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AFA E-Lines: November 13, 2018

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Contents of E-Lines for November 13, 2018

  • Secondary (Round Two) Vacation Bids Close Friday - November 16 - 2018
  • Verifying your Pay for Vacation Fly-through
  • December Bids Now Open - Bid Packets Available in CCS
  • BidPlus AFA Credits
  • Clarifying Deadhead Deviation
  • Rapid Re-accrual of Sick Leave
  • Layover Minimum Rest -Legal Rest
  • New Hire Training Flights – Wear your AFA Pin!
  • Fidelity Notice for 401(k) Investment Designation
  • Upcoming Link and Sled Exchange
  • Congratulations UNITE HERE Local 30 Members!

Secondary (Round Two) Vacation Bids Close this Friday, November 16. 2018


Secondary (Round Two) Vacation bidding closes on November 16, at 0800 (HDT).  Flight Attendants have until that time to submit their second round vacation bids. We strongly recommend that you not waiting until the last day to submit your vacation awards.  Awards will be posted no later than November 20, 2018 AT 0800 (HDT).

Vacation Time Line

Open Date and Time

Close Date and Time

Posting Date

Second Vacation

November 8 0800 (HDT)

November 16 0800 (HDT)

November 20 0800 (HDT)

Flight Attendants submit their secondary vacation bids using the same process as first round vacation bids utilizing your remaining vacation days. 

Additionally, the following vacation options can be utilized during the secondary bid process. Click on the title listed below for detailed information on each option.

Crossing Months Option       Date Slide Option       Fewer Days Option

Note: Flight Attendants who did not bid in the first round will be required to bid all their allotted days during the second round. If a Flight Attendant does not submit a vacation bid in the second round of bidding, you will automatically be assigned a vacation. The vacation you are automatically assigned will be after the second-round vacation awards have been completed for all Flight Attendants submitting a bid. The assigned vacation will be made in seniority order starting from December backward through January, with the largest block of days being assigned first.
Please reference our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 12 or the 2019 Vacation Guide for additional details. 

Verifying Pay for your Vacation Fly-through 

Flight Attendants utilizing the vacation fly through option have been inquiring as to where they can view their pay for the vacation hours once they are dropped from their line of flying. To ensure your vacation fly through hours have been properly applied to your total monthly pay: CCS > Pay Register > Total Month’s Pay > VCPO (vacation pay out). 


Discrepancies should be reported to crew pay and your Local Council Representatives. 

December Bids Now Open - Bid Packets Available in CCS
JCBA Sections 7.B.2 & 3

December bid packets are now available electronically in CCS. Paper copies will be available in the base no later than 3:00 PM local time on the 14th calendar day of the month. As a reminder, bid packages are available via BidPlus.

BidPlus AFA Credits 

As a reminder, AFA and BidPlus have worked out an arrangement to provide each Member with two (2) free months of access to BidPlus. Registration for your account can be completed at any time and your two (2) month credit is available for your use at your convenience. 

Also, Flight Attendants who create a new account with BidPlus will be awarded an additional free credit and each first-time attendee to the BidPlus webinars will receive an additional free credit for completing the program features webinar. In summary, Flight Attendants get one free credit for joining, two free credits from AFA, and one free credit for completing a webinar.   Given this unique arrangement, it’s possible to receive as many as four free months of BidPlus service!


Note:Current BidPlus Members have recently had two (2) AFA additional credits added to their account and Flight Attendants that have previously attended a Webinar have had their free credit added to their account as well.

Registration information and the details of the BidPlus program can be found in the September 12, 2018 edition of AFA E-Lines.

Clarifying Deadhead Deviation

JCBA Section 3.I.12 and 3.I.13

Recently, there appears to be some confusion on how the Contract provisions for deadhead deviation apply.  It is first important to know that front end and back end deviation are handled differently.  There are specific procedures that must be followed based on whether you are first segment or last segment deviating and if you are a lineholder or a Reserve.


When deviating on the back end there is a difference with a distinction when you are a “deviating” and when you are asking to be scheduled to “return home early.”  If the company rebooks you to deadhead home early, your pairing will be updated and your duty rigs will be recalculated based on your early arrival home.  


If, on the other hand, you are simply “deviating”, you will be paid for the pairing duty rig based on your scheduled arrival back to base.


Depending on whether you are flying domestic or international, lineholders may be required to “provide notice” to or require approval from Crew Scheduling.   In every instance, a Flight Attendant serving Reserve requires Crew Scheduling approval to deviate.


