportingMAR 14 - Did you know that our MEC Central Schedule Committee (CSC) and our Local Schedule Comm...central-schedule-committee-csc-reporting
March 14, 2023CQ Rebalancing – Bidding InformationMAR 14 - As we reported last week, CQ rebalancing continues with Flight Attendant hiring. ...cq-rebalancing-bidding-information
March 14, 2023AFA Debrief: March 14, 2023CQ Rebalancing – Bidding Information, Our Contractual Rest has Value, Central Schedule Committee DSL...afa-debrief-march-14-2023
March 13, 2023MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - March 2023MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Reportmec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-january-2023
March 10, 2023A Battle UnjoinedMAR 10 - In the long term, the decline of unions tends to hurt workers: A large recent study,...a-battle-unjoined
March 10, 2023American Airlines Pilots Union Calls Strike Authorization VoteMAR 10 - The American Airlines pilots union, the Allied Pilots Association, plans to ...american-airlines-pilots-union-calls-strike-authorization-vote
March 9, 2023Carry Your Contract!MAR 9 - Always carry your Contract. Hard copies are available in your domicile and an electroni...carry-your-contract
March 9, 2023CQ Rebalancing Continues with Flight Attendant HiringMAR 9 - With the recent announcement by management of rebalancing, AFA advocated for the compan...cq-rebalancing-continues-with-flight-attendant-hiring
March 9, 2023Change to US Daylight Saving Time on SundayMAR 9 - Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 0200 in o...change-to-us-daylight-saving-time-on-sunday
March 9, 2023AFA Debrief: March 09, 2023Change to US Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, CQ Rebalancing Continues with Flight Attendant Hiring, ...afa-debrief-march-09-2023
March 8, 2023Happy International Women's Day!MAR 08 - International Women's Day!happy-international-womens-day
March 8, 2023United Pilots Are ‘Not Close’ On Contract, But Talks Will Ramp UpMAR 8 - While Delta pilots have signed a new contract and American pilots appear to be moving quickl...united-pilots-are-not-close-on-contract-but-talks-will-ramp-up
March 8, 2023Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Plan to Picket Outside Love Field ThursdayMAR 8 - Heads up if you're flying out of Dallas Love Field on Thursday – hundreds of Southwest ...southwest-airlines-flight-attendants-plan-to-picket-outside-love-field-thursday
March 7, 2023AFA Debrief: March 07, 2023Our Training.  Our Commitment.  Our Value., Crew Management and Safety, Women of...afa-debrief-march-07-2023
March 7, 2023Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) Listing and Award ProceduresMAR 07 - While the use of Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) is provided for under our Contract, it...cabin-jumpseat-authority-cja-listing-and-award-procedures
March 7, 2023Women of Aviation Worldwide WeekMAR 07 - Women of Aviation Worldwide Week is an annual global event that aims to encourage...women-of-aviation-worldwide-week
March 7, 2023Crew Management and SafetyMAR 07 - Communication is key in quickly and accurately addressing any issue that may arise.&nb...crew-management-and-safety
March 7, 2023Our Training. Our Commitment. Our Value.MAR 07 - Regardless of whether we started our careers years ago or within the past month, we sh...our-training-our-commitment-our-value
March 6, 2023‘Herb is probably shedding a tear:’ Southwest flight attendants picketFEB 06 - ‘Herb is probably shedding a tear:’ Southwest flight attendants picket at Love Field.&...herb-is-probably-shedding-a-tear-southwest-flight-attendants-picket
March 6, 2023American Airlines flight attendants push for a mediator in contract disputeMAR 06 - American Airlines’ flight attendants union and the airline’s management requested fede...american-airlines-flight-attendants-push-for-a-mediator-in-contract-dispute
March 4, 2023Is air travel going to get even MORE expensive?MAR 4 - Pilots at Delta Air Lines easily approved a new contract that will raise their pay by m...is-air-travel-going-to-get-even-more-expensive
March 3, 2023Two New Letters of Agreement Approved by United MECMAR 3 - The United Master Executive Council met and reviewed the terms of two Letters of Agreem...two-new-letters-of-agreement-approved-by-united-mec
