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August 2, 2021American Airlines, Spirit Airlines Passengers Face Hundreds of CancellationsAug 2 - American Airlines, Spirit Airlines passengers face hundreds of cancellations following storm...american-airlines-spirit-airlines-passengers-face-hundreds-of-cancellations
August 2, 2021Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellations Vex TravelersAug 2 - The summer of major flight woes continues, leaving Spirit Airlines passengers...spirit-airlines-flight-cancellations-vex-travelers
July 30, 2021White Flag designated at DEN, EWR, IAD, IAH and ORD for July 30, 2021Jul 30 - As of 8:45 PM CT on July 29, 2021, Friday, July 30, 2021 has been a designated White Flag D...white-flag-designated-at-den-ewr-iad-iah-and-ord-for-july-30-2021
July 30, 2021Blue Cross/Blue Shield Settlement Related to Licensing AgreementsJul 30 - Last October, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies reached a class action settlement w...blue-crossblue-shield-settlement-related-to-licensing-agreements
July 30, 2021Catering Operations Changes AheadJul 30 - United announce they would be exploring the option to transition catering operations t...catering-operations-changes-ahead
July 30, 2021Get Connected! Sign up for all Union CommunicationsJul 30 - As we begin gearing up for our upcoming Negotiations, it is imperative that all United...get-connected-sign-up-for-all-union-communications
July 30, 2021Crew Member Self Defense Training Program (CMSDT)Jul 30 - Working in the aircraft cabin at 35,000 feet and the nature of potential conflict in t...crew-member-self-defense-training-program-cmsdt
July 30, 2021Journey of Remembrance to National Flight 93 Memorial Park on September 11Jul 30 - As we have done for many years, we will attend the September 11th Memorial Observance ...journey-of-remembrance-to-national-flight-93-memorial-park-on-september-11
July 30, 2021Delayed Delivery of Replacement Badges at Bases Across the SystemJul 30 - Currently, the bases are receiving badge shipments about 10-15 days from the end of th...delayed-delivery-of-replacement-badges-at-bases-across-the-system
July 30, 2021Dependent Verification Process UpdateJul 30 - The company has undertaken a Dependent Eligibility Verification Process that will requ...dependent-verification-process-update
July 30, 2021CQ Due Month Re-bid ReminderJul 30 - As the company works to rebalance their CQ training liability and to ensure they can m...cq-due-month-re-bid-reminder
July 30, 2021AFA Debrief July 30, 2021CQ Due Month Re-bid Reminder, Dependent Verification Process Update, Delayed Delivery of Replacem...afa-debrief-july-30-2021
July 29, 2021AA Pilots and Flight Attendants Unions Say They Can’t Find Hotel RoomsJul 29 - Flight Attendants and pilots at American Airlines Group Inc. brought co...aa-pilots-and-flight-attendants-unions-say-they-cant-find-hotel-rooms
July 29, 2021Flight Attendants Union Say Airlines Must Do More To Address Unruly PassengersJul 29 -  As air travel demand increases, a vast majority of flight attendants say they have de...flight-attendants-say-airlines-must-do-more-to-address-unruly-passengers
July 29, 2021United Airlines to outsource catering operations from OctoberJul 29 - United said it has selected three suppliers to operate the airline's five kitchens and...united-airlines-to-outsource-catering-operations-from-october
July 29, 2021With Delta extending elite status, will American and United follow suit?Jul 29 - While all Delta Medallion members can now rest easy, knowing that their status will be...with-delta-extending-elite-status-will-american-and-united-follow-suit
July 29, 2021United won’t be flying to Cape Town as early as expected this yearJul 29 - The return of United’s seasonal flight between Newark and Cape Town (CPT) has been pushed b...united-wont-be-flying-to-cape-town-as-early-as-expected-this-year
July 29, 2021American Flight Attendant, Pilot Unions Complain About Lack of Hotel RoomsJul 29 - Sleeping at the airport: American Airlines flight attendant, pilot unions complain about la...american-flight-attendant-pilot-unions-complain-about-lack-of-hotel-rooms
July 27, 2021U.S. will not lift travel restrictions, citing Delta variant, White House saysJul 27 - The United States will not lift any existing travel restrictions "at this po...us-will-not-lift-travel-restrictions-citing-delta-variant-white-house-says
July 27, 2021CDC to recommend masks for vaccinated people in some situationsJul 27 - The change in guidance comes after COVID-19 cases have risen nationwide, nearly tripli...cdc-to-recommend-masks-for-vaccinated-people-in-some-situations
July 27, 2021Now Airlines Are Concerned About Fuel ShortageJul 27 - U.S. carriers say there is a fuel shortage afoot, mostly at small to mid-size airports...now-airlines-are-concerned-about-fuel-shortage
July 27, 2021UK Airline Industry Calls for Reopening to Vaccinated US TravelersJul 27 - Airlines in the United Kingdom and officials from London’s Heathrow Airport are advoca...uk-airline-industry-calls-for-reopening-to-vaccinated-us-travelers
July 27, 2021How Management Can Support Our Summer OperationJul 27 - Dependability is vital in creating a positive experience. However, the responsibility for...how-management-can-support-our-summer-operation
July 27, 2021Short Crew PayWhen working a flight with short crew, Flight Attendants are protected by the provisions of our Co...short-crew-pay
