Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I didn't know this process existed during the holidays for reserves.  Is this something new?

No.  This process has been around for quite awhile and is referenced as section 10.C.13.c in the agreement.

2.  How long is the period of time where I can have my request granted?

At Christmas, for three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following the holiday.  Reserve Flight Attendants may indicate their preference for layovers  for these days through the automated means provided by the Company.

earth and computers3.  How many layover request cities can I enter?

Reserve Flight Attendants can enter up to four (4) cities.

4.  What if I put Dublin, Ireland or Canton, OH as my layover wishes?

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate wishes that layover in cities serviced by United's mainline operations.

5.  Can I change my request after it's been entered and can I do this more than once?

Yes!  As long as your final request has been input by the deadline dates listed on the main page where you input your request.

6.  I've added and changed my request a few times in the process, which one will be considered?

Your latest request/update submitted before the deadline is the wish that will be looked at.

7.  How is my seniority taken into consideration for my wishlist request?

When you add or edit your request your seniority number is attached to your file number and can be viewed by those processing the request.

8.  I'm going to be without computer access for awhile.  Can I call the crew desk with my Christmas wishlist request rather than use this website?

No.  This website is the only way to input layover requests. Enter your requests on this page.

9.  I have a very old computer from, say, 1993.  Are there any minimum system or operating requirements needed to access and navigate this website easily and effectively?

See our technical requirements page.

10.  Why do I need to enter my date of birth into the website?

Your date of birth serves as both a security verification and accuracy check for the wishlist request.

11.  How do I know if my request has been recorded in the system?

Once your request has been submitted, you receive a notification with a confirmation number.  An example of the screen you see is shown below:

12. I returned to the Reserve Christmas Wish List later on and changed my information. I then received a different confirmation number. Which one should I reference if I have a problem? 

Every time you either add a request or update your existing request on file, and save the changes, you will receive an updated Confirmation Number. Thus, you only need to keep for reference the most recent Confirmation number that you receive.

13.  I've forgotten my Flying Together password?  Who should I contact?

For Flying Together password resets and other Flying Together technical questions, then please call (847) 700-5800.

14. I am unsure if my request has been accepted and I am experiencing some technical difficulties with the Christmas wishlist website, who should I contact?

Both AFA and UA representatives are regularly monitoring the following e-mail account.  Please send your concern and contact information using the following e-mail address: When contacting this email address, please include the following information:

  • your full name
  • domicile
  • file number
  • a contact email/telephone
  • description of the problem, type of computer and web browser you are using
  • description of the error message and/or nature of the problem

Requests sent to that do not include all of the above information will not be processed.

15. I fly out of ORD and live in the area, can I preference ORD as a layover choice and hopefully be awarded a one day trip so I can spend some of the holiday at home?

Unfortunately, reserve flight attendants cannot preference their home domicile city as a layover choice.  Flight attendants that put their domicile city as a layover choice will not have that city awarded as a "wish."

16. I'm a Continental flight attendant and this sounds like a really great program!  Where can I put in choices for a layover as I'm on reserve this month?

This program is for AFA represented, sUA United flight attendants.

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