March 2, 2023Celebrating 21 Years of AFA E-Lines and DebriefMAR 2 - This week marks the 21st anniversary of the establishment of our first electronic newsl...celebrating-21-years-of-afa-e-lines-and-debrief
March 2, 2023Spring CBTsMAR 3 - The Spring CBTs will be available on March 2, 2023spring-cbts
March 2, 2023Your Power in the Structure of our UnionMAR 3 - Your voice matters! You have the power. From Union policy, to action on issues, to hold...your-power-in-the-structure-of-our-union
March 2, 2023Hotel and Transportation Issues– We Need Facts!MAR 3 - Our MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee reminds us “when issues occur with the hotel...hotel-and-transportation-issues-we-need-facts
March 2, 2023Flight Attendants in Women's History MonthMAR 3 - March is Women’s History Month and as we celebrate, it's important to recognize the sig...flight-attendants-in-womens-history-month
March 2, 2023AFA Debrief: March 02, 2023Flight Attendants in Women's History Month, Hotel and Transportation Issues – We Need Facts!, Your P...afa-debrief-march-02-2023
March 1, 2023Delta Pilots Approve Contract Raising Pay by 34%MAR 1 - Pilots at Delta Air Lines have approved a new contract that will increase wages 34 perc...delta-pilots-approve-contract-raising-pay-by-34
March 1, 2023Delta pilots approve new contract with 34% raisesMAR 1 - Delta Air Lines pilots on Wednesday approved a new contract that includes 34% rais...delta-pilots-approve-new-contract-with-34-raises
February 28, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2302!FEB 28 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2302 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2302
February 28, 2023System Transfers Awarded – Effective May 1, 2023FEB 28 - Systems transfers have been processed for the May 2023 bid month and are effective on ...system-transfers-awarded-effective-may-1-2023
February 28, 2023End-of-Month 1-in-7 ConflictsFEB 28 - The 1-in-7 language set forth in our Contract is a scheduling provision negotiated to...end-of-month-1-in-7-conflicts
February 28, 2023Cabin Readiness – Safety & Compliance Reminder!FEB 28 - Despite the hectic nature of boarding, our job isn’t done once we get everyone settled...cabin-readiness-safety-compliance-reminder
February 28, 2023AFA Debrief: February 28, 2023Cabin Readiness – Safety & Compliance Reminder!, End-of-Month 1-in-7 Conflicts, System Transfers...afa-debrief-february-28-2023
February 27, 2023How US corporations are quashing the new wave of organizingFEB 27 - US corporations have mounted a fierce counterattack against the union drives at S...how-us-corporations-are-quashing-the-new-wave-of-organizing
February 23, 2023Interruption of Reserve Legal Rest While at HomeReserve Legal Rest at your home domicile is provided for under Section 8.I.3.a. of our Contract.&nb...interruption-of-reserve-legal-rest-while-at-home
February 23, 2023AFA Grievance Reporting System – Memberlink – Planned Downtime for Server MoveThis Saturday, February 25, 2023, our AFA Grievance Reporting System will be affected by a planned...afa-grievance-reporting-system-memberlink-planned-downtime-for-server-move
February 23, 2023AFA Reporting System – Memberlink Grievance Portal UpdateLast December, we launched our new AFA database & reporting system which can be accessed from ...afa-reporting-system-memberlink-grievance-portal-update
February 23, 2023March Special COLA AwardsSpecial COLAs for the month of March were awarded at all base locations as follows:march-special-cola-awards
February 23, 2023AFA Debrief: February 23, 2023Interruption of Reserve Legal Rest While at Home, AFA Reporting System – Memberlink – Planned Downti...afa-debrief-february-23-2023
February 23, 2023April 2023 Special COLA AvailabilityThe deadline to submit your request in CCS for this Special COLA is Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 08...april-2023-special-cola-availability
February 22, 2023FedEx pilot Union Inches Closer To StrikeFEB 22 - The union representing FedEx pilots unanimously approved a strike authorizat...fedex-pilot-union-inches-closer-to-strike-with-unanimous-approval-for-auth-vote
February 21, 2023Pilot shortage is making airlines freak out and giving Unions a lot of leverageFEB 21 - Airlines have complained about a shortage for several years, but they made it worse du...pilot-shortage-is-making-airlines-freak-out-and-giving-unions-a-lot-of-leverage