July 27, 2021Mid-trip or en Route Sick Leave CompensationThere are some differences in how Reserve and Lineholder Flight Attendants are paid when become il...mid-trip-or-en-route-sick-leave-compensation
July 27, 2021Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) EtiquetteWe recognize the need to work around each other can add to the frustration of working an already f...cabin-jumpseat-cja-etiquette
July 27, 2021Vaccination LOA RemindersThe deadline to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination to support August flying has arrived from tri...vaccination-loa-reminders
July 27, 2021Southwest Airlines readies big play for business flyersJul 27 - Southwest Airlines readies big play for business flyers as companies ready return to office...southwest-airlines-readies-big-play-for-business-flyers
July 27, 2021World’s 20 best airlines are named by air safety websiteJul 27 - The airline safety website AirlineRatings.com published its list of “Top Airlines in t...worlds-20-best-airlines-are-named-by-air-safety-website
July 26, 2021Airlines cite concerns about fuel shortages at some airportsJul 26 - American Airlines says it’s running into fuel shortages at some smaller and mid-size a...airlines-cite-concerns-about-fuel-shortages-at-some-airports
July 26, 2021American Airlines Is Facing Fuel Shortages At Smaller AirportsJul 26 - American Airlines is facing fuel shortages at smaller airports, but its planned solution ma...american-airlines-is-facing-fuel-shortages-at-smaller-airports
July 26, 2021Many Airlines Are Ill-Prepared For The Wave Of Returning PassengersJul 26 - As millions of Americans return to the skies, some airlines are struggling to meet demand, ...many-airlines-are-ill-prepared-for-the-wave-of-returning-passengers
July 26, 2021United Airlines Sends Engine Failure 777 To The Mojave DesertJul 26 - You may remember that, in February this year, a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered a ...united-airlines-sends-engine-failure-777-to-the-mojave-desert
July 25, 2021United Airlines’ Global Services extensionJul 25 - United Airlines has emailed Global Services members to inform them that their status w...united-airlines-global-services-extension
July 25, 2021United Airlines To Keep A Larger Leisure Footprint Post-CrisisJul 25 - The airline retrenched and decided to turn to a heavier leisure footprint in the Unite...united-airlines-to-keep-a-larger-leisure-footprint-post-crisis
July 24, 2021Teen Caused United flight To Be Evacuated After He AirDropped Image Of GunJul 24 - A teen caused a United Airlines flight to be evacuated after he AirDropped an image of...teen-caused-united-flight-to-be-evacuated-after-he-airdropped-image-of-gun
July 23, 2021Obtaining Past W2 Information – For Separated/Retired EmployeesJul 23 - During the past year, several employees have left the employment of United Airlines.&n...obtaining-past-w2-information-for-separatedretired-employees
July 23, 2021Summer 2021 Regular MEC Meeting RecessedJul 23 - The Summer Regular Meeting of United Master Executive Council (MEC) recessed on Wednes...summer-2021-regular-mec-meeting-recessed
July 23, 2021Vaccination Information Required for NRPS International Travel - August 1, 2021Jul 23 - Beginning August 1, 2021, the company has announced it will restrict positive space tr...vaccination-information-required-for-nrps-international-travel-august-1-2021
July 23, 2021Create Your AFA Account on “unitedafa.org” Today!Jul 23 - Our United MEC Website offers information and support for Members throughout our ...create-your-afa-account-on-unitedafaorg-today
July 23, 2021AFA Breast Cancer Awareness PinJul 23 - During the Summer Regular Meeting of the United MEC this past week, a Resolution&...afa-breast-cancer-awareness-pin
July 23, 2021United MEC Votes to Open Contract NegotiationsJul 23 - The United Master Executive Council unanimously adopted a Resolution for Beginnin...united-mec-votes-to-open-contract-negotiations
July 23, 2021Help End Human Trafficking: Take the SurveyJul 23 - AFA is partnering with United Against Slavery in a global effort to end the scourge of...help-end-human-trafficking-take-the-survey
July 23, 2021Vaccination Requirements to International DestinationsJul 23 - As previously reported, effective with the August 2021 bid month, crewmembers are requ...vaccination-requirements-to-international-destinations
July 23, 2021September Special COLA Bidding Now OpenJul 23 - Inflight Scheduling has determined there will be an opportunity to award additional ti...september-special-cola-bidding-now-open
July 23, 2021E-Lines: July 23, 2021United MEC Votes to Open Contract Negotiations, Vaccination Requirements to International Destinatio...e-lines-july-23-2021
July 23, 2021Dependent Verification Process Now in ProgressJul 23 - As was announced by United management in the July 9, 2021 United Daily publication, Un...dependent-verification-process-now-in-progress
July 23, 2021July 25th is Declared White Flag Day in DENJul 23 - July 25th is declared White Flag Day in DEN, meanwhile July 24, 2021 is a designated White ...july-24th-designated-white-flag-in-iah-and-ord
July 22, 2021United Airlines ditches cargo-only flights as passengers returnJul 22 - United Airlines has mostly phased out use of jets for dedicated cargo service, returni...united-airlines-ditches-cargo-only-flights-as-passengers-return
