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September 30, 2022Pakistan Airlines' 'Wear Underwear' Dress Code. Then, A ClarificationSEP 30 - PIA immediately withdrew the bulletin, due to the backlash it received, Geo News repor...pakistan-airlines-wear-underwear-dress-code-then-a-clarification
September 29, 2022Lawmakers, unions press U.S. airlines to hold off on stock buybacksSEP 29 - Labor unions and some U.S. lawmakers are pressing airlines not to resume stock buyback...lawmakers-unions-press-us-airlines-to-hold-off-on-stock-buybacks
September 29, 2022Democrats press airlines against resuming stock buybacksSEP 29 - House Democrats on Thursday urged airlines to refrain from resuming stock buybacks unt...democrats-press-airlines-against-resuming-stock-buybacks
September 29, 2022Discouraging the Opt-in for CCS 7.Q.1 ReassignmentsSEP 29 - United announced their intent to implement a voluntary, non-Contractual method of rece...discouraging-the-opt-in-for-ccs-7q1-reassignments
September 29, 2022MEC Committee Election – Central Schedule CommitteeSEP 29 - At the upcoming Fall 2022 Regular United Master Executive Council (MEC) Meeting in Chi...mec-committee-election-central-schedule-committee
September 29, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2230!SEP 29 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2230 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2230
September 29, 2022Door Operation App RequirementSEP 29 - We encourage a dedicated and methodical approach when reviewing these videos to avoid ...door-operation-app-requirement
September 29, 2022Special COLA - November 2022SEP 29 - Crew Schedule Planning has determined there may be opportunities to offer one (1) mont...special-cola-november-2022
September 29, 2022Third Trimester CBT 2022p1 – DUE OCT 30!SEP 29 - The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be complete...third-trimester-cbt-2022p1-due-oct-30
September 29, 2022Variable Staffing Position(s) & OverstaffingSEP 29 - Not too long ago, we provided you with a news article as it relates to variable staffing an...variable-staffing-positions-overstaffing
September 29, 2022AFA Hurricane and Natural Disaster ResourcesSEP 29 - Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the current natural disaster, Hurricane Ian...afa-hurricane-and-natural-disaster-resources
September 29, 2022AFA Debrief: September 29, 2022AFA Hurricane and Natural Disaster Resources, Discouraging the Opt-in for CCS 7.Q.1 Reassignments,...afa-debrief-september-29-2022
September 28, 2022A new rule will force airlines to disclose all hidden fees before you bookSEP 28 - Finally, some justice when we're forced to pay extra for just about everything.a-new-rule-will-force-airlines-to-disclose-all-hidden-fees-before-you-book
September 27, 2022September 27, 2022 Day of ActionSEP 27 - United Flight Attendants are fed up!   And they showed up for our Septe...september-27-2022-day-of-action
September 27, 2022United Airlines flight attendants, demanding better operationsSEP 27 - Picketers held signs reading 'Can you hear us now'united-airlines-flight-attendants-demanding-better-operations
September 27, 2022Local flight attendants picket over flight delaysSEP 27 - Early Tuesday morning, flight attendants represented by the Association of Flight Atte...local-flight-attendants-picket-over-flight-delays
September 27, 2022United Airlines Flight Attendants Picket at Cleveland Hopkins AirportSEP 27 - A number of United Airlines flight attendants were picketing outside of Cleveland...united-airlines-flight-attendants-picket-at-cleveland-hopkins-airport
September 27, 2022Flight attendants protest schedule havoc at airports across U.S.SEP 27 - Flight attendants at United and Southwest airlines on Tuesday staged protests at airpo...flight-attendants-protest-schedule-havoc-at-airports-across-us
September 27, 2022Flight attendants protest at Midway, O’HareSEP 27 - Flight attendants for two of the city’s largest airlines protested at Midway and O’Har...flight-attendants-protest-at-midway-ohare
September 27, 2022United flight attendants picket at Logan, push for communication with managementSEP 27 - United flight attendants demonstrated outside airports nationwide Tuesday morning, inc...united-flight-attendants-picket-at-logan-push-for-communication-with-management
September 27, 2022Southwest, United flight attendants picket for new contract outside LAXSEP 27 - Union members representing thousands of Southwest Airlines and United Airlines flight ...southwest-united-flight-attendants-picket-for-new-contract-outside-lax
September 27, 2022United Airlines flight attendants’ protest lands in BostonSEP 27 - Flight attendants across the country, including in Boston, are demanding that United A...united-airlines-flight-attendants-protest-lands-in-boston
September 26, 2022Worker protests at airports spread nationwide over staffing and paySEP 26 - Food service workers in San Francisco go on strike and shut down concessions; flight a...worker-protests-at-airports-spread-nationwide-over-staffing-and-pay