February 21, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2301!FEB 21 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2301 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2301
February 21, 2023AFA Supports jetBlue-Spirit Merger!FEB 21 - AFA-CWA Adds Full Support to jetBlue-Spirit Airlines Merger After Securing Immediate Impro...afa-supports-jetblue-spirit-merger
February 21, 2023Understanding a Pairing from Standby and the Associated PayFEB 21 - Many pay factors interact and are paid in combination with actual flight assignments.&...understanding-a-pairing-from-standby-and-the-associated-pay
February 21, 2023Profit Sharing PaymentsFEB 21 - In anticipation of questions, we have received in previous years, we remind those who ...profit-sharing-payments
February 21, 2023AFA Debrief: February 21, 2023Profit Sharing Payments, Understanding a Pairing from Standby and the Associated Pay, AFA Welcomes C...afa-debrief-february-21-2023
February 20, 2023Why flying sucks - It all started with one dumb lawFEB 20 - Aviation experts and industry groups say the story of air travel's service decline is ...why-flying-sucks-it-all-started-with-one-dumb-law
February 16, 2023Reserve Timeline for the March Bid MonthFEB 16 - For your convenience, we have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline detailing various ...reserve-timeline-for-the-march-bid-month
February 16, 2023Joe Beirne Foundation CWA ScholarshipsFEB 16 - The application final deadline for the 2023-2024 school year is April 30, 20...joe-beirne-foundation-cwa-scholarships
February 16, 2023The Present is a GiftFEB 16 - Learning how to gently pull your attention towards the present is a unique skill that ...the-present-is-a-gift
February 16, 2023Flight Attendants – Aviation’s First RespondersFEB 16 - While we are the sum of all we contribute while never losing sight of that fact that, ...flight-attendants-aviations-first-responders
February 16, 2023AFA Debrief: February 16, 2023Flight Attendants - Aviations First Responders, The Present is a Gift, Joe Beirne Foundation CWA Sch...afa-debrief-february-16-2023
February 14, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2250!FEB 14 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2250 who will begin th...afa-welcomes-class-2250
February 14, 2023Group Universal Life (GUL) Coverage – An OverviewFEB 14 - We have received questions on the auto-enrollment feature of the Group Universal Life ...group-universal-life-gul-coverage-an-overview
February 14, 2023Lump Sum Calculation Assumptions for CARP (CPRP)FEB 14 - CARP (CPRP) participants may have noticed that due to the recent market conditions and...lump-sum-calculation-assumptions-for-carp-cprp
February 14, 2023Celebrating Ruth Carol TaylorFEB 14 - Making history, Ruth Carol Taylor became the first African American Flight Attendant i...celebrating-ruth-carol-taylor
February 14, 2023We’ve Got a Pin for ThatFEB 14 - In pursuit of recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our Flight Attendants, AFA ...weve-got-a-pin-for-that
February 14, 2023AFA Debrief: February 14, 2023We’ve Got a Pin for That, Celebrating Ruth Carol Taylor, Modification of Lump Sum Calculation for CA...afa-debrief-february-14-2023
February 13, 2023JetBlue May Need to Give Up AA Alliance to Win Spirit Merger ApprovalFEB 13 - JetBlue Airways has one big bargaining chip that it can offer the U.S. Department of J...jetblue-may-need-to-give-up-aa-alliance-to-win-spirit-merger-approval
February 12, 2023When do I Become Obligated To Pay Dues?FEB 12 - For the four (4) month period following the New Hire day of graduation there is no obligati...when-do-i-become-obligated-to-pay-dues
February 10, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2249!FEB 10 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2249 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2249
February 10, 2023Union Plus – Free College & Degree Completion ProgramsFEB 10 - The Union Plus Free College Program provides Union Members with college classes a...union-plus-free-college-degree-completion-programs
February 10, 2023Documentation to File Your 2022 Federal Tax ReturnFEB 10 - Now that we are past the January 31, 2023, deadline by which documents necessary to fi...documentation-to-file-your-2022-federal-tax-return