July 22, 2021US Airlines Say Spread of "Delta" Variant Isn't Deterring Travelers From BookingJul 22 - Rising concern about the fast-spreading delta variant of COVID-19 is creatin...us-airlines-say-spread-of-delta-variant-isnt-deterring-travelers-from-booking
July 22, 2021Hourly Workers Are Demanding Better Pay and Benefits—and Getting ThemJul 22 - The pandemic was a breaking point for low-wage workers, who are fed up with being treated p...hourly-workers-are-demanding-better-pay-and-benefitsand-getting-them
July 22, 2021Even Airlines Like Southwest Are Having A Harder Time Recruiting New WorkersJul 22 - Coveted airline jobs are going unfilled as a labor shortage sweeps across the country in a...even-airlines-like-southwest-are-having-a-harder-time-recruiting-new-workers
July 22, 2021United Says Their Newark Operation Is Going To Become A DisasterJul 22 - A read out from an employee meeting at United details the headaches the airl...united-says-their-newark-operation-is-going-to-become-a-disaster
July 21, 2021United Airlines shares jump on upbeat outlook on demand despite delta variantJul 21 - United said it expects to return to a pretax profit in the third quarter.  CEO Scott K...united-airlines-shares-jump-on-upbeat-outlook-on-demand-despite-delta-variant
July 21, 2021MEC President Letter - United MEC Votes to Open Contract NegotiationsJul 21 - The United Master Executive Council Votes Unanimously to Open Contract Negotiations with Un...united-mec-votes-to-open-contract-negotiations
July 21, 20214 Things That Stood Out On United’s Earnings CallJul 21 - United Airlines held its second-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, part of a ...4-things-that-stood-out-on-uniteds-earnings-call
July 21, 2021Only One U.S. Airline Ranked Among The 10 Best in the World!Jul 21 - Airlines’ track records amid the COVID-19 pandemic factored in the new ranking.only-one-us-airline-ranked-among-the-10-best-in-the-world
July 20, 2021MEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF ReportThe Line Review (SWLOF) meeting for July 2021 to review the August 2021 line recommendations was hel...mec-central-schedule-committee-swlof-report
July 20, 2021UAL narrows losses, plans to ramp up flying to meet strong travel demandJul 20 - United Airlines on Tuesday reported higher second-quarter revenue thanks to a res...ual-narrows-losses-plans-to-ramp-up-flying-to-meet-strong-travel-demand
July 20, 2021As Fares Rise and Rates Plummet, "CALI" Rideshare Drivers Are Staging a StrikeJul 20 - On Wednesday, July 21, rideshare drivers across the state will be staging a strike to ...as-fares-rise-and-rates-plummet-cali-rideshare-drivers-are-staging-a-strike
July 20, 2021Jul 21 2021 - White Flag Day for DEN, IAD, IAH & ORD.JUL 21 -  July 21, 2021 has been designated as a White Flag Day for DEN, IAD, IAH &am...jul-21-2021-white-flag-day-for-den-iad-iah-ord
July 20, 2021Reserve Timeline Calendar for August 2021Jul 20 - If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the August 2021 bid month, there are various...reserve-timeline-calendar-for-august-2021
July 20, 2021Clarifying the International Purser Recruitment AnnouncementJul 20 - Management will continue to clear International Purser qualified Flight Attendants fro...clarifying-the-international-purser-recruitment-announcement
July 20, 2021CQ Rebid ReminderJul 20 - Flight Attendants with a recurrent training date (CQ) that falls within February 2022 ...cq-rebid-reminder
July 20, 2021Day 1 of the Summer MEC MeetingJul 20 - Today, July 20, 2021 concluded the first day of the Regularly Scheduled United Master ...day-1-of-the-summer-mec-meeting
July 20, 2021Self Help 101- Your Rest MattersJul 20 - Our Contract provides protection to ensure when things go wrong that we have solutions...self-help-101-your-rest-matters
July 20, 2021Debrief: July 20, 2021Self Help 101- Your Rest Matters, Day 1 of the Summer MEC Meeting, CQ Rebid Reminder, Clarifying the...debrief-july-20-2021
July 19, 2021World's best airlines for 2021, ranked by AirlineRatings.comJul 19 - As air travel returns in some regions, AirlineRatings.com has released its annual...worlds-best-airlines-for-2021-ranked-by-airlineratingscom
July 19, 2021System Reserve Meeting Report - July 2021The System Reserve Meeting with United Airlines was held on June 15, 2021 via Microsoft Teams™...system-reserve-meeting-report-july-2021
July 19, 2021Airline Stocks, Boeing Tumble as Covid Cases ClimbJul 19 - Shares of airlines and Boeing slipped in a market sell-off amid the spread of Covid-19.&nbs...airline-stocks-boeing-tumble-as-covid-cases-climb
July 18, 2021July 18, 2021 - White Flag Declared at DEN, EWR, IAD & ORDJul 18 - July 18, 2021 has been designated as a White Flag Day in DEN, EWR, IAD and ORD. Flight At...july-18-2021-white-flag-declared-at-den-ewr-iad-ord
July 18, 2021CQ Due Month Realignment Bid PosterJul 18 - Due to the number of Flight Attendants returning from voluntary/involuntary furlough in 202...cq-due-month-realignment-bid-poster
July 18, 2021MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL ReportMixed Base Flying Assignments, Frequency Flying Changes, International Check-in time excep...mec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report
July 18, 2021U.S. Airlines Got $39 Billion In Payroll Support. They Deserved Every Penny.Jul 18 - Congress provided $39 billion to pay the salaries of tens of thousands of employees at...us-airlines-got-39-billion-in-payroll-support-they-deserved-every-penny
