Technical Support

Technical Support email:

Both AFA and UA representatives are regularly monitoring this e-mail account. 

When contacting this email address, please include the following information:

  • your full name
  • domicile
  • file number
  • a contact email/telephone
  • description of the problem, type of computer and web browser you are using
  • description of the error message and/or nature of the problem

Requests sent to that do not include all of the above information will not be processed.

1. Where do I enter my Christmas Wish List preferences?

On this page:

2. System Requirements

The Reserve Christmas Wish List can be accessed with a variety of web browsers and computers.  A few of the common ones are shown below:

Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10)

  • Internet Explorer (all versions)
  • Firefox (all versions)
  • Mozilla 1.7.12 and higher
  • Opera (7 and higher)
  • Chrome (all versions)
  • Safari (all versions)
  • Seamonkey (2.0 and higher)
  • Flock (2.5 and higher)
  • Minefield (3.6 and higher)
  • Shiretoko (3.5 and higher)
  • Avant (11.7 and higher)

iPhone (All OS versions)

  • Use the built-in Safari Web browser or the Chrome browser app

iPad (All OS versions)

  • Use the built-in Safari Web browser or the Chrome browser app

Mac (OS X and higher)

  • Safari (all versions)
  • Firefox (all versions)
  • Chrome (all versions)

Linux (Common builds)

  • Konqueror (3.5 and higher)
  • Firefox (all versions)
  • Opera (all versions)
  • Iceape (1.1.13 and higher)
  • Iceweasel ( and higher)
  • Epiphany (2.22 and higher)
  • Galeon (2.0.4 and higher)
  • Kazehakase (0.5.2 and higher)

Palm Pre/Windows Mobile/Droid/HTC/
Android-devices/MS Surface

  • These should all work, provided that JavaScript and session cookies are enabled (they are on most PDAs)

3. Login Problems

computer on fireThere would be three reasons why you would not be able to login:

  1. You are not authorized. This may be because you are not on active flying status. Also, remember to use your birth date and not your seniority date. If you continue to receive the "The file number and birth date you entered do not match" message, then please contact
  2. There is a problem with your computer and/or web browser. Although the Reserve Christmas Wish List system is supported on a variety of web browsers and computers, there may be programs installed on your specific computer that may prevent the submission of the form or processing of your data. You can try either:
    • Restart your computer and visit this page: Then, try and login again.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer, you may want to try using Firefox. You can download and install Firefox from this page: NOTE: we do not provide technical support for installing and using the Firefox web browser.
    • You might also want to try Google Chrome: NOTE: we do not provide technical support for installing and using the Chrome web browser.
  3. There is a problem with the Reserve Wish List system. If you see a strange yellow/white error message page when trying to login or use any of the pages, please contact and let us know the headline of the error message.

4. I am unable to submit my preferences. Every time I keep clicking on the 'Submit' button nothing happens.

Ensure that your computer has JavaScript enabled. How to do this.

5. I am seeing pop-up advertising and/or my computer is freezing up and won't allow me to submit my preferences.

Your computer is probably infected with malware/adware/spyware. We do not use pop-up ads on this web site.

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