February 10, 2023Keep Discussion of Negotiations Off Social Media – Management is WatchingFEB 10 - When we publicly discuss and comment on what is important to us during negotiations, m...keep-discussion-of-negotiations-off-social-media-management-is-watching
February 10, 2023Human Trafficking Alert - Super Bowl 2023FEB 10 - In the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday and in the days following, we should all be on ...human-trafficking-alert-super-bowl-2023
February 10, 2023AFA Debrief: February 10, 2023Human Trafficking Alert - Super Bowl 2023, Keep Discussion of Negotiations Off Social Media – Manag...afa-debrief-february-10-2023
February 8, 2023New Version of MobileCCS App 1.7.0 AvailableFEB 08 - The company announced a new update for the MobileCCS app is available for download on ...new-version-of-mobileccs-app-170-available
February 8, 2023MEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF ReportMEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF Reportmec-central-schedule-committee-swlof-report
February 7, 2023Link Recovery Protection UpdateFEB 7 - This past Friday, February 3, 2023, management opened access to Link recovery protectio...link-recovery-protection-update
February 7, 2023Supplemental Benefits SupportFEB 7 - Many AFA Members have enrolled in Voluntary Supplemental Insurance policies with CAIC o...supplemental-benefits-support
February 7, 2023Profit Sharing Election: Last Day!FEB 7 - Today is the last day to make an election for your profit sharing distribution. As a re...profit-sharing-election-last-day
February 7, 2023AFA Debrief: February 07, 2023Contract2021 for All Your Negotiations News and Updates, Profit Sharing Election: Last Day!, Supplem...afa-debrief-february-07-2023
February 7, 2023Contract2021 for All Your Negotiations News and UpdatesFEB 7 - We are well into in Section 6 Contract negotiations!  All of our Negotiations...contract2021-for-all-your-negotiations-news-and-updates
February 6, 2023FAA Proposes More Than $1 Million Fine on United AirlinesFEB 6 - The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that it is proposing a more than $1.1 m...faa-proposes-more-than-1-million-fine-on-united-airlines
February 3, 2023MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - MarchMEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report -Februarymec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-march
February 3, 2023AFA Debrief: February 03, 2023Standby Pre-Boarding Assignment Reminders, Use an IOR for Unruly Passenger Incidents   ,Develo...afa-debrief-february-03-2023
February 3, 2023Standby Pre-Boarding Assignment RemindersStandby Reserve assignments are provided for under Section 8.N.7. of our Contract. When a Standby ...standby-pre-boarding-assignment-reminders
February 3, 2023Use an IOR for Passenger IncidentsAs Flight Attendants we have several tools to report incidents that may arise through the course of...use-an-ior-for-passenger-incidents
February 3, 2023Development of Flight Attendant Bidding System for VRL schedules resumesOnce implemented, Flight Attendants awarded VRL schedules in the primary bid will no longer bid on ...development-of-flight-attendant-bidding-system-for-vrl-schedules-resumes
February 3, 2023April Transfers AwardedTransfers have been processed for the April 2023 bid month with an effective date of 4/1/2023. ...april-transfers-awarded
February 3, 2023Welcome Class 2248!We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2248 as part of our Flight Attendan...welcome-class-2248
January 31, 2023Medical Tax Form 1095-CJAN 31 - Under the Affordable Care Act, U.S. law requires to have adequate medical coverage dur...medical-tax-form-1095-c
January 31, 2023Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Union Plus DiscountsJAN 31- Celebrate and recognize this Valentine's Day by visiting the Unionplus website.celebrate-valentines-day-with-union-plus-discounts
January 31, 2023Christmas Holiday Bonus PointJAN 31 - Flight Attendants who met the criteria to receive the Christmas Holiday Bonus Point sh...christmas-holiday-bonus-point
January 31, 2023Profit Sharing Elections Close February 7, 2023 at 2359 CTJAN 31 - Employees receiving profit sharing have until Tuesday, February. 7 at 11:59 p.m. CT to...profit-sharing-elections-close-february-7-2023-at-2359-ct