September 25, 2022American Airlines cites mechanical issue for strange moanings over PA systemSEP 25 - ‘The sounds were caused by a mechanical issue with the PA amplifier, which raises the ...american-airlines-cites-mechanical-issue-for-strange-moanings-over-pa-system
September 24, 2022While You’re in the Air, Pilots’ Key Partners May Be Working From HomeSEP 24 - Two airlines allow dispatchers, who share operational authority over flights, to do th...while-youre-in-the-air-pilots-key-partners-may-be-working-from-home
September 23, 2022Alaska Airlines Pilots Reach Tentative Labor Contract DealSEP 23 - Alaska Airlines has come to a tentative deal with its pilots on a new contract, cappin...alaska-airlines-pilots-reach-tentative-labor-contract-deal
September 22, 2022AFA Disaster Relief Fund – Our Union at Work Helping Each OtherSEP 22 - Regardless of your Municipality, you are eligible for AFA Disaster Relief Funds if you...afa-disaster-relief-fund-our-union-at-work-helping-each-other
September 22, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2229!SEP 22 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2229 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2229
September 22, 2022Register to Vote!SEP 22 - Your right and privilege to vote is not automatic, you must register to vote, and you ...register-to-vote
September 22, 2022Vacation 2023 – Our Contractual Process Begins by September 25!SEP 22 - Our Contractual annual Vacation process kicks off with the creation of the Reserve Let...vacation-2023-our-contractual-process-begins-by-september-25
September 22, 2022KCM Location Change at EWRSEP 22 - On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, there was a change in one of the Known Crewmember (KCM...kcm-location-change-at-ewr
September 22, 2022Are You Fed Up? The Time to Act is Now to Demonstrate Our Solidarity!SEP 22 - Are you fed up?  The time to act is now to demonstrate our solidarity!are-you-fed-up-the-time-to-act-is-now-to-demonstrate-our-solidarity
September 22, 2022AFA Debrief: September 22, 2022Are You Fed Up? The Time to Act is Now to Demonstrate Our Solidarity!, KCM Location Change at EWR,...afa-debrief-september-22-2022
September 20, 2022Give to or Get Help from the AFA-CWA Disaster Relief FundSEP 20 - We know that disasters can change lives forever. While we can’t stop destructive event...give-to-or-get-help-from-the-afa-cwa-disaster-relief-fund
September 20, 2022United Removes 25 Boeing 777-200 Aircraft from ServiceSEP 20 - United has removed twenty-five (25) Boeing 777-200 aircraft from service this week fol...united-removes-25-boeing-777-200-aircraft-from-service
September 20, 2022Reserve Lines and Vacation – Maximizing Pay and/or Time OffSEP 20 - We have compiled additional information on Vacation Fly-Through, Vacation Adjustments,...reserve-lines-and-vacation-maximizing-pay-andor-time-off
September 20, 2022Our September 27th Day of ActionSEP 20 - On this date, informational picketing will take place where we, as Members, will come ...our-september-27th-day-of-action
September 20, 2022AFA Debrief: September 20, 2022Our September 27th Day of Action, Reserve Lines and Vacation – Maximizing Pay and/or Time Off, Unit...afa-debrief-september-20-2022
September 19, 2022United’s Electric Air Taxi And JFK Whining Distract From Real IssuesSEP 19 - "...intentionally using distraction to focus a narrative on a specific target while avoidin...uniteds-electric-air-taxi-and-jfk-whining-distract-from-real-issues
September 19, 2022Supersonic jet future in doubt after every jet-engine maker refuses to helpSEP 19 - Supersonic jet startup Boom's future is in doubt after every major jet-engine maker refuses...supersonic-jet-future-in-doubt-after-every-jet-engine-maker-refuses-to-help
September 18, 2022The 'last man' selling floppy-disks says airlines continue to make ordersSEP 18 - The 'last man' selling floppy-disks says airlines continue to make orders for the ancient s...the-last-man-selling-floppy-disks-says-airlines-continue-to-make-orders
September 18, 2022Why labor unions are having a moment right nowSEP 18 - Between strikes by nurses, teachers and maybe railroad workers, and new union efforts gaini...why-labor-unions-are-having-a-moment-right-now
September 17, 2022Starbucks reportedly planning to deny paid leave benefits to union workersSEP 17 - "Their goal is to retaliate against and punish union stores," said Starbucks Workers United...starbucks-reportedly-planning-to-deny-paid-leave-benefits-to-union-workers
September 17, 2022Unhappy Airline Employees: What Is An Informational Picket?SEP 17 - A basic explanation of what and why an informational picket by airline pilots.unhappy-airline-employees-what-is-an-informational-picket
September 16, 2022United Airlines Unions Question Emirates Deal. ‘We Changed Teams So Quickly.’SEP 16 - Forgive United Airlines’ unions for being puzzled that United and Emirates are now fri...united-airlines-unions-question-emirates-deal-we-changed-teams-so-quickly
September 15, 2022RSVP for our September 27 Day of Action!Specific details for many of our Bases have been confirmed and posted to our website. A link ...rsvp-for-our-september-27-day-of-action
September 15, 2022Third Trimester CBT 2022p1The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be completed by October ...third-trimester-cbt-2022p1