July 17, 2021Senator asks airlines about worker shortages after billions in U.S. bailoutsJul 17 - The chair of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has asked the chief executives of six ...senator-asks-airlines-about-worker-shortages-after-billions-in-us-bailouts
July 17, 2021Key Senator Questions Airline Bosses Over $54 Billion in Pandemic AidJul 17 - Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) issued letters to CEOs asking why they appeared not to be pre...key-senator-questions-airline-bosses-over-54-billion-in-pandemic-aid
July 16, 2021FAA orders inspections of all 737s; airlines expect no operational disruptionJul 16 - The FAA this week issued a directive to all airlines operating the Boeing 73...faa-orders-inspections-of-all-737s-airlines-expect-no-operational-disruption
July 16, 2021The Apps and Websites You Need for International Travel During CovidJul 16 - Tips for finding entry requirements, digitizing documents and expediting check-in now that ...the-apps-and-websites-you-need-for-international-travel-during-covid
July 16, 2021American Airlines Cancels Flight Attendants’ Voluntary Leaves, Plans To Hire 800Jul 16 - American is canceling voluntary leaves of 3,300 flight attendants, calling them back by the...american-airlines-cancels-flight-attendants-voluntary-leaves-plans-to-hire-800
July 16, 2021American Airlines Recalls Crew On Voluntary Leave, Plans Hiring - LetterJul 16 - American Airlines Group Inc said on Thursday it has asked about 3,300 flight attendant...american-airlines-recalls-crew-on-voluntary-leave-plans-hiring-letter
July 16, 2021AFA Debrief – July 16, 2021White and Purple Flag Declarations, Addition of the B737 MAX 8 Aircraft to United’s Fleet, Viral Vig...afa-debrief-july-16-2021
July 16, 2021White and Purple Flag DeclarationsJul 16 - Management recently designated White Flag Days in DEN, IAH and ORD. White Flag is...white-and-purple-flag-declarations
July 16, 2021Addition of the B737 MAX 8 Aircraft to United’s FleetJul 16 - The first B737 MAX 8 (37E) aircraft will join United’s fleet of aircraft on July 16, 2...addition-of-the-b737-max-8-aircraft-to-uniteds-fle
July 16, 2021Viral VigilanceJul 16 - As hopeful as we all have been that the impact of the COVID-19 virus is behind us, you...viral-vigilance
July 16, 2021My Safety App LaunchedJul 16 - The My Safety App has been pushed to our Link devices as an added tool for our us...my-safety-app-launched
July 16, 2021Cabin Temperature Monitoring – It’s about Safety!Jul 16 - A hot aircraft can cause fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and in extreme cases, could escal...cabin-temperature-monitoring-its-about-safety
July 16, 2021Summer Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive CouncilJul 16 - The Summer Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will take place, in ...summer-regular-meeting-of-the-united-master-executive-council
July 16, 2021International Purser Recruitment AnnouncementJul 16 - United announced this week, due to resumption of service in the International markets,...international-purser-recruitment-announcement
July 16, 2021Clarifying Recent Scope ArticleJul 16 - We’ve received some questions about an article we included in last week’s edition of D...clarifying-recent-scope-article
July 16, 2021NRPS Travel to New York (EWR/LGA) continues through July 18Jul 16 - As a reminder, United is offering positive space travel to maintain the needs of the operat...nrps-travel-to-new-york-ewrlga-continues-through-july-18
July 16, 2021Reserve Timeline Calendar for August 2021Jul 16 - For your convenience, we have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline det...reserve-timeline-calendar-for-august-2021
July 15, 2021Pilot Sues Delta for $1 Billion Claiming the Airline Stole Crew AppJul 15 - Captain Craig Alexander says he developed app for flight crews.  He claims Delta ...pilot-sues-delta-for-1-billion-claiming-the-airline-stole-crew-app
July 15, 2021Biden keeps Trump’s travel ban on EuropeansJul 15 - European governments are growing increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration for ...biden-keeps-trumps-travel-ban-on-europeans
July 15, 2021Japan asks airlines to halt new bookings as Olympic traffic risesJul 15 - The Japanese government has asked airlines to halt new bookings by the general public ...japan-asks-airlines-to-halt-new-bookings-as-olympic-traffic-rises
July 15, 2021As Travel Rebounds, Airlines Are Figuring It Out on the FlyJul 15 - Business destinations are out, tourist spots are in. The old rules governing fares and...as-travel-rebounds-airlines-are-figuring-it-out-on-the-fly
July 14, 2021Delta Air Lines Is Profitable Again. American Airlines Is Turning a Corner.Jul 14 - Airlines are getting back to profitability for the first time since the pand...delta-air-lines-is-profitable-again-american-airlines-is-turning-a-corner
July 14, 2021United Agrees to Buy Up 200 Electric AircraftJul 14 - The major airline announced that it invested in Heart Aerospace, a Sweden-based electr...united-agrees-to-buy-up-200-electric-aircraft
July 14, 2021Massive flight delays, cancellations prompt finger-pointingJul 14 - Airlines are racking up an unprecedented number of delays and flight cancellations jus...massive-flight-delays-cancellations-prompt-finger-pointing