January 31, 2023Picking Up Sick Leave Trips Requires PermissionJAN 31 - Recently a Flight Attendant viewed the list of potential sick leave pairings and, with...picking-up-sick-leave-trips-requires-permission
January 31, 2023Black History MonthJAN 31 - Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States and obser...black-history-month
January 31, 2023AFA Debrief: January 31, 2023Black History Month, Picking Up Sick Leave Trips Requires Permission, Profit Sharing Elections Close...afa-debrief-january-31-2023
January 30, 2023Teamsters Ratify Industry-Leading Contract at United AirlinesJAN 30 - Agreement Includes Wage Increases and Job Protections for 8,200 Teamster Technicians a...teamsters-ratify-industry-leading-contract-at-united-airlines
January 26, 2023Badge Challenge – It’s Everyone’s ResponsibilityJAN 26 - It’s a good reminder that part of our responsibilities as Safety Professionals is to c...badge-challenge-its-everyones-responsibility
January 26, 20232022 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time ReportsJAN 26 - 2022 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports (MFTR) prepared for income tax reporting...2022-per-diem-and-monthly-flight-time-reports
January 26, 2023AFA Supporting you at Your Local CouncilJAN 26 - Our Union directly advocates for our issues and fights for us every day! Understa...afa-supporting-you-at-your-local-council
January 26, 2023AFA Debrief: January 26, 2023Your Attention Required - Winter Trimester Completion Date Signals End of 18-month CQ Training Cycle...afa-debrief-january-26-2023
January 26, 2023Your Attention Required: Complete CBTJAN 26 - Over the past several weeks we’ve been including reminders in our weekly editions of D...your-attention-required-complete-cbt
January 25, 2023Southwest Under Federal Investigation For Possible ‘Deceptive’ SchedulingJAN 25 - The Department of Transportation is investigating whether Southwest Airlines executive...southwest-under-federal-investigation-for-possible-deceptive-scheduling
January 25, 2023Alaska Airlines first airline to eliminates inflight plastic cupsJAN 25 - Alaska Airlines eliminates inflight plastic cups: West Coast-based airline becomes first U....alaska-airlines-eliminates-inflight-plastic-cups
January 24, 2023U.S. Airlines Should Have A Fully Profitable 2023JAN 24 - The last time that the U.S. airlines earned profits as a group for the full ...us-airlines-should-have-a-fully-profitable-2023
January 24, 2023Join United Pilots at Informational Picketing January 25 in LAX!JAN 24 - Wednesday, January 25, United Pilots, represented by ALPA, will be conducting Informat...join-united-pilots-at-informational-picketing-january-25-in-lax
January 24, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2247!JAN 24 - Last week, AFA welcomed class 2247! Class 2247 will begin their careers at our Chicago...afa-welcomes-class-2247
January 24, 2023Drug and Alcohol Testing PayJAN 24 - We have received a number of questions about the process by which pay for Drug/Alcohol...drug-and-alcohol-testing-pay
January 24, 2023Reminder - 2022p1 Winter Trimester CBT Due January 29!JAN 24 - Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2022p1 Winter Trimester is required to be completed by Janua...reminder-2022p1-winter-trimester-cbt-due-january-29
January 24, 2023AFA Debrief: January 24, 2023Reminder - 2022p1 Winter Trimester CBT Due January 29, Drug and Alcohol Testing Pay, Welcome Class 2...afa-debrief-january-24-2023
January 23, 2023Southwest is paying their pilots millions in bonusesJAN 23 - Southwest Airlines is doing some internal damage control after the company’s abys...southwest-is-paying-their-pilots-millions-in-bonuses
January 21, 2023The days of 'fun flying' are long gone: How U.S. air travel became a nightmareJAN 21 - It came off as a rare moment of candor for the airline industry on Wednesday, when Uni...the-days-of-fun-flying-are-long-gone-how-us-air-travel-became-a-nightmare
January 20, 2023Confirm VRL Package is Marked February 2023In reviewing the VRL Bid Packages, we became aware that the VRL bid packages uploaded for several ba...confirm-vrl-package-is-marked-february-2023
