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December 31, 2020  

PSP Extension Ends IVFMP & Furlough Mitigation Partnership Programs

With the recent legislation that was signed into law over the weekend, the Letter of Agreement for the Involuntary Furlough Mitigation Program (IVFMP) is terminated and the Furlough Mitigation Partnership Program will come to an end. United sent out a Scheduling Alert this evening that outlines key provisions of how those with NAL schedules will be paid for the month of December and outlines the known process for January.

Because the legislation was signed into law so close to the beginning of the January schedule month there are a number of factors of which you need to be aware that will impact your January schedule. We have had ongoing, extensive discussions with management about how best to protect the seniority of Flight Attendants who will be serving Reserve in January along with the need to protect those in the IVFMP who are unprepared to be required to return to a schedule in January with just a few days’ notice. The agreement we reached may be viewed as being imperfect but the reality is, given the timing and circumstances, it’s the best option.

December: For those on a NAL schedule in December, whether in the IVFMP or not, you will be pay protected by the minimum pay guarantee of 71-hours. Any hours that were picked up will be subsumed by the 71-hour minimum guarantee. For example, if you flew a 20-hour pairing in December, those 20 hours will be part of the total 71-hours. You will be paid an additional 51 hours (plus the 20-hour trip) for a total of 71-hours.

January: Everyone on a NAL schedule, whether in the IVFMP or not, in January will be paid a 71-hour minimum guarantee. 

  • Because there are no vacations which carry over from December, all vacation hours for January will be paid in addition to the Flight Attendant’s minimum for the month.
  • Without regard to the operating date of the pairing, trips picked up by another Flight Attendant through advertisements by January 14at 2359 HDT will not reduce your 71:00 minimum for January.*
  • Trips picked up by another Flight Attendant through advertisements on or after January 15 (minimum set date) will reduce the 71:00 minimum for January by the value of the pairing traded away .*
  • NAL Schedules will be blocked from further trading effective as of January 4, 2021.

*The date referenced is the date the pick-up takes place, not the date on which the pairing operates


Trade completed before January 15, 2021 - Minimum Set Date

Trade through advertisements completed on January 7, 2021.

A 10:00 trip departing on January 20 that is picked up (traded away) through an advertisement on January 7, will not reduce your 71:00 minimum.

Trade completed after January 15, 2021 - Minimum Set Date

Trade through advertisements completed on January 17, 2021

A 10:00 trip departing on January 20 that is picked up (traded away) through advertisements on January 17, will reduce your 71:00 minimum by 10:00 to 61:00.

February: All participants in the IVFMP will be eligible to bid a February schedule. If you do not wish to be in schedule for February, the company is offering Special COLA (SPCOLA) starting with the February bid month. Currently there are 1- and 2-month SPCOLAs being offered. Bids opened December 28.

SPCOLA: SPCOLAs will be awarded in seniority order by base and the deadline for the initial award, in seniority order, is Friday, January 8, at 0800 Central Time. Follow the company’s COLA request process if you wish to participate. These SPCOLAs will include medical benefits at active employee rates, and pay and vacation longevity are not impacted for step increases.

Furloughs: Flight Attendants returning from furlough – either voluntary or involuntary. If you accept the offer of recall, you will be paid retro pay based on our 71-hour minimum back to December 1, 2020. The timing of when these payments will be made is still in flux.

For those on Voluntary and Involuntary Furlough status, the option to bid for SPCOLA is also available for the 1- or 2- month durations. It is imperative, however, that you follow and complete the return from furlough process and return to active status, while simultaneously bidding for the SPCOLA. Failure to follow the electronic return from furlough process, or failure to return to work by January 30 (unless awarded SPCOLA), will result in your irrevocable separation from the company. 

Similarly, if you do not plan to return to work and instead are contemplating resignation or retirement, you should first complete the return to work process and then elect resignation or retirement as a separate process. In order to obtain certain benefits, you may need to be an active employee and by accepting recall, you protect your status. By not returning from furlough, you are forfeiting your ability to return to active status and, ultimately, those benefits. 

For those who may be on military leave of absence, you should also accept the recall and be prepared to submit military orders to United to have your furlough converted to a military leave of absence in company records.

Access the return from furlough portal directly at helphub.ual.com. During the process you will be required to provide an email address and we recommend that you use a personal e-mail address. Ensure that you receive an email confirmation once you complete everything, this is your record that you’ve met the criteria and are returning to work. If you do not receive the email confirmation after making a recall election:

  • Double check your ‘To-Do’ list in top right corner of their Help Hub home page.
    • Make sure there are no pending tasks showing- Such as a requirement to complete the Statement of Health.
  • If there is not a pending task, please reach out through the Help Hub Recall inquiry form to report not receiving an email confirmation.
    • Work will be undertaken to determine the specific reason you did not receive a confirmation e-mail.

Keep in mind, once you respond to the recall notice, you cannot change your mind. It is a final election that must be made within 14 days of receipt of your recall notice. All submitted elections are considered final once submitted in Help Hub.

We have received a number of questions related to the return to work process.

  • United has sent out the recall from furlough notices. Once you receive your letter, you have 14-days from the date of receipt to respond electronically to the recall notice. The letter is considered to be received when signed for by anyone at your address of record.  If a member of your family, roommate or neighbor signs for the envelope, this begins the clock.
  • If you are not currently at your address on file, it’s important to know that you do not need to receive the letter in order complete the electronic recall process. You may initiate the process immediately, even in anticipation of receiving the letter, to get the process moving forward and ensure your intent to return to service is properly recorded in company records.

It goes without saying, there are a number of questions that you have and for which answers are not immediately available. Given the late timing of when the legislation was signed into law, all of us are being placed in a position of doing the best we can to get information out to everyone. The fact is, the recall process starts the ball rolling. Those recall notices are on their way to your address of record and we’re all doing what we can to spread the word. However, given we are at the cusp of welcoming the New Year and people are spending time with their families and loved ones, information will be slow moving over the course of the upcoming weekend. We will remain fully engaged for any late breaking developments and are fully prepared to engage with management first thing on Monday morning to continue getting information to you.

In the meantime, we ask that you enjoy the New Year’s holiday as we all welcome in 2021 full of health and a return to prosperity for all of us.