Section 3.I.12. and 3.I.13. of Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), cover first and last segment deadhead deviations. Additional information can be referenced in our  AFA E-Lines publication, dated March 24, 2017 and this includes the detailed steps a Flight Attendant must follow when deviating from the first or last segment of a pairing whether a lineholder or a Reserve.

Rapid Re-accrual of Sick Leave

MEC Benefits 

A Flight Attendant who has used more than 255 hours of sick leave for a single injury, illness or maternity, shall re-accrue sick leave at the rate of 7 hours each month until they reach the same level of sick leave they had at the onset of the injury, illness or maternity. Flight Attendants must satisfy the paid activity requirements to earn the higher accrual rates. 

To initiate the Rapid Re-accrual process, a Flight Attendant must contact her/his supervisor who will submit the request to Crew Pay for validation and set up. 

Flight Attendants can check their sick and occupational bank hours in CCS under the Pay Tab > Pay register. Scroll to the bottom of the Register and click on Sick Pay > Details. 

Layover Minimum Rest – Legal Rest
JCBA Section 6.V.3

Flight Attendants have been requesting the details of the layover minimum rest provision provided for in section 6.V.3 of our JCBA, which states the following: 

Flight Attendants will have ten (10) hours free from duty at any point away from home where lodging is provided within approximately fifteen (15) minutes (or time agreed upon by the MEC Hotel Chairperson) from the airport,provided prompt transportation is available. 


When lodging is provided more than approximately fifteen (15) minutes from the airport, Flight Attendants will have eleven (11) hours free from duty.


Additionally, a Flight Attendant will be provided eight (8) hours Place of Lodging minimum rest at the layover hotel based on your arrival time at the hotel. During irregularities or periods of lengthy delay caused by traffic or an accident on the route to the hotel from the airport, the Purser should contact Crew Scheduling to advise of the delayed arrival at the layover location to protect the eight (8) hour place of lodging minimum and, where necessary, reschedule your pick-up for the following morning.

For additional information contact your Local Council Representatives. 

New Hire Training Flights – Wear your AFA Pin! 

In a recent publication of Inflight Service Weekly, (ISW) the company outlined the procedures for working crew to follow when Flight Attendant trainees are onboard our flights conducting their required training or IOE flights. We would also like to remind everyone that these training flights are the first opportunity we have to make an impression with our upcoming newest Flight Attendants. Therefore, we remind all Flight Attendants to proudly wear their AFA Union pin and ensure it is visible on their outermost garment. This is a very important time to express our support for one another, stand together in unity and display the power our pin represents for our profession. 

Flight Attendants in need of an AFA pin should stop by their Local Council office to obtain a new one.

Fidelity Notice for 401(k) Investment Designation 
MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants participating in the Fidelity 401K investment plan who do not designate a specific fund(s) option, will have their contributions automatically directed into the Vanguard Target 2025 fund.


Flight Attendants can review a description of not only the Vanguard 2025 Fund, but all available fund (investment) options & fee information on the Fidelity website at www.401k.com.


We certainly understand that making these investment decisions can be difficult or overwhelming.  However, you need to be aware that the money set aside in these retirement accounts is intended to secure your future in retirement.  


If you are already satisfied with your current investment elections, no action is required on your part. However, you do have the right under the plan to direct the investment of your existing balances, which includes contributions and any earnings on those contributions, as well as your future contributions to any of the available plan investment options.   This includes moving funds already placed into the designated fund option.


To obtain information about all plan investment options, please log onto NetBenefits at www.401k.com or call 800-245-9034 to speak to a Fidelity representative. Flight Attendants are encouraged to review your investment mix and deferral percentage and update on an annual basis. 

Upcoming Link and Sled Exchange 

A system-wide Link hardware refresh is planned to begin mid to late November and will run through January 2019. The new hardware will include a new iPhone 8Plus, an Otter Box protective case and a lightweight payment sled. 

Flight Attendants are encouraged to prepare for the exchange by ensuring their Link and Sled are available for the exchange.

Note:Photos will not be transferred to the new device and should be emailed to your personal email accounts prior to the exchange if you wish to keep them. 

Distribution schedules are expected to be available soon on Flying Together. 

Congratulations UNITE HERE Local 30 Members! 

Congratulations to UNITE HERE! Local 30 Members from the Westin Gaslamp, San Diego for ratification on their tentative agreement after 35 days of striking. We’re not done yet!  Join a picket line in Boston, Honolulu, Maui, or San Francisco in support of our Union Brothers and Sisters. marriotttravelalert.org