September 15, 2022Celebrating Hispanic-Latinx Heritage MonthSeptember 15 marks the first day of Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month in the United States.  ...celebrating-hispanic-latinx-heritage-month
September 15, 2022Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month AFA PinsThis month, Local Councils are distributing AFA Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month AFA pins. You are en...hispanic-latinx-heritage-month-afa-pins
September 15, 2022Sanders blocks proposal to force rail unions to accept labor dealSEP 15 - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday blocked a Republican request to for...sanders-blocks-proposal-to-force-rail-unions-to-accept-labor-deal
September 15, 2022AFA Debrief: September 15, 2022RSVP for our September 27 Day of Action, Third Trimester CBT 2022p1, Celebrating Hispanic-Latinx He...afa-debrief-september-15-2022
September 14, 2022United - Emirates Codeshare: Labor is WatchingAfter years of highlighting the unfair business practices of state-owned enterprises (SOE) such as E...united-emirates-codeshare-labor-is-watching
September 14, 2022New York Woman Sentenced to Prison for Interfering with a Flight CrewSEP 14 - New York Woman Sentenced to Prison for Interfering with a Flight Crew | USAO-AZ | Departmen...new-york-woman-sentenced-to-prison-for-interfering-with-a-flight-crew
September 13, 2022Day Of Action!Join us on September 27, 2022 for our Day of Action!day-of-action
September 13, 2022Biden touts U.S. crackdown on airlines over passenger treatmentSEP 13 - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden said on Monday his administration had crac...biden-touts-us-crackdown-on-airlines-over-passenger-treatment
September 13, 2022Our Commitment to Never ForgetSEP 13 - We gathered to pay tribute on the 21st remembrance of September 11th. The tragedy of t...our-commitment-to-never-forget
September 13, 2022Welcome New Hire Class 2228SEP 13 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2228 as part of our Fl...welcome-new-hire-class-2228
September 13, 2022Uniform Points ReminderSEP 13 - Recognizing the supply line challenges that made securing certain uniform items difficult d...uniform-points-reminder
September 13, 2022AFA Debrief: September 13, 2022Our Commitment to Never Forget, Uniform Points Reminder, Welcome New Hire Class 2228afa-debrief-september-13-2022
September 12, 2022Unions are fighting for better schedules, safety and work conditionsSEP 12 - It’s not just about the money. There has been a surge in union activism — including strikes...unions-are-fighting-for-better-schedules-safety-and-work-conditions
September 11, 2022MEC President's Letter - We Will Never ForgetMEC President's Letter - We Will Never Forgetmec-presidents-letter-we-will-never-forget
September 9, 2022Taking an Expressway to Where?The record is clear; our AFA leadership made a deliberate effort to review what was proposed and, ...taking-an-expressway-to-where
September 8, 2022Welcome New Hire Class 2227SEP 8 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2227 as part of our Fli...welcome-new-hire-class-2227
September 8, 2022Bad Day / Worse Day TradesSEP 8 - We continue to receive questions regarding pool numbers and trading. While this is not...bad-day-worse-day-trades
September 8, 2022Fall CBT – Now available in TakeOff LearningSEP 8 - The 2022 Fall Trimester CBT is now available and is required to be completed by Octobe...fall-cbt-now-available-in-takeoff-learning
September 8, 2022Promote Our Day of ActionSEP 8 - I Stand With my Union! We are standing together to fight for what we have earned every...promote-our-day-of-action
September 8, 2022AFA Debrief: September 8, 2022Promote Our Day of Action, Fall CBT – Now available in TakeOff Learning, Bad Day / Worse Day Trades,...afa-debrief-september-8-2022
September 7, 2022United Airlines threatens to stop all JFK service if feds don’t OK more flightsSEP 7 - United Airlines says it will cease flights to and from JFK next month if the federal go...united-airlines-threatens-to-stop-all-jfk-service-if-feds-dont-ok-more-flights
September 7, 2022Management Reacts to Unifying Union CommunicationWe will stand together with one strong, unwavering voice; I stand with my Union!  Plan to join ...management-reacts-to-unifying-union-communication
September 6, 2022One of the biggest strikes in US history is brewing at UPSSEP 6 - Contract negotiations are set to begin in the spring between UPS and the Teamsters Unio...one-of-the-biggest-strikes-in-us-history-is-brewing-at-ups
September 6, 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - October 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report mec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-october-2022
September 5, 2022AFA Debrief: September 5, 2022United MEC Labor Day Officer Messageafa-debrief-september-5-2022
September 4, 2022United MEC Labor Day Officer MessageThis Labor Day weekend, take time to reflect not only on the roots of this great movement but also...united-mec-labor-day-officer-message
