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Reserve Preferencing 

The information and resources on this page are designed to assist you in becoming familiar with the Reserve Preferencing System. If you have any specific questions, please contact your Local Council.


Assignment Window Opens:1930 HDT

Assignment Window Closes:1600 HDT

Reserves may input preferences from 1930 HDT of the previous day until 1600 HDT of the current day in order for them to be considered for the next day’s assignment process.

 Access the Reserve Preferencing Portal

Written Training Course Materials

The following three (3) documents are published here (along with .pdf versions that may be saved to the library of your personal electronic device) for your reference. We encourage you to review materials available to you to improve your experience when preferencing your Reserve assignments.

Using the Interface Portal

Strategy Considerations

System Assignment Logic


 Online Video Training Course

This online video training course is a series of nine (9) video tutorial lessons presented by Matt Stegehuis, MEC Reserve Committee Chairperson, with the help of Domini Wisely, Council 11 Reserve Committee Chairperson, and were produced in cooperation with the MEC Communications Committee. These tutorials are an additional resource to supplement the written training materials available on this website. They are designed to walk you through some considerations when using the Reserve Preferencing Interface Portal.