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In our representative democracy, it is important that we let our legislators know about the issues important to us, as Flight Attendants.

Constituents are the most important people in an elected official’s life.

Therefore, if you want your representatives to do their job and support your views, you must do your job as a grassroots lobbyist. This means educating your members of Congress about the issues which affect our safety, security and health, our careers as Flight Attendants and our rights as Union members.

LEGISLATORS WILL LISTEN TO YOU! They represent you, so tell them what you think by using the following vehicles of communication:

  • Letter Writing allows you to fully explain your views, particularly on a new or complex issue. It is effective when you have enough time before Congressional action takes place. Legislators pay a great deal of attention to personally written letters.
  • Email from constituents is often read and responded to. Always include your full name and postal address. Electronic mail that is generated through AFA’s E-Activist Alerts is formatted in accordance with the requirements of Congressional offices.
  • Phone Calls are the fastest way to communicate with your legislators. They are best used when legislation is going to be voted on immediately, or when the issue is easy to explain. Congressional offices keep track of the number of calls they receive on an issue.
  • Meeting personally with your Representative/Senator allows you to develop a relationship with her or him. Remember, members of Congress commute regularly between their home states and Washington, D.C. Face-to-face communication increases a legislators understanding of an issue and how important that issue is to you.

With everyone’s help we can ensure that Congress listens to our concerns and supports legislation that is in our best interest as Flight Attendants.

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