September 1, 2022ALPA System-wide Informational PicketingToday, the ALPA United MEC hosted system-wide informational picketing events at DCA, ORD, and SFO t...alpa-system-wide-informational-picketing
September 1, 2022Incentive Pay Rates – Applicable Quarters and Payment ScheduleThe September bid month marks the last month in the third quarter of the incentive pay rate schedul...incentive-pay-rates-applicable-quarters-and-payment-schedule
September 1, 2022September is National Recovery MonthRecovery Month celebrates the gains made by those in recovery from substance use and mental h...september-is-national-recovery-month
September 1, 2022Welcome New Hire Class 2226We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2226 as part of our Flight Attendan...welcome-new-hire-class-2226
September 1, 2022AFA Debrief: September 1, 2022ALPA System-wide Informational Picketing, Incentive Pay Rates – Applicable Quarters and Payment Sch...afa-debrief-september-1-2022
August 30, 2022Report: Emirates & United Airlines Launching PartnershipAUG 30 - While there’s nothing official yet, The Air Current (which is consistently r...report-emirates-united-airlines-launching-partnership
August 30, 2022September 2022 Reserve TimelineAUG 30 - If you are on Reserve status for the September bid month, there are a number of schedu...september-2022-reserve-timeline
August 30, 2022VSL-B SendoffAUG 30 - On August 31, we say farewell to 1,382 Flight Attendants who participated in the Voluntary ...vsl-b-sendoff
August 30, 2022Uniform Gender Expression SurveyAUG 30 - It is a core value of AFA-CWA to promote economic and social justice for all workers t...uniform-gender-expression-survey
August 30, 2022AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Endorse the “Union First” ConceptAUG 30 - Every AFA Member has access to the AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards (EAP...afa-and-alpa-professional-standards-endorse-the-union-first-concept
August 30, 2022Focus on Us: Action vs. InactionAUG 30 - Last week we announced our Focus on Us: Day of Action, scheduled on Tuesday, September...focus-on-us-action-vs-inaction
August 30, 2022AFA Debrief: August 30, 2022Focus on Us: Action vs Inaction, AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Endorse the “Union First” Conce...afa-debrief-august-30-2022
August 26, 2022United Airlines CEO says a lack of support...AUG 26 - The CEO of United Airlines said that this summer's travel disruption is partly due to ...united-airlines-ceo-says-a-lack-of-support
August 25, 2022Trading Positions? Changes Coming on Monday, August 29, 2022Beginning next week Monday, August 29, 2022, Flight Attendants trading positions on scheduled pairi...trading-positions-changes-coming-on-monday-august-29-2022
August 25, 2022AFA Debrief: August 25, 2022Announcement for Day of Action – Fed Up? Show up! on September 27th, Personal Strategies for Man...afa-debrief-august-25-2022
August 25, 2022Day of Action Announcement– Fed Up? Show up! on September 27thMore specifics and details will follow in the next few weeks, but we’re going to turn up the heat ...day-of-action-announcement-fed-up-show-up-on-september-27th
August 25, 2022Personal Strategies for Managing the September 11th RemembranceIn whatever way you choose to structure your day, this September 11th, or how it naturally unfo...personal-strategies-for-managing-the-september-11th-remembrance
August 23, 2022Fall flight cuts reflect new normal for passengersAUG 23 - Experts say industry is adapting to pilot shortages, new demand. As airlines anno...fall-flight-cuts-reflect-new-normal-for-passengers
August 22, 2022"Unions are cool again": A new generation of workers advocates for unionizationAUG 22 - The number of Americans who belong to labor unions had been dropping for decades. But ...unions-are-cool-again-a-new-generation-of-workers-advocates-for-unionization
August 22, 2022Welcome New Hire Class 2225AUG 22 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2225 as part of our Flight ...welcome-new-hire-class-2225
August 22, 2022Focus on Us: Taking our Next StepAUG 22 - If you haven’t yet had a chance to read our last Debrief, “Reality Check and Solutions...focus-on-us-taking-our-next-step
August 22, 2022AFA Debrief: August 22, 2022Focus on Us: Taking our Next Step, United AFA Members with CAIC Supplemental Benefits Coverage, Miss...afa-debrief-august-22-2022
August 19, 2022United AFA Members with CAIC Supplemental Benefits CoverageAUG 19 - Members age 70+ with CAIC supplemental benefits coverage may have recently received corresp...united-afa-members-with-caic-supplemental-benefits-coverage
August 19, 2022Missouri Severe Storms & flooding- DR 4664-MOAUG 19 - We know that disasters can change lives forever. While we can’t stop destructive event...missouri-severe-storms-flooding-dr-4664-mo
August 18, 2022Airline unions urge carriers not to resume buybacksAUG 18 -  The largest U.S. airlines are making money again. Labor unions don’t...airline-unions-urge-carriers-not-to-resume-buybacks
August 18, 2022Safety, Health & Security Committee Annual Training ConductedAUG 18 - Our MEC Safety, Health, and Security Committee concluded our annual training seminar last w...safety-health-security-committee-annual-training-conducted