July 13, 2021Flight Attendant Disaster Relief FundJul 13 - If you have been affected by this or another natural disaster, your Union stands ready to...flight-attendant-disaster-relief-fund
July 13, 2021Update: Positive Space Travel for EWR, JFK and LGAJul 13 - Due to the significant weather events forecast for the greater New York area, United is o...update-positive-space-travel-for-ewr-jfk-and-lga
July 13, 2021Reminder: COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Commuter Program CancelledJul 13 - The temporary requirement for Flight Attendants be listed on one (1) flight is no longer ...reminder-covid-19-pandemic-temporary-commuter-program-cancelled
July 13, 2021Lineholders May Release Sick Leave Pairings in Advance of 8hrs to DepartureJul 13 - A Flight Attendant who wants to release her/his sick leave pairing can do so by notifying...lineholders-may-release-sick-leave-pairings-in-advance-of-8hrs-to-departure
July 13, 2021Emailing your Bid CardJul 13 - When placing your bid on file it is a good practice to also email yourself a copy of your...emailing-your-bid-card
July 13, 2021Attendance Bonus Points – How are they Applied?Jul 13 - Bonus point(s) serve as an incentive that is used during certain peak travel periods to r...attendance-bonus-points-how-are-they-applied
July 13, 2021Debrief: July 13, 2021Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Fund, Update: Positive Space Travel for EWR, JFK and LGA, R...debrief-july-13-2021
July 12, 2021Woman is duct-taped to her seat after trying to open plane door midflightJul 12 - American Airlines confirmed the incident in a statement sent to The Washington Post on...woman-is-duct-taped-to-her-seat-after-trying-to-open-plane-door-midflight
July 11, 2021United CEO: My guess is airline mask mandate will expire in SeptemberJul 11 - United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby on Sunday predicted that the mask mandate for air...united-ceo-my-guess-is-airline-mask-mandate-will-expire-in-september
July 10, 2021Why Biden's executive order targeting airlines is a big deal for passengersJul 10 - President Joe Biden signed a wide-ranging executive order geared towards promotin...why-bidens-executive-order-targeting-airlines-is-a-big-deal-for-passengers
July 9, 2021Known Crew Member (KCM) is Accessible Only for "Active" CrewmembersJul 9 - Keep in mind that when returning to active status there will be a delay in updating your sta...known-crew-member-kcm-is-accessible-only-for-active-crewmembers
July 9, 2021Flight Time or Holding Time following a DiversionJul 9 - Recent adverse weather conditions across the country have resulted in the diversion of ...flight-time-or-holding-time-following-a-diversion
July 9, 2021Turbulence: Protect YourselfJul 9 - Seasonal changes can bring about weather-related turbulence. A reminder of the issues t...turbulence
July 9, 2021Base Transfer GuidelinesJul 9 - Recently, the company has awarded over 200 Flight Attendant transfers to DEN, EWR, and ...base-transfer-guidelines
July 9, 2021The Value of Our Contractual Scope LanguageJul 9 - Just as we should not perform work that is assigned to other airport employees such as ...the-value-of-our-contractual-scope-language
July 9, 2021CQ Due Month ImbalanceJul 9 - The recent return of over 9,000 of our flying partners who successfully completed their...cq-due-month-imbalance
July 9, 2021Debrief: July 09, 2021CQ Due Month Imbalance, The Value of Our Contractual Scope Language, Base Transfer Guidelines, Turbu...e-lines-july-09-2021
July 8, 2021FAA Seeks Thousands In Fines From Disruptive Airline TravelersJul 8 - FAA says traveler called in fake plane hijacking threats, another punched a woman holding a ...faa-seeks-thousands-in-fines-from-disruptive-airline-travelers
July 7, 2021TSA screenings surpass 2019 levels in pandemic firstJul 7 - TSA screenings surpass 2019 levels in pandemic first as airlines, airports scramble to stafftsa-screenings-surpass-2019-levels-in-pandemic-first
July 7, 2021System Reserve Meeting Report - June 2021The System Reserve Meeting with United Airlines was held on June 17, 2021 via Microsoft Teams™...system-reserve-meeting-report-june-2021
July 7, 2021United says that '100%' of customers will be able to bring carry-on bagsJul 7 - United says that '100%' of customers will be able to bring carry-on bags as part of its mass...united-says-that-100-of-customers-will-be-able-to-bring-carry-on-bags
July 6, 2021A Return to Our Traditional Boarding & Deplaning ProcessesJul 6 - United has now determined they will change the deplaning process. Beginning July 6, 2021, ...a-return-to-our-traditional-boarding-disembarking-processes
July 6, 2021Verify Your Personal Address in Company Records is AccurateJul 6 - As many of us transition back to the line now might be the perfect time to remind everyone...verify-your-personal-address-in-company-records-is-accurate
July 6, 2021Summer Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive CouncilJul 6 - The Summer Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will take place, in ...summer-regular-meeting-of-the-united-master-executive-council
July 6, 2021Early BoardingJul 6 - Operational and weather delays, often associated with summer flying, and the corporate d...early-boarding
July 6, 2021Debrief July 06, 2021A Return to our Traditional Boarding & Deplaning Process, Positive Spaces: Florida Travel Adviso...debrief-july-06-2021