January 19, 2023United Announces 2022 Profit SharingJAN 19 - United’s recent announcement of our airline’s return to profitability alerted all of u...united-announces-2022-profit-sharing
January 19, 20232023 Winter Regular Scheduled MEC Meeting ConcludesJAN 19 - The public portion of the Winter 2023 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive C...2023-winter-regular-scheduled-mec-meeting-concludes
January 19, 2023European Taxation LetterJAN 19 - As we do annually in support of our Members residing in Europe who may be required by ...european-taxation-letter
January 19, 2023Safety, Health & Security Committee Annual ReportJAN 19 - This week at our Winter 2023 Regular MEC Meeting, our MEC Safety, Health & Securit...safety-health-security-committee-annual-report
January 19, 2023United Releases 4Q Earnings ReportJAN 19 - This week, United reported fourth-quarter earnings and full-year 2022 financial result...united-releases-4q-earnings-report
January 19, 2023AFA Debrief: January 19, 2023United Releases 4Q Earnings Report, Safety Health & Security Committee Annual Report, European T...afa-debrief-january-19-2023
January 18, 2023United Airlines and Southwest Airlines Both Have a Big ProblemJAN 18 - A crisis could be looming for the airline industry that could leave you stranded.united-airlines-and-southwest-airlines-both-have-a-big-problem
January 18, 2023American Giving Flight Attendants Free Bowl of Chili If They Don't Picket...JAN 18 - American Airlines Promises Flight Attendants A Free Bowl Of Chili If They Don’t Picket...american-giving-flight-attendants-free-bowl-of-chili-if-they-dont-picket
January 18, 2023United results top estimates as demand remains resilient despite high faresJAN 18 - United Airlines’ fourth-quarter profit and outlook for early 2023 topped Wall Street e...united-results-top-estimates-as-demand-remains-resilient-despite-high-fares
January 18, 2023United CEO Says Airline Industry Short on People, Planes and PlanningJAN 18 - Despite a better-than-expected year-end 2022 performance, United Airlines sees structu...united-ceo-says-airline-industry-short-on-people-planes-and-planning
January 18, 2023United Airlines CEO warns travelers more disruptions aheadJAN 18 - The CEO of United Airlines says it could be another rocky year for air travelers.united-airlines-ceo-warns-travelers-more-disruptions-ahead
January 17, 2023Southwest pilots’ union calls vote to authorize potential strikeJAN 17 - Southwest pilots’ union calls vote to authorize potential strike as contract talks sou...southwest-pilots-union-calls-vote-to-authorize-potential-strike
January 17, 2023MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - JanuaryMEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - Januarymec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-february
January 17, 2023AFA Disaster Relief Changes LivesJAN 17 - We know that disasters can change lives forever. While we can’t stop destructive event...afa-disaster-relief-changes-lives
January 17, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2246!JAN 17 - Class 2246 will begin their careers at our Chicago, Denver, Newark and Washington D.C....afa-welcomes-class-2246
January 17, 20232023 Winter MEC MeetingJAN 17 - The meeting is open to Members in good standing. If you happen to be in Chicago on the...2023-winter-mec-meeting
January 17, 2023AFA Debrief: January 17, 20232023 Winter MEC Meeting, Profit Sharing for 2023, AFA Welcomes Class 2246!, AFA Disaster Relief Chan...afa-debrief-january-17-2023
January 17, 2023United Airlines Opens $32M Flight Attendant Training Center ExpansionJAN 17 - United has just completed a massive expansion project to its flight attendant training...united-airlines-opens-32m-flight-attendant-training-center-expansion
January 16, 2023Blame The Airlines for the American InequalityJAN 16 - Airlines Are Terrible. Small Cities Are Still Paying Them Millions of Dollars to Stick Arou...airlines-are-terrible
January 15, 2023Profit Sharing ProgramJAN 15 - Given United’s return to profitability, management has announced their expectation that we ...profit-sharing-program
January 14, 2023Frontier Airlines Drops Human-To-Human Customer ServiceJAN 14 - Frontier Airlines announced that it would no longer offer human-to-human customer supp...frontier-airlines-drops-human-to-human-customer-service