August 18, 2022A Reality Check and SolutionsAUG 18 - In our ongoing efforts to help management make good decisions and find solutions to their ...a-reality-check-and-solutions
August 18, 2022AFA Debrief: August 18, 2022A Reality Check and Solutions, Safety, Health & Security Committee Annual Training Conduct...afa-debrief-august-18-2022
August 17, 2022#reUnited: Bringing our Colleagues HomeAUG 16 - Many of us are not only aware of the plight of those Flight Attendants who were formerly ba...reunited-bringing-our-colleagues-home
August 17, 2022AFA Debrief: August 17, 2022FPS Update August 5-12 Update, #reUnited, National Aviation Week 2022, Welcome New Hire Class 2224e-lines-august-16-2022
August 16, 2022FPS August 5–12 UpdateAUG 16 - The results from the second week of our Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) have bee...fps-august-512-update
August 16, 2022Welcome New Hire Class 2224AUG 16 -  We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2224 as part of ...welcome-new-hire-class-2224
August 16, 2022National Aviation Week 2022AUG 16 - This week (August 15-21, 2022) is National Aviation Week, and the 9/11 Memorial & ...national-aviation-week-2022
August 16, 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - SeptemberMEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report mec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-september
August 12, 2022United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - July 2022United MEC Hotel & Transportation Report - July 2022united-mec-hotel-transportation-report-august-2022
August 11, 2022United Airlines Places $10 Million Downpayment On Flying TaxisAUG 11 - Archer Aviation's Maker is currently undergoing flight tests and could be ferrying Uni...united-airlines-places-10-million-downpayment-on-flying-taxis
August 11, 2022Submitting Requests for a Personal Drop (PD) or Personal Time Off (PTO)AUG 11 - For a refresher on submitting for Personal Drops or Personal Time Off, or to revi...submitting-requests-for-a-personal-drop-pd-or-personal-time-off-pto
August 11, 2022Call Wait Times and Obtaining Lodging through Self-helpAUG 11 - Flight Attendants should not be required to reduce their already shortened rest period...call-wait-times-and-obtaining-lodging-through-self-help
August 11, 2022Happy 77th Birthday AFA!AUG 11 - We celebrate our Union's birthday on Monday, August 22nd!happy-77th-birthday-afa
August 11, 2022Using Telephone Technology to Improve RestAUG 11 - Flight Attendants can now expect to receive calls from Crew Scheduling that will consi...using-telephone-technology-to-improve-rest
August 11, 2022AFA Debrief: August 11, 2022Using Telephone Technology to Improve Rest, Happy 77th Birthday AFA!, Call Wait Times and Obtaining ...afa-debrief-august-11-2022
August 10, 2022Starbucks workers hold strikes in at least 17 states amid union driveAUG 10 - Workers allege over 75 people have been fired in retaliation for organizing this year.starbucks-workers-hold-strikes-in-at-least-17-states-amid-union-drive
August 10, 2022Airlines Just Cut 34,000 US Flights Planned For NovemberAUG 10 - The vast majority of the cuts were made by American.airlines-just-cut-34000-us-flights-planned-for-november
August 9, 2022'Dream job' turns into a nightmare for some new JetBlue flight attendantsAUG 09 - 'Dream job' turns into a nightmare for some new JetBlue flight attendants, who say they are...dream-job-turns-into-a-nightmare-for-some-new-jetblue-flight-attendants
August 9, 2022Welcome Class 2223!AUG 09 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2223 as part of our Fl...welcome-class-2223
August 9, 2022Flight Attendant Fatigue Risk Management ProgramAUG 09 - The Flight Attendant Fatigue Report (FAFR) Tool is a confidential reporting tool that ...flight-attendant-fatigue-risk-management-program
August 9, 2022FPS: Week One ResultsAUG 09 - As our AFAFPS website reports, the initial FPS score is -95. This number represents th...fps-week-one-results
August 9, 2022Call Wait Time ReportsAUG 09 - We encourage you to continue to report on call wait times. Report on any of the excess...call-wait-time-reports
August 9, 2022Hot Aircraft –Advocating to Protect Crew and PassengersAUG 09 - As summer temperatures continue to remain elevated, so does the risk of heat-related i...hot-aircraft-advocating-to-protect-passengers-and-crew
August 9, 2022AFA Debrief: August 09, 2022Hot Aircraft – Responding to Protect Crew and Passengers, Call Wait Time Reports, Last Week’s FPS Sc...afa-debrief-august-09-2022
August 8, 2022U.S. airline rules need 'refresh,' says transport chief ButtigiegAUG 08 - "We've been due for a refresh on a lot of our rules toward airlines and when you get i...us-airline-rules-need-refresh-says-transport-chief-buttigieg
August 7, 2022This is a great time to be an airline. It's the worst time to be a passengerAUG 07 - US airlines just had one of the most lucrative quarters in history. Passengers are suf...this-is-a-great-time-to-be-an-airline-its-the-worst-time-to-be-a-passenger