July 6, 2021Charlotte Flight to Bahamas Canceled When High Schoolers Refuse to Wear MasksJul 6 - Dozens of passengers experienced a nightmare at Charlotte Douglas International Airport...charlotte-flight-to-bahamas-canceled-when-high-schoolers-refuse-to-wear-masks
July 6, 2021American, Southwest Airlines Surge in Flight Delays Hint at Hard SummerJul 6 - This summer is already shaping up to be a difficult one for air travelers.american-southwest-airlines-surge-in-flight-delays-hint-at-hard-summer
July 5, 2021Positive Space: Florida Travel Advisory July 6 & 7Jul 5 - Due to the significant weather events forecasted for the state of Florida, in advance o...positive-space-florida-travel-advisory-july-6-7
July 4, 2021Independence DayJul 4 - America was built on the idea of freedom. When the 13 colonies came together two h...independence-day
July 4, 2021MEC Hotel and Transportation ReportMEC Hotel and Transportation Report - July 4, 2021mec-hotel-and-transportation-report
July 3, 2021Two months after launch, Avelo cuts destination cities, raises pricesJul 3 - Just over two months after launching operations, US start-up carrier Avelo Airlines is ...two-months-after-launch-avelo-cuts-destination-cities-raises-prices
July 3, 2021Transportation Department readies new airline consumer protectionsJul 3 - The way airlines handle extra, optional fees -- such as the charges to check a bag or r...transportation-department-readies-new-airline-consumer-protections
July 3, 2021United Airlines' Growth Strategy Looks Too AmbitiousJul 3 - Management clearly recognizes the key shortcomings that have weighed on United Airlines' fin...united-airlines-growth-strategy-looks-too-ambitious
July 2, 2021United Charter OpportunityJul 2 - As communicated in the June 23 Inflight Services Weekly, United has announced that...united-charter-opportunity
July 2, 2021Debrief: July 02, 2021Independence Day, The Teamsters Are Coming For Amazon, United Re-Introduces Alcohol to Flights Over ...debrief-july-02-2021
July 2, 2021United COVID-19 Testing Requirement UpdateJul 2 - This week United distributed a series of Safety Alerts regarding changes to COVID-19 te...united-covid-19-testing-requirement-update
July 2, 2021United’s My Safety AppJul 2 - In United’s ISW edition this week, it was announced that this July, the company will la...uniteds-my-safety-app
July 2, 2021United Re-Introduces Alcohol to Flights Over 200 MilesJul 2 - In Wednesday’s edition of Inflight Services Weekly, United announced the upcoming expan...united-re-introduces-alcohol-to-flights-over-200-miles
July 2, 2021The Teamsters Are Coming For AmazonJul 2 - Unions across the U.S. are raising their voices in support of the International Brother...the-teamsters-are-coming-for-amazon
July 1, 2021United Airlines Plans Newark Ramp Up With Focus On The Long-TermJul 1 - As the airline navigates out of the crisis, United will be ramping up Newark, with plan...united-airlines-plans-newark-ramp-up-with-focus-on-the-long-term
July 1, 2021United Airlines’ Big Aircraft Order Has Upsides And RisksJul 1 - This order has some significant risks, also, and has implications for domestic U.S. capacity...united-airlines-big-aircraft-order-has-upsides-and-risks
June 30, 2021Teamsters vote to create dedicated Amazon division to unionize workersJun 30 - Union members vote to create a dedicated division to take on the e-commerce giant.teamsters-vote-to-create-dedicated-amazon-division-to-unionize-workers
June 29, 2021United Returns to Profitability & Announces Transformational United Next PlanYesterday, United CEO Scott Kirby sent out a message letting us know that United is profitable for ...united-returns-to-profitability-announces-transformational-united-next-plan
June 29, 2021A Celebration of PridePride encompasses a diverse community. It symbolizes a different meaning for every person that cel...a-celebration-of-pride
June 29, 2021Filing a Local Council WorksheetIn our ongoing effort to address website security concerns, changes were recently made to the Repo...filing-a-local-council-worksheet
June 29, 20212HOT2COLD - Monitoring Cabin TemperatureA warm aircraft can quickly become a hot aircraft during boarding putting both crew and passengers ...2hot2cold-monitoring-cabin-temperature
June 29, 2021Survey of Your Experience with Unruly PassengersAs part of our push for stricter and more reliable legislation to enforce passenger safety and com...survey-of-your-experience-with-unruly-passengers
June 29, 2021August One and Three-Month Special COLAs Deadline Extension Now July 6United is offering one (1) and three (3) month Special Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLA) ...august-one-and-three-month-special-colas-deadline-extension-now-july-6
June 29, 2021Flight PACFlightPAC is the Association of Flight Attendants Political Action Committee (PAC). It is funded...flight-pac
June 29, 2021Random Alcohol Testing of Flight & Cabin Crew Flying in & out of EuropeAs of February 14, 2021, new requirements for random alcohol testing of flight and cabin crewmembe...random-alcohol-testing-of-flight-cabin-crew-flying-in-out-of-europe
June 29, 2021Debrief: June 29, 2021United Returns to Profitability & Announces Transformational United Next Plan, A Celebration...debrief-june-29-2021