January 13, 2023Airlines Made the Wrong Bet by Doubling Regional Pilot Pay: AnalystJAN 13 - Airlines Made the Wrong Bet by Doubling Regional Pilot Pay: Analyst.   Ameri...airlines-made-the-wrong-bet-by-doubling-regional-pilot-pay-analyst
January 12, 2023Join United Pilots at Informational Picketing January 18 in SFO!JAN 12 - Wednesday, January 18, United Pilots, represented by ALPA, will be conducting Informat...join-united-pilots-at-informational-picketing-january-18-in-sfo
January 12, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2245!JAN 12 - Last week, AFA welcomed class 2245! Class 2245 will begin their careers at our Ch...afa-welcomes-class-2245
January 12, 2023Vacation Buy Back & 401(k) Deferral Payments - First Quarter of 2023JAN 12 - Flight Attendants who elected to participate in the Annual Vacation Buy Back option du...vacation-buy-back-401k-deferral-payments-first-quarter-of-2023
January 12, 2023Continue to Report Early BoardingJAN 12 - When passenger boarding begins earlier than the established passenger boarding time, t...continue-to-report-early-boarding
January 12, 2023Base Transfers for March 2023 Awarded - Effective 3/2/2023JAN 12 - Transfers have been processed for the March 2023 bid month and will be effective 3/2/2...base-transfers-for-march-2023-awarded-effective-322023
January 12, 2023Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 16 US Federal HolidayJAN 12 - January 16, 2023 is a United States Federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, J...martin-luther-king-jr-day-january-16
January 12, 2023AFA Debrief: January 12, 2023Martin Luther King Jr Day – January 16 US Federal Holiday , Base Transfers for March 2023 Awarded -...afa-debrief-january-12-2023
January 11, 2023House Republicans Can’t Even Tolerate the Word LaborJAN 11 - The committee’s rechristening as the House Committee on Education & the Workforce refle...house-republicans-cant-even-tolerate-the-word-labor
January 11, 2023FAA Server Outage – ResolvedJAN 11 - Earlier today, the FAA experienced a nationwide outage of the system that sends out im...faa-server-outage-resolved
January 10, 2023Union Plus Scholarship ProgramJAN 10 - As a yearly reminder, the Union Plus Scholarship Program application must be received ...union-plus-scholarship-program
January 10, 2023United Master Executive Council Meeting – January 17-18JAN 10 - The Winter 2023 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) is schedu...united-master-executive-council-meeting-january-17-18
January 10, 2023January 2023 Semi-Annual System Seniority List PublishedJAN 10 - You will have a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days from January 11, 2023, to dispute...january-2023-semi-annual-system-seniority-list-published
January 10, 2023February 2023 Final List of Transfers AcceptedJAN 10 - We ask please that, if you have a transfer on file, you make sure it reflects your cur...february-2023-final-list-of-transfers-accepted
January 10, 2023Reminder - 2022p1 Winter Trimester CBT Due January 29!JAN 10 - Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2022p1 Winter Trimester is required to be completed by ...reminder-2022p1-winter-trimester-cbt-due-january-29
January 10, 2023Reminder – February 2023 Special COLA Closes January 13!JAN 10 - Inflight Scheduling has determined that there may be opportunities to award one-month ...reminder-february-2023-special-cola-closes-january-13
January 10, 2023January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention MonthJAN 10 - As Flight Attendants, we are uniquely positioned to identify human traffickers and ass...january-is-national-slavery-human-trafficking-prevention-month
January 10, 2023AFA Debrief: January 10, 2023January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Reminder – February 2023 Spe...afa-debrief-january-10-2023
January 9, 2023Here's why reclining seats are disappearing from airlinesJAN 09 -  The decline of the recline has been coming for some time now. The days of all economy...heres-why-reclining-seats-are-disappearing-from-airlines
January 8, 2023Everyone’s elite, but not for long. Airlines make perks harder to earn this yearJAN 08 - Airlines are trying to handle the surge of big spenders — without compromising the appeal o...everyones-elite-but-not-for-long-airlines-make-perks-harder-to-earn-this-year