August 6, 2022UAL Flight Attendants Made a Big Announcement, and Basically Nobody Is HappyAUG 06 - Over the last week or so, the union representing United Airlines flight attendants has...ual-flight-attendants-made-a-big-announcement-and-basically-nobody-is-happy
August 6, 2022United Airlines employees just showed how to use data to shame your bossesAUG 06 - In the vast realm of employee relations, this might actually impress customers too. Be...united-airlines-employees-just-showed-how-to-use-data-to-shame-your-bosses
August 5, 2022Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) UpdateAUG 04 - Earlier this week on Tuesday we provided you with a preview of what to expect when we ...flight-attendant-promoter-score-fps-update
August 4, 2022AFA Debrief: August 04, 2022Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) Update, Access to the Non-Public Area of Our Website, Sun C...afa-debrief-august-04-2022
August 4, 2022COVID-19 Vaccination Cards No Longer a Required ItemAUG 04 - Over the course of the past couple of weeks, a number of safety alerts were released b...covid-19-vaccination-cards-no-longer-a-required-item
August 4, 2022Semi-Annual System Seniority ListAUG 04 - Flight Attendants have the ability to dispute any error or omission affecting their se...semi-annual-system-seniority-list
August 4, 2022Sun Country Airlines Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement AddedAUG 04 - A Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement (RCSA) with Sun Country Airlines is now effective.sun-country-airlines-reciprocal-cabin-seat-agreement-added
August 4, 2022Access to the Non-Public Area of Our WebsiteAUG 04 - Access to a Members only resource area that contains information specific to our work ...access-to-the-non-public-area-of-our-website
August 3, 2022Starbucks Is Firing a Huge Number of Pro-Union WorkersAUG 03 - “They are firing union leaders across the country, cutting hours, bullying workers,” Starbu...starbucks-is-firing-a-huge-number-of-pro-union-workers
August 3, 2022Airlines were too ambitious chasing the travel rebound. Now they’re scaling backAUG 03 - The leaders of the country’s biggest airlines learned a hard lesson this summer: it’s ...airlines-were-too-ambitious-chasing-the-travel-rebound-now-theyre-scaling-back
August 3, 2022'Unsustainable and shambolic': Flight attendants speak on summer travel chaosAUG 03 - "Flight attendants are being maxed out, working the longest days we've had, with the s...unsustainable-and-shambolic-flight-attendants-speak-on-summer-travel-chaos
August 2, 2022Welcome Class 2222!We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2222 as part of our Flight Attendan...welcome-class-2222
August 2, 2022September 2022 Special COLACrew Schedule Planning has determined there may be opportunities to offer one (1) month Special CO...september-2022-special-cola
August 2, 2022Maintaining Control of our UniformWe have recently received reports of our current uniform items being made available and worn by th...maintaining-control-of-our-uniform
August 2, 2022Reserve Touchless Check-InLast October the company announced the development of a touchless check-in procedure for Reserves a...reserve-touchless-check-in
August 2, 2022Voluntary Separation Leave (VSL) Resource PageThe VSL Program A started March 1, 2021, ended on December 31, 2021 with a separation date of Januar...voluntary-separation-leave-vsl-resource-page
August 2, 2022Contact Your Union First!AFA EAP is a voluntary and confidential service of your Union. We can help you to work out any dif...contact-your-union-first
August 2, 2022FPS UpdateThis past Friday we announced our new Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS). While our results will...fps-update
August 2, 2022AFA Debrief: August 2, 2022FPS Update, Contact Your Union First, Voluntary Separation Leave (VSL) Resource Page, Reserve Touc...afa-debrief-august-2-2022
August 1, 2022Airlines Set to Save Billions With Fuel Hedges Amid $100 OilAUG 01 - Airlines with oil hedges are set to save billions of dollars on their fuel bills this ...airlines-set-to-save-billions-with-fuel-hedges-amid-100-oil
July 31, 2022The VICE Guide to Spotting Union BustingJUL 31 - As workers at Amazon, Starbucks, and Apple stores fight to unionize and...the-vice-guide-to-spotting-union-busting
July 30, 2022What $50 billion in taxpayer aid for airlines did not fixJUL 30 - What the airlines chose to do instead has largely benefited the airlines. what-50-billion-in-taxpayer-aid-for-airlines-did-not-fix
July 29, 2022AFA Debrief: July 29, 2022July 29 - Focus on Us, Phase 2: Introducing the Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS)afa-debrief-july-29-2022
July 29, 2022Focus on Us, Phase 2: Introducing the Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS)JULY 29 - Being the problem solvers that we are, we thought we’d offer valuable insight on how ...focus-on-us-phase-2-introducing-the-flight-attendant-promoter-score-fps
July 28, 2022Travel Woes Could Continue Until 2023 According To An Airline CEOJUL 28 - “We’re not going to get back to normal utilization and normal staffing levels until next su...travel-woes-could-continue-until-2023-according-to-an-airline-ceo