June 29, 2021Coming soon to all United flights: Seatback entertainment screensJun 29 - United Airlines is making a big bet on inflight entertainment as part of a major post-...coming-soon-to-all-united-flights-seatback-entertainment-screens
June 29, 2021United Airlines is planning a record expansion of its aircraft fleet.Jun 29 - United Airlines announced that it was ordering 270 single-aisle planes from Boeing and...united-airlines-is-planning-a-record-expansion-of-its-aircraft-fleet
June 29, 2021United Airlines Plans a Record Fleet Expansion as Travel ReboundsJun 29 - The carrier is ordering 270 single-aisle planes from Boeing and Airbus, signaling confidenc...united-airlines-plans-a-record-fleet-expansion-as-travel-rebounds
June 28, 2021Budget-cutting airlines are contemplating long-haul flights with just one pilotJun 28 - There might be just one pilot in the cockpit on your long-haul flight someday, if test...budget-cutting-airlines-are-contemplating-long-haul-flights-with-just-one-pilot
June 28, 2021California Bans State Travel to Florida... due to discrimanatory LQBTQ+ lawsABC 30 Action News June 28, 2021 SAN FRANCISCO -- California added five more states, including Flor...california-bans-state-travel-to-florida-due-to-discrimanatory-lqbtq-laws
June 27, 2021EU airlines, airports warn digital COVID-19 certificate roll-out risks chaosJun 27 - Groups representing Europe's largest airlines and airports have warned of chaos and ho...eu-airlines-airports-warn-digital-covid-19-certificate-roll-out-risks-chaos
June 26, 2021Airlines, unions want DOJ to prosecute unruly passengersJun 26 - Increased political divisions and conflict over pandemic guidelines have led the Feder...airlines-unions-want-doj-to-prosecute-unruly-passengers
June 25, 2021International Purser Recurrent Training (PRT21) Preference Month BiddingJun 25 - Preference month bidding for International Purser recurrent training opened as of 8:00...international-purser-recurrent-training-prt21-preference-month-bidding
June 25, 2021When filing an IOR Form Remember to “Copy to AFA”Jun 25 - It’s imperative that when filing an Irregular Operations Report (IOR) report with the compa...when-filing-an-ior-form-remember-to-copy-to-afa
June 25, 2021Reserve Timeline Calendar for July 2021Jun 25 - If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the July bid month, there are various schedu...reserve-timeline-calendar-for-july-2021
June 25, 2021Travel While On Sick LeaveJun 25 - As we head into a busy summer travel season and travel to more destinations becomes po...travel-while-on-sick-leave
June 25, 2021July 4 / Halloween Holiday Point CreditJun 25 - In an effort to recognize Flight Attendants with perfect attendance during the upcomin...july-4-halloween-holiday-point-credit
June 25, 2021Union Representation Rights LawsuitJun 25 - AFA filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in our ongoing e...union-representation-rights-lawsuit
June 25, 2021Debrief: June 25, 2021Union Representation Rights Lawsuit, July 4 / Halloween Holiday Point Credit, Travel While...debrief-june-25-2021
June 24, 2021The FAA wants the airline industry to fight decades of sexism on airplanesJun 24 -  The FAA wants the airline industry to fight decades of sexism on airplanes by removin...the-faa-wants-the-airline-industry-to-fight-decades-of-sexism-on-airplanes
June 24, 2021Airlines Face a Bailout BacklashJun 24 - They, and other companies that took pandemic rescue money, face new demands in return for t...airlines-face-a-bailout-backlash
June 24, 2021American Airlines Shouldn’t Have Been Bailed OutJun 24 - On the latest Pivot podcast, Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss the case of Ameri...american-airlines-shouldnt-have-been-bailed-out
June 23, 2021UPDATE - Frontier Rescinds 'COVID Recovery Charge'Jun 23 - UPDATE Budget airline Frontier has rescinded some COVID-19 safety costs to passen...travel-is-back-and-so-are-airline-fees-frontier-adds-covid-recovery-charge
June 23, 2021Airlines ask Justice Dept. for criminal crackdown on out-of-control passengersJun 22 - A coalition of airline industry groups has asked the Justice Department to “commit to ...airlines-ask-justice-dept-for-criminal-crackdown-on-out-of-control-passengers
June 23, 2021Southwest Names the Airline’s Next Chief ExecutiveJun 23 - After nearly two decades leading the airline, Gary C. Kelly, Southwest’s chief executi...southwest-names-the-airlines-next-chief-executive
June 23, 2021Airlines urged to tighten Airbus A320 checks after COVID storageJun 23 - Regulators have called for more rigorous checks when pulling some Airbus (AIR.PA)...airlines-urged-to-tighten-airbus-a320-checks-after-covid-storage
June 23, 2021United Airlines to Allow Basic-Economy Passengers to ‘Upgrade’ to Standard CoachJun 23 - United Airlines said it would allow passengers to upgrade and makes changes to their b...united-airlines-to-allow-basic-economy-passengers-to-upgrade-to-standard-coach
June 22, 2021Group Universal Life (GUL) Auto EnrollmentJun 22 - For Flight Attendants returning from Leaves of Absence (LOA), including those returnin...group-universal-life-gul-auto-enrollment
June 22, 2021Contractual Cab Reimbursement Provided When Required During Designated HoursJun 22 - Section 5.D.2.a. of our Contract provides Flight Attendants with a ten-dollar ($10.00)...contractual-cab-reimbursement-provided-when-required-during-designated-hours
