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Update: Hotel & Transportation Report Process

Early in the New Year, United management implemented a new Hotel and Transportation Reporting System. The new system is accessible through Flying Together.

Similar to the IOR process, the new Hotel & Transportation reporting system has been designed to ensure any concerns and/or complaints received are shared with AFA. Hotel and transportation providers will also receive reports as part of the follow-up process.

Moving forward, replies to your concerns/complaints from the Hotel and Transportation providers will be provided to you in Help Hub.

Your reports drive change. Over the past several years, the reports you provided directly to the AFA Hotel & Transportation Committee have been invaluable not only in providing data but in our ability to facilitate guidance and support through the reporting process.

While the reporting system has changed, the support from the MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee has not. We will continue to monitor, track and trend all reports we receive through the company-provided system and ensure continued compliance with the negotiated standards set forth in our Contract.

Please use THIS link to directly access the new reporting form in Flying Together.

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