July 27, 2022JetBlue agrees to buy Spirit for $3.8BJUL 27 - JetBlue Airways has agreed to buy Spirit Airlines for $3.8 billion and create the nati...jetblue-agrees-to-buy-spirit-for-38b
July 26, 2022Group Universal Life (GUL) Auto EnrollmentJUL 26 - Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL) is the voluntary life insurance product for all F...group-universal-life-gul-auto-enrollment
July 26, 2022Call Wait TimesJUL 26 - A few weeks ago, with your support, we began tracking call wait times by requesting yo...call-wait-times
July 26, 2022AFA Debrief: July 26, 2022Call Wait Times, Group Universal Life (GUL) Auto Enrollment, Welcome Class 2221afa-debrief-july-26-2022
July 25, 2022Elizabeth Warren demands airline crackdown amid travel chaosJUL 25 - Air travel is a mess right now and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is demanding that federal reg...elizabeth-warren-demands-airline-crackdown-amid-travel-chaos
July 24, 2022Warren, Padilla call on Buttigieg to crack down on airline industryJUL 24 - Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) wrote...warren-padilla-call-on-buttigieg-to-crack-down-on-airline-industry
July 23, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2221!JUL 23 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2221 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2221
July 22, 2022Summer MEC Meeting RecapJUL 22 - The United Master Executive Council (MEC) met this week in Chicago for our Summer MEC ...summer-mec-meeting-recap
July 22, 2022Max Duty Time LimitationsJUL 22 - Often a topic of confusion & discussion is determining our maximum actual dut...max-duty-time-limitations
July 22, 2022AFA Debrief: July 22, 2022My Union-AFA-Speaks for Me!, Max Duty Time Limitations, Summer MEC Meeting Recapafa-debrief-july-22-2022
July 22, 2022My Union-AFA-Speaks for Me!JUL 22 - On July 15, John Slater distributed a communication entitled “Setting the Record Strai...my-union-afa-speaks-for-me
July 21, 2022Airlines temper flying ambitions after chaotic — but profitable — travel reboundJUL 21 - The three biggest U.S. carriers — Delta, United and American ...airlines-temper-flying-ambitions-after-chaotic-but-profitable-travel-rebound
July 20, 2022United CEO apologizes to Buttigieg after FAA criticismJUL 20 - The head of United Airlines Holdings Inc. apologized to US Transportation Se...united-ceo-apologizes-to-buttigieg-after-faa-criticism
July 19, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2220!JUL 19 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2220 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2220
July 19, 2022AFA United MEC Regular Summer 2022 MeetingJUL 19 - The meeting is open to Members in good standing. If you happen to be in Chicago on the...afa-united-mec-regular-summer-2022-meeting
July 19, 2022Don’t Forget to Wear Your AFA PinJUL 19 - Your AFA pin represents our combined strength and unity as we work toward achieving im...dont-forget-to-wear-your-afa-pin
July 19, 2022AFA Debrief: July 19, 2022Don’t Forget to Wear Your AFA Pin, AFA United MEC Regular Summer 2022 Meeting, AFA Welcomes Class...afa-debrief-july-19-2022
July 18, 2022Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz blames Dem-run cities for store closuresJUL 18 - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said Democratic mayors and city councils have “abdicated ...starbucks-ceo-howard-schultz-blames-dem-run-cities-for-store-closures
July 18, 2022System Reserve Meeting Report - July 2022August Reserve Move-up Projections, Release Codes for Lineholder Flight Attendants with RA Days...system-reserve-meeting-report-july-2022
July 17, 2022United Airlines just criticized its own employees. Their response was pure joyJUL 17 - Many companies believe good, loyal employees are precious right now. Perhaps airlines ...united-airlines-just-criticized-its-own-employees-their-response-was-pure-joy
July 16, 2022Southwest Airlines flight attendants plan to picket as labor strife heats upJUL 16 - The Dallas-based airline’s flight attendants will hold informational protests at Dall...southwest-airlines-flight-attendants-plan-to-picket-as-labor-strife-heats-up
July 15, 2022Management's Reaction to Our SolidarityJULY 15 - Last week, we engaged with management in trying to find solutions and it should be cl...managements-reaction-to-our-solidarity
July 14, 2022Airlines’ Challenge Is Cutting Costs, Not Filling SeatsJUL 14 - U.S. carriers see no slowdown in demand, despite unease about the economy. But problem...airlines-challenge-is-cutting-costs-not-filling-seats
July 14, 2022August 2022 Special COLA AwardJUL 14 - Special COLAs for the August bid month were awarded this week.august-2022-special-cola-award
July 13, 2022Why Is There A Pilot Shortage?JUL 13 - U.S. air carriers are scrambling to fill cockpits this summer, but they’re facing hurdles f...why-is-there-a-pilot-shortage
July 12, 2022Aircraft Substitutions Requiring Fewer Flight AttendantsJUL 12 - Flight Attendants are reminded to be familiar with what occurs in the event of an airc...aircraft-substitutions-requiring-fewer-flight-attendants