June 22, 2021Summer Flying - Carry Your Contract & Reserve Survival GuidesJun 22 - To protect ourselves during this time, we should all carry our Contract and know our C...summer-flying-carry-your-contract-reserve-survival-guides
June 22, 2021Welcome to AFA Debrief!Jun 22- Almost 20 years ago, we enhanced and supplemented our telephonic Dear AFA communications wi...welcome-to-afa-debrief
June 22, 2021Hotel Rooms for Layovers and Sits in Excess of Four (4) HoursJun 22 - Remember, that the requirement for a hotel room does not apply when there is a “creepi...hotel-rooms-for-layovers-and-sits-in-excess-of-four-4-hours
June 22, 2021Take Control of your Financial Future and Retirement, Fidelity 401(k)Jun 22 - We suggest making it a habit to review the status of your 401(k) account at least twic...take-control-of-your-financial-future-and-retirement-fidelity-401k
June 22, 2021E-Lines: June 22, 2021Welcome to AFA Debrief!, Location Specific Vaccine Requirements, Aviation Stakeholders Fight for Wor...e-lines-june-22-2021
June 22, 2021Aviation Stakeholders Fight for Worker SafetyJun 22 - AFA cosigned a letter, along with other aviation stakeholders including Airlines for A...airlines-for-america-joins-aviation-stakeholders-in-the-fight-for-worker-safety
June 22, 2021Location Specific Vaccine RequirementsJun 22 - Safety, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of everything we do...location-specific-vaccine-requirements
June 22, 2021DEN Bulk Boarding Procedure Require ClarificationJUN 22 - Flight Attendants passing through Denver (DEN) will notice a change in on board provis...den-bulk-boarding-procedure-require-clarification-2
June 22, 2021Service Guidelines ClarificationJUN 22 -  We understand with the frequent adjustments to service it may be difficult to ke...service-guidelines-clarification-2
June 21, 2021Latest FAA Reform Gives Workers New Way to Report Safety FlawsJun 21 - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Monday unveiled what it calls th...latest-faa-reform-gives-workers-new-way-to-report-safety-flaws
June 20, 2021The History Of United Airlines’ LiveryJun 20 - Chicago-based US legacy carrier and Star Alliance member United Airlines has a long, r...the-history-of-united-airlines-livery
June 20, 2021Happy Father's Day!Jun 20 - Happy Father's Day!   We celebrate you today!happy-fathers-day
June 20, 2021Tight Labor Market Returns the Upper Hand to American WorkersJun 20 - Employers competing for low-wage workers are offering signing bonuses and other perkstight-labor-market-returns-the-upper-hand-to-american-workers
June 19, 2021'Unprecedented' Violence as Travel Returns and Passenger Aggression SoarsJun 19 - Flight attendants describe 'unprecedented' violence as travel returns and passenger ag...unprecedented-violence-as-travel-returns-and-passenger-aggression-soars
June 18, 2021Air Travel’s Quick Rebound Is Straining Agents, Airlines and AirportsJun 18 - Airline and airport executives say they anticipated that vaccines and easing restricti...air-travels-quick-rebound-is-straining-agents-airlines-and-airports
June 18, 2021E-Lines: June 18, 2021COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Commuter Program Cancelled, Employee Uniform Appearance Standard Revisi...e-lines-june-18-2021
June 18, 2021June is National Safety MonthJun 18 - June is National Safety Month (NSM), and this year is the 25th anniversary of NSM.&nbs...june-is-national-safety-month
June 18, 2021Employee Uniform Appearance Standard Revisions Intended to Modernize and IncludeJun 18 - United management announced revised appearance standards for uniformed, “customer-faci...employee-uniform-appearance-standard-revisions-intended-to-modernize-and-include
June 18, 2021COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Commuter Program CancelledJun 18 -   Inflight management has expressed a view that the airline schedule has imp...covid-19-pandemic-temporary-commuter-program-cancelled
June 17, 2021July 2021 Reserve CalendarJun 17 - If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the July bid month, there are various schedu...july-2021-reserve-calendar
June 17, 2021United Airlines Benefits Center Closed Friday, June 18th!Jun 17 - A message has been added to the United Airlines Benefits Center system letting callers...united-airlines-benefits-center-closed-friday-june-18th
June 16, 2021The Amazon That Customers Don’t See: Inside A Key Warehouse During the PandemicJun 16 - In contrast to its precise, sophisticated processing of packages, Amazon’s model for m...the-amazon-that-customers-dont-see-inside-a-key-warehouse-during-the-pandemic
June 15, 2021Deviating from a Deadhead SegmentJun 15 - Deadhead deviations are outlined in Section 3.I.12 and 3.I.13 of our Contract. Firstly...deviating-from-a-deadhead-segment
June 15, 2021US Independence Day is a Paid HolidayJun 15 - We remind everyone of the upcoming Contractual holiday U.S. Independence Day (July 4th...us-independence-day-is-a-paid-holiday
June 15, 2021August 1 and 3 Month Special COLA Deadline June 25Jun 15 - In keeping with the provisions of our JCBA, for the August 2021 bid month, United is o...august-1-and-3-month-special-cola-deadline-june-25
June 15, 2021International Purser Required Training Preference Bid PeriodJun 15 - Flight Attendants who are International Purser Qualified (FSL) (including those who ar...international-purser-required-training-preference-bid-period
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