January 7, 2023Japan Airlines Tells Passengers It’s Unethical To Eat On BoardJAN 07 - Japan Airlines is asking business class customers to skip meals on board, telling them...japan-airlines-tells-passengers-its-unethical-to-eat-on-board
January 6, 2023Southwest Airlines meltdown highlights insular management teamJAN 06 - Southwest Airlines meltdown highlights insular management team: ‘A founder-based culture ca...southwest-airlines-meltdown-highlights-insular-management-team
January 5, 2023AA face penalties for punishing flight attendants who reported toxic fumesJAN 05 - American Airlines faces penalties for punishing flight attendants who reported to...aa-face-penalties-for-punishing-flight-attendants-who-reported-toxic-fumes
January 5, 2023Delta workers accuse airline of ‘culture of fear’ amid attempts to unionizeJAN 05 - Workers face stagnant wages and short staffing despite the airline enjoying soaring pr...delta-workers-accuse-airline-of-culture-of-fear-amid-attempts-to-unionize
January 5, 2023Fuel Stops – Which Applies, Flight Time or Holding?JAN 05 - It is important to understand that where the aircraft comes to rest, that is, parks, i...fuel-stops-which-applies-flight-time-or-holding
January 5, 2023The Challenge of Obtaining Crew Meals during Irregular OperationsJAN 05 - While some of the pairings, as scheduled, are technically “legal,” if things don’t go ...the-challenge-of-obtaining-crew-meals-during-irregular-operations
January 5, 20237.Q.1. CCS Notifications – The Big PictureJAN 05 - It is situations such as these in which we are reminded that sticking with our Contrac...7q1-ccs-notifications-the-big-picture
January 5, 2023AFA Debrief: January 05, 20237.Q.1. CCS Notifications – The Big Picture, The Challenge of Obtaining Crew Meals during Irregular...afa-debrief-january-05-2023
January 4, 2023Will labor strife led by pilots become the airline industry’s next big obstacle?JAN 04 - With all four big airlines negotiating pilot contracts and several in talks with flight att...will-labor-strife-led-by-pilots-become-the-airline-industrys-next-big-obstacle
January 4, 2023"Flight Attendants Seek Change to California Worker Protection Laws..."JAN 04 - Flight Attendants Seek Change to California Worker Protection Laws to Prevent ‘Unintended C...flight-attendants-seek-change-to-california-worker-protection-laws
January 4, 2023Southwest's ex-CEO turned airline into cult that couldn't recover from meltdownsJAN 04 - Southwest's ex-CEO turned the airline into a 'cult' that couldn't recover from its 'meltdow...southwests-ex-ceo-turned-airline-into-cult-that-couldnt-recover-from-meltdowns
January 4, 2023During in-flight emergencies, sometimes airlines’ medical kits fall shortJAN 04 - While COVID-19 ushered in new health and cleaning protocols designed to make airplane ...during-in-flight-emergencies-sometimes-airlines-medical-kits-fall-short
January 4, 2023Passenger claims United was ‘lying’ about lost luggage after using AirTagJAN 04 - Airline passenger claims United was ‘lying’ about lost luggage after AirTag showed it ...passenger-claims-united-was-lying-about-lost-luggage-after-using-airtag
January 3, 2023AFA Welcomes Class 2244!JAN 3 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2244 as part of our Fli...afa-welcomes-class-2244
January 3, 2023CDC Renews Covid Test Mandate for Pax from ChinaJAN 3 - The U.S. government is requiring proof of a negative Covid-19 test for all passengers ages t...cdc-renews-covid-test-mandate-for-pax-from-china
January 3, 2023What To Expect from the Aviation Industry Over the Next DecadeJAN 03 - What to Expect from The Aviation Industry Over fhe Next Decade. What will happen by 20...what-to-expect-from-the-aviation-industry-over-the-next-decade
December 31, 2022New Year MessageWe join the entire United Master Executive Council and all those with whom we work daily to expres...new-year-message
December 31, 2022AFA Debrief : December 31, 2022We join the entire United Master Executive Council and all those with whom we work daily to expres...afa-debrief-december-31-2022
December 29, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2243!DEC 29 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2243 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2243
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