July 12, 2022"988" – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline NetworkJUL 12 - The United States phone number “988” has been designated as the new three-digit dialin...988-national-suicide-prevention-lifeline-network
July 12, 2022Important Reminder: Known Crewmember (KCM) - It’s a Privilege, Not a Right!JUL 12 - The continued success of the program is dependent upon crewmembers demonstrating that ...important-reminder-known-crewmember-kcm-its-a-privilege-not-a-right
July 12, 2022AFA Debrief: July 12, 2022Important Reminder: Known Crewmember (KCM) - It’s a Privilege & Not a Right!, "988" – National...afa-debrief-july-12-2022
July 12, 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - August 2022MEC Central Schedule Committee DSL Report - August 2022mec-central-schedule-committee-dsl-report-august-2022
July 11, 2022Airline Pilots Seek Big Raises, and Broader ChangesJUL 11 - Pilots feel frustrated and overworked, issues that they say the air travel rebound has...airline-pilots-seek-big-raises-and-broader-changes
July 11, 2022AFA Welcomes Classes 2218 and 2219JUL 11 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from classes 2218 and 2219 as par...afa-welcomes-classes-2218-and-2219
July 10, 2022An American Airlines pilot just said the quiet part out loud (it's not pretty)JUL 10 - "The problem is that they've sold tickets that they don't have the ability to fly,"an-american-airlines-pilot-just-said-the-quiet-part-out-loud-its-not-pretty
July 9, 2022DOT Warns Airlines To Stop Charging Extra For Seating Kids With FamilyJUL 09 - The Transportation Department said it has received few complaints about the issue but said ...dot-warns-airlines-to-stop-charging-extra-for-seating-kids-with-family
July 8, 2022Network Aircraft Schedule Changes impact AugustJUL 08 - The opening of the August primary bid period will be delayed. Bid packets will be uploaded ...network-aircraft-schedule-changes-impact-august
July 8, 2022FAA: Don't blame airline delays and cancellations on ATC staffingJUL 08 - The FAA is pushing back against United Airlines' assertion that air traffic control st...faa-dont-blame-airline-delays-and-cancellations-on-atc-staffing
July 8, 2022United MEC President Letter - July 8, 2022JUL 08 - "Simply put, we could not agree to provide the company with concessions to our Contrac...united-mec-president-letter-july-8-2022
July 7, 2022Salary Increases: A Look Into Recent Changes By Airlines In The United StatesJUL 07 - But the pay increases for flight attendants are nowhere near as significant as the pil...salary-increases-a-look-into-recent-changes-by-airlines-in-the-united-states
July 6, 2022What a Korean restaurant worker union win says about future of labor movementsJUL 06 - “We hope the unity between migrant communities, between Asians and Latinos, can bring ...what-a-korean-restaurant-worker-union-win-says-about-future-of-labor-movements
July 5, 2022Scandinavian Airlines files for bankruptcy amid pilots' strikeJUL 05 - The company said many international airlines have used U.S. courts for bankruptcy proc...scandinavian-airlines-files-for-bankruptcy-amid-pilots-strike
July 4, 2022Happy 4th of July!Jul 4 - America was built on the idea of freedom. When the 13 colonies came together two h...happy-4th-of-july
July 3, 2022He flew American Airlines, she flew United. For both, the unthinkable happenedJUL 03 - It also seems extreme that airlines are blaming operational issues, staff shortages, w...he-flew-american-airlines-she-flew-united-for-both-the-unthinkable-happened
July 2, 2022How Do Aircraft Landing Gear Work?JUL 02 - Covering the various processes involved.how-do-aircraft-landing-gear-work
July 1, 2022When will flying get better? FAA, airline CEOs meet again to try and find a fixJUL 01 - Leaders from the airline industry and the Federal Aviation Administration met on Thurs...when-will-flying-get-better-faa-airline-ceos-meet-again-to-try-and-find-a-fix
July 1, 2022Fourth of July travel surge puts airlines — and passengers — to the testJUL 01 - The rate of flight cancellations and delays is higher this year than before the pandem...fourth-of-july-travel-surge-puts-airlines-and-passengers-to-the-test
July 1, 2022AFA Welcomes Class 2217!JUL 01 - We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2217 as part of our Fl...afa-welcomes-class-2217
July 1, 2022New Leader TrainingJUL 01 - Last week, the Officers of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) conducted Local E...new-leader-training
July 1, 2022Continued Misunderstandings on “Checking In”JUL 01 - We continue to address your calls and reports from around the system which indicate th...continued-misunderstandings-on-checking-in
July 1, 2022Confirming your Beneficiary Designations – Life Insurance & 401(k) AccountsJUL 01 - It’s important that we protect our families and our hard-earned benefits by ensuring our be...confirming-your-beneficiary-designations-life-insurance-401k-accounts
July 1, 2022Reminder on Handling of Arrival Liquor at International DestinationsJUL 01 - To heighten awareness that by not sealing carts and carriers with alcohol on flights arrivi...reminder-on-handling-of-arrival-liquor-at